Math Holiday Masterclasses - For Parents Who Want Their Child to Perform Better in the 2nd Half!

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Primary Maths March Holiday Program

Skills Development


Learn Math Heuristics to Sharpen your Child's Problem Solving Abilities
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Problem Solving
Help Your Child Develop Problem Solving Skills through Math Heuristics
Improve your Grades

Is your child:

Losing Marks at Problem Sum Questions?


Staring blankly at Problem Sums and unsure where to start?

Feeling stressed out and confused when given a word problem?

These issues arise because they lack the knowledge and skills to approach math problems in a structured manner. 

In the upcoming March Holidays, we have a special bootcamp designed to help your child develop problem solving skills to tackle complex problems. Through Math Heuristics, your child will be equipped with structured methods that will guide them to solve problems in a step-by-step manner. Over 3 hours, we will expose your child to commonly tested questions and teach them to apply Heuristics to solve the problems.

This is a Skills-based program that focus on teaching your child to apply the concepts learnt, into answering exam questions. Make productive use of the March Holidays to help your child build Critical Thinking Skills that will guide them to handle any question thrown their way. Join us on this intensive bootcamp to brush up on problem solving skills to gear up for the more difficult topics ahead!

Give Your Child a Firm Headstart to Excel in 2021!

What are Math Heuristics?
Simply put, "Heuristics" are different strategies used to solve complex problem sums. At times, a combination of Heuristics are used together to solve a problem. Recognizing which Heuristics to use and applying them correctly allow students to solve math problems systematically.
In this Bootcamp, your child will learn to apply Math Heuristics and carry out a 4-Step Problem Solving Process:
4 step problem solving process
Step 1: Understanding the Problem (What is the question asking for? What is given and what needs to be solved? What are the key words?)
Step 2: Devise a Plan (Recognize what Heuristics to apply to solve the question and formulate a step-by-step approach to solve the questions)
Step 3: Carry out the Plan (Executing the steps with accuracy and precision)
Step 4: Checking your answer (Your child will learn quick and effective methods to check their answers for careless mistakes)
What will be Covered in this Bootcamp?

Learning Math Heuristics for Effective Problem Solving

Working Backwards
Working Backwards
Drawing Diagrams
Drawing Diagrams
Looking for Patterns
Looking for Patterns
Before and After Math Heuristics
Before & After

There are a total of 12 Math Heuristics to solve complex problems. What you see above are some examples of the Heuristics taught in this Bootcamp. Equipping your child with these strategies provide them with different methods they can use to tackle problem sums.

After attending our class, your child will possess the knowledge and skills needed to meet math problems head-on. This boosts their confidence that translates into fast and noticeable improvements!

A Holistic Program Catered to Different Levels

Develop Practical Problem Solving Skills to Achieve Your Desired Grades!

Primary 3 Math Bootcamp
Wednesday, 17th March, 1pm to 3pm
Develop Critical Thinking Skills in the Early Years
"Learn Transferable skills that will help your child cruise through their Upper Primary Levels"
Primary 4 Math Bootcamp
Tuesday, 16th March, 230pm to 430pm
Sharpen Problem Solving Skills to see Fast and Notice-able Improvements
"Learn Transferable skills that will help your child cruise through their Upper Primary Levels"
Primary 6 Math Bootcamp
Wednesday, 17th March, 330pm to 7pm
Get a Headstart for PSLE Preparations:
"Master the Use of Math Heuristics to Tackle complex Math Problems"
Recommended for those who want to Polish Up their Problem Solving Skills
This is a Skills-Based Program that focuses on Math Heuristics.
The Questions and Materials will be scaled according to levels (i.e P3 to P6) but the Math Heuristics taught are the same.
Over 2 or 3 hours, we will equip your child with the knowledge and skills to utilise Math Heuristics to solve complex problem sums. We will demonstrate the application through likely test questions, and give them the chance to try it out on their own using similar questions.
Notes and Worksheets will be provided to facilitate revision after the bootcamp.

Program Schedule

Limited Time
Math Program Schedule

Primary Math Holiday Bootcamps

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**Note: There will be a 30-minutes break provided for the P5/P6 Bootcamp.

Hands-on Tools to help Students Visualize the Problem Solving Process

Learning Tools used in Class.png
At Ace Clinic Education, we promote "active learning". This means participation in our class activities, and hands-on approaches to problem solving. With a range of math tools, we help your child visualize each step of the problem solving process so they truly understand the rationale behind the methods used.
This visualisation approach helps your child internalize the concepts taught and improves absorption rate.

Supercharge Your March Holidays

Develop Practical Problem Solving Skills to Gear Up for the Challenges Ahead

Critical Thinking Skills Math
Develop Critical Thinking Skills
To solve Math Problems effectively, the thought process behind deriving the answer is extremely important. This process involves the use of what we call "Critical Thinking Skills".
Our Math Bootcamp is designed to teach your child how to extract information and clues from the question and string them together logically, to form a systematic process to solve questions. With the aid of visuals and a 'Step-by-Step' approach, we guide them to develop and adopt thinking skills to solve all types of problems.
Through extensive exposure to different types of questions, your child will develop critical thinking skills necessary to perform well in the exams.
Math Heuristics Mastery
Mastery of Math Heuristics
At Ace Clinic Education, we believe in providing proper guidance on the problem solving process and the methods to use.
Teaching your child math heuristics is similar to giving them a roadmap with detailed instructions on how to arrive at the destination. With a structure and clear methodology in place, your child will be able to tackle math problems with a clearer objective in mind.
Through practice on commonly tested questions, your child will learn how to react and deal with curveball questions thrown their way.

My boy enjoyed the class very much, he came back and asked me if he can go for more classes.

-  Mrs Liew, Mother of Jamie, P5

Our Proven Success Formula

100% of our students improve by at least 2 grades!

Exam Questions
Extensive Exposure to Exam-Centric questions that are commonly tested.
Math Worksheets
Condensed Materials featuring Formulas, Practice Questions, Notes and Worked Solutions
Engaging Math Classes
Interactive classes that promotes 'Active Learning' by encouraging your child to participate and ask questions 
Whatsapp Consultation
Homework consultation and support beyond classroom hours, allow your child to clarify any doubts they might have

Start the Next School Term with Renewed Confidence

Powerful Techniques and Proven Methods to tackle Problem Areas


Years of Teaching Experience
MOE Experience combined with the Rafflesian Pedagogy to give you the strongest Headstart for 2021.


Improvement Rate
See fast improvements from solutions and techniques targeted at weaker areas.


Rate of A/Bs
Be part of our student cohort who graduate with excellent results yearly.
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Angel is an ex-MOE teacher with more than 10 years of Teaching Experience.

With a wealth of experience from teaching in MOE schools, Angel is able to pinpoint student's weak areas with precision. Her syllabus is designed to address problem areas by helping students brush up on essential skills needed to solve math problems effectively. She is also the driving force behind our pristince track record of 100% improvements among ACE students!

Make Productive Use of the March Holidays to Brush up on Essential Skills

Join Us On Our Math Bootcamp

If your child is not doing well right now, it usually means there are Knowledge and Skill Gaps that need to be addressed immediately. Tackle these weak areas head-on with our Holiday Bootcamp, to help your child start the new school term with confidence. Provide your child with the necessary exposure and skills so they can excel and perform better.

9 out of 10 students who join our Holiday Program see their Grades soar.

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