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Ace Clinic Education Holiday Headstart Programs 2023

Start the Year On The Front Foot, with Our Headstart Programs

(Conducted During the December Holidays)

Explore our Weekly Tuition Classes

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Secondary Mathematics Tuition

(O level / IP / IB / IGCSE)

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Primary & Secondary English Tuition

(PSLE / O level / IP / IB / IGCSE)


JC Economics Tuition

(A levels / IB / IGCSE)


Thank you for your Continual Support!

We are pleased and honored to be receiving this award as a recognition of our achievements and leading proficiencies in the Education Industry. We strive to bring more revolutionary content through innovation and technology to boost the learning capabilities of our students.

Enjoy the Flexibility of Attending Classes Online or Onsite

Beyond traditional classes, we possess a comprehensive range of digital solutions, consisting of live-stream classes, bite-sized teaching videos and an e-library. Discover a holistic learning system that offers unique solutions cater to your child's learning style. 

Fix Your Problems | Ace Your Exams

Be Part of Our Perfect Record in Improving Grades


SINCE 2009





Thanks for stopping by. 


We would love to have you with us at Ace Clinic Education where we weave what seem like distant academic dreams into reality. We are life coaches, people who were just like you before; walked your path, faced your struggles and overcame the same battles. We pride ourselves on our battle scars, because they help us pave an easier route to success for you today. 


Thanks for stopping by. 


At Ace Clinic, we are more than teachers. We believe in imparting skills that would last our students through their academic journey. We believe in building strong foundations using top-quality materials that we create in-house, combined with replicable exam strategies.


Our teaching is meticulous and thorough, and we constantly improve our content and strategies to adapt to changing student needs. But what always remains constant is our commitment to making your educational experience extraordinary. 

About Us

The Founders

We are Ex-Rafflesians who came from humble backgrounds - neighborhood primary schools, average families who could not afford to send us for tuition. Fortunately we had great moms who spent hours sweating over our education and gave us timeless skills.


We want to impart to all our students to help them ace their examinations. Because if we can scale academic pinnacles, so can your child.


We offer carefully curated diagnostic tests for free to assess your child's problems and needs.


Classes are pitched and designed to suit your child's needs through teaching approach and assignments given. 


Students progress through this carefully curated program and build mastery in a consistent and sustainable way.

Read What Happy Clients Say

Aside from his impeccable expertise, Terence goes the extra mile in his personal dedication to his students' wellbeing and confidence. I appreciate everything that Terence has done to help me work from an E to an A grade, and I would highly recommend his services to any struggling economics students out there.

Xu Jiaxin | RI (JC) | A for Economics

Contact Us

Terence @ 8328 8700

7A Thomson Ridge Singapore 574636

(Walking Distance from Marymount Station)

We value your privacy.

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