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Join us for the A Levels
Final Sprint

Crashcourses and Weekly Classes to Bring You Across the Finish Line in Style.

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A Levels Intensive Crashcourses

Exam-centric skills based classes designed to recap all essential strategies and techniques to tackle Essay and CSQ Questions.


Get exposed to ALL question types and receive Model Answers to aid you in your revision for this final lap.

Perfect for students who DO NOT have time to attend weekly lessons.


A Levels Weekly Revision Program

Recap essential content and learn how to tackle exam-grade questions across ALL TOPICS in the entire JC syllabus.


Learn Essay and CSQ Techniques to write accurate answers that meet marking requirements and hit L3 consistently. You will get access to lesson recordings and a library of resources that includes 100+ Model Essays and 20+ Model CSQ Answers.


Everything you need to get ready for the A levels!

Looking for a Strong Start to the New Academic Year?

Headstart Programs for incoming JC1 and JC2 Students

JC1 Headstart Program

Get an overview of Economics as a subject, and understand how you will be tested.

We will expose you to economic theories taught in Term 1 &2, and important exam skills to answer essay and case study questions.

Through real-life applications and simple analogies, this is the program will equip you with the fundamentals to start your JC Economics journey with confidence.

JC2 Headstart Program

Highly recommended for students who did not do well in the JC1 Promotional exams.

There are content, essay and case study classes to recap everything you need to know about Microeconomics. Revisit essential concepts and polish up Essay and CSQ skill to build a solid foundation for JC2.

Hit the reset button and see your grades soar!

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Student-Centric Economics Classes

We provide you with extensive resources and support to Ace JC Economics in the most efficient manner.


Since 2016, we have maintained a 90% rate of A/Bs yearly.


Hear what our students have to say about their ACE Econs Experience.

Thinking of JC Econs Tuition?

You Will Find Classes at Ace Clinic Education, the Right Mix of Fun and Effective.

Tuition classes at Ace Clinic Education have constantly evolved over the years. Beyond the results we deliver, we want you to enjoy the experience of classes that are made engaging and relatable from the vibrancy of materials personally prepared by Terence.

Less Effort, 3X the Results


#1: Xtensive Resources

Receive Annotated Notes after each lesson.

Get 100+ Model Essays & Answers for Revision.

24/7 Access to Online Learning Platform


#2: Xtra Support

Direct Whatsapp Line to Terence.

Zoom Consultations before Exams.

Access to all Class Recordings.


#3: Xtreme Efficiency

We Teach you HOW and WHAT to study.

Shortcuts, Acronyms, Tips and Strategies to memorize concepts and apply them in the exams.

A World of Resource Privileges for Students of Ace Clinic Education


Model Essays


Exam Cheatsheets