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Essay Writing

Reading notes and memorizing content does not equate to the ability to write logical and impactful essays. This often leads to low quality answers, with inadequate substantiation or incorrect examples.

Unfortunately, essay writing is a skill barely taught in schools. To help students score in their essays, we break up the content into sizable chunks, while teaching them how to apply the concepts into writing.


This process of "contextualizing" their knowledge helps them plan and write essays that count.

Content Recap

There is a ton of content that schools are required to covered in less than 2 years. Moreover, Economics is a relatively new subject for majority of the students. 

When schools rush to finish teaching the content, it is inevitable that some concepts are not fully understood. These "content gaps" make it extremely difficult for students to form a complete understanding of what they are taught.


We help our students by highlighting the important parts through condensed notes; To the extent of telling them what to memorize and which graphs are absolutely crucial.

CSQ Strategies

Case Study Questions test students on their ability to apply what they have learnt to answer real life scenarios. We reviewed hundreds of past year questions to formulate a strategy to tackle such questions. 

In our class, students will be taught how to dissect questions, pinpoint what is required of them and write content that awards the marks. Contrary to belief, CSQ isn't entirely about practice after practice.


There exists strategies to answer questions with ease - something explicitly taught in our lessons 

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