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Our the Years, We have Consistently Maintained a Distinction Rate above the National Average. Hundreds of Students have Benefitted from our Program. Here Are Some of their Stories.

Whether you are a J1 or J2 student, taking H1 or H2, we have dedicated classes tailored to your needs. Our range of solutions cover content, skills and exposure to strategic exam questions. You have the the power to decide which aspect of the syllabus you wish to improve on. Enquire to find out more!

"From a Meagre S to an A (In only 3 months)!"

- S. Lew, ACJC

"Extremely detailed answer scripts and exam tips (which you would utilise during exams)"

- S.W Han, RI

Choose From A Range Of Solutions Crafted For You 


Regular Tuition Classes

A carefully crafted curriculum that exposes students to all aspects of the Economics syllabus, including content recap, essay writing techniques and CSQ strategies.

Get weekly structured practices on commonly tested exam questions and tips to meet marking requirements consistently. Our classes are scheduled to accompany students through their 2 years in JC, peaking in intensity closer to the final exams and A'levels. These classes consolidate what you learn in school into simple, bite-sized concepts for easy understanding and application to questions.

Progressive Preparation Program

Our regular Econs classes evolve into progressive exam preparations about 7 - 9 weeks before the final exams. Our teaching method shifts towards content recap and the development of exam skills.

Complex concepts are broken down using shortcuts and easy-to-remember formulas. Through weekly practice on strategic questions, you will be equipped with skills to analyze question requirements and write answers that command high marks. This is a rigorous and all-inclusive preparation program that combines content recap, exam skills and structured timed practices. You will be supported throughout the journey with concise revision notes, summaries, model essays and whatsapp consultations. Expect individualized feedback and personalized learning to be exam-ready the smart way.

Study Camps

Be an Ace Clinic Student for a day. Attend skills-based classes, and study in a conducive environment with consultations readily available. These camps are a great opportunity for you to catch up on Econs revision, with access to our materials and the chance to clarify any doubts on the spot.

Recap on key skills right after class and spend a productive day revising econs with razor focus.

Exam Skills Speedruns

At Ace, we are dedicated to teach exam skills that makes answering exam questions a breeze.


From dissecting question requirements to point selection and writing evaluations, learn critical exam skills before sitting for the actual paper. Get extensive exposure to different questions and master the techniques to tackle tricky "curve ball" questions. Clear common misconceptions and avoid elementary mistakes. You will taught what to study, what to memorize, what diagrams to draw and how to use them in exam questions. You will also be given notes, model essays and model answers to facilitate revision. Learn "everything you must know" before the A levels!

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Online Content Platform

Tired of studying your lecture notes? Learn Economics "Netflix" style with a library of 180+ concept videos and model essays covering all content across the JC syllabus.

All videos are categorized into strategic segments and explained in a straight-forward manner for easy understanding. Students can clarify burning doubts at anytime, which makes revision both efficient and pain-less. Expect bite-sized videos that are way more easy to digest compared to lengthy lecture notes given in school. Students who join us later in the year get full access to this platform to catch up on topics and assimilate smoothly into our economics program.

Want a 30-Day Free Trial? Whatsapp us at 91555433!

Free for all students!

Economics Webinars

We organize large-scale webinars from time to time, to discuss a topic selected by the popular votes of students. These sessions are opportunities for you to invite your friends to join us as we recap key content, discuss strategies and offer exam tips.

This initiative is also a chance for new students to experience the rigorous content and extensive materials we provide in our regular classes. Want to join us on our next webinar? Follow us on Instagram @everythingalsoecons or subscribe using the button below to receive updates on our next webinar! 


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The Secret to our track record in economics subject is down to a relentlessness to improve. Every batch of students have done better than the last, and hundreds of students have benefitted from our elite program that consistently manages a distinction rate above the national average. 


Our classes provided concise notes and materials to aid revisions and more than a hundred model essays and CSQs to help students achieve exam mastery. 


We provide copious amounts of original materials provided to help students revise better, and are comprehensive in covering every single aspect of the exam paper to develop strong scoring capabilities.


Join us today, as we continue to make every batch better than the last.

Hear From The Arts Valedictorian of CJC About His Personal Experience of Going From Our JC Economics Headstart Program to A Levels!

Take a peek at our explanatory video on:

Econs Vid: Price Mechanism


Need a quick refresher on certain economics concepts?

From model essays to bite-sized teaching videos, our online content platform is your ultimate revision partner. Accessible from anywhere, learning can truly be, on demand.

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Read What Happy Clients Say

Terence is a very dedicated teacher who increased my confidence in tackling various types of Economics questions due to his really systematic approach. He would expose us to various essays and case study questions and teach us how to dissect and analyse the questions, structure our responses and contextualise them to answer the questions. His concise notes greatly aid me in consolidating all of my content nearing A levels. He is also always there to clarify any doubts we have, even outside of class time. I was struggling with Econs before I joined the class in August of JC2 but thanks to Terence, my Econs improved tremendously within a short period of time!

Fabrianne E. | RJC | Grade: A | 2019

100% Grades Improvement

Join 1000+ students who graduated from our Economics Program with at least 2 Grades Improvements.

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24/7 Homework Support

Our dedicated support continues beyond classroom hours. Email and Whatsapp channels are open 24/7 for you to ask questions on theoretical concepts and baffling assignments.

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