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JC Economics Tuition

In 2017, 100% of My Students from the Top 6 Junior Colleges scored As and Bs, and 100% of Students Improved by at least 2 Grades. 

Here are some of their testimonials.

The Secret to our track record in economics subject is down to a relentlessness to improve. Every batch of students have done better than the last, and 2017 has been our best year so far with a 100% A/B rate from our Top JC students.


Our classes are well-structured to cover the essential pillars of content, master essays and CSQ.


We provide copious amounts of original materials provided to help students revise better, and are comprehensive in covering every single aspect of the exam paper to develop strong scoring capabilities.


Join us today, as we continue to make every batch better than the last.

Hear From The Arts Valedictorian of CJC About His Personal Experience of Going From Our JC Economics Headstart Program to A Levels!

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Terence @ 8328 8700

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Read What Happy Clients Say

"Prior to joining Terence’s Economics tuition classes, I always felt lost during my school lessons and subsequently scored an S in my mid year exam. Terence really helped me pull my grades up. He is a patient and dedicated tutor who is able to explain abstract and complex Economics concepts in an easily digestible manner. Furthermore, his suggested essay structure really helped me frame my answers precisely and ensure all the key information required was present. Lessons with Terence were never dull as he is humorous and always discusses seemingly dry topics in an animated manner.


His dedication to his students goes above and beyond any normal teacher; whenever I had any queries, I could always text him and he would promptly respond with a thorough explanation. Additionally, his comprehensive topical notes really helped me focus on key concepts and diagrams during my exam preparation. Without his guidance and unwavering support, I would not have been able to achieve the results that I attained for my A-levels. Not only was he a knowledgeable tutor, he was also my “cheerleader” who encouraged me to have the confidence to do my best for my A-levels exams. Despite starting off disliking Economics, he helped me realise that learning Economics can actually be very fascinating and enjoyable! "

Ally Dee | VJC | Grade: A | 2016

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