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Ace Clinic Education (ACE Economics) is the leading JC Economics Tuition Centre in Singapore, that specializes in H1 and H2 Economics. Founded by Top Economics Tutor Terence Ang, you can expect in-house resources and extensive support to breeze through the Promo and A level Exams.
Since 2016, we have maintained a 90% rate of A/Bs yearly (well above the national average)

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Get A Headstart On A level Economics / Promo Preparation

Intensive Revision Programs that Run Weekly, with a Structured Game Plan to Get You Fully Prepared for the A levels / Promo

J1 Economics Promo Preparation Program

J1 Promo Preparation Program - H1 & H2 Economics

The J1 Economics Promo Exam is challenging because most schools finish with the syllabus 1 or 2 weeks before the paper.

This leaves you with 14 days or less to revise ALL the J1 Topics. Not to mention the time needed to practice exam questions and learn the skills to write Essay & CSQ Answers.

At Ace Clinic Economics, we finish the J1 syllabus before September so you get started on revision early.

We consolidate essential concepts from each chapter and tell you what to study, so you spend less time flipping through notes and more on mastering exam skills.

You will get exposure to different types of Economics Questions, so you know how you will be tested for Essay and CSQ. In class we break down the approach into structured processes, from question analysis, to point selection, elaboration and evaluation writing, so you have a systematic method to tackle questions.

To smoothen the learning curve, we teach you to think critically, analyze questions skillfully and techniques to write coherent answers that hit 'L3' consistently.

Pick up the Skills and Techniques to jump 2 grades or more in the Promo exam!

A level Intensive Revision.jpg

A level Intensive Revision Program - J2 H2 Economics

Didn't do too well in mid year exams? Unsure how to craft structured answers for Essay and Case Study Questions? Or feeling confused over abstract concepts learnt in school?

Our A level Intensive Revision Program is designed to clear up misconceptions and equip you with the skills & techniques to tackle all Essay or CSQ thrown your way. You also get exposure to trending and curve-ball questions so you are fully prepared even before the A levels. 

No doubt, you are going to spend time doing practices. However, for the practices to be useful, you need proper guidance and support on how to improve.

This is where our A level Revision Program comes in.

Beyond class, you get recordings to all lessons, condensed notes for every chapter, model essays, model CSQ, model TYS answers, mindmaps, cheatsheets and access to our online learning platform. 

There is also whatsapp support 7 days a week and 1-1 consultations so you can clarify doubts anytime you need.

So if you are looking for a structured game plan to score distinction for A level Economics, look no further. 

You deserve the best resources, guidance and support to breeze through the A levels with minimal stress!

Thinking of JC Economics Tuition?

You Will Find Classes at Ace Clinic Education, the Right Mix of Fun and Effective.

JC Economics Tuition Classes at Ace Clinic Education have constantly evolved over the years. Beyond the results we deliver, we want you to enjoy the experience of classes that are made engaging and relatable from the vibrancy of materials personally prepared by Terence.

A level Economics 2021 Results

JC Economics Tuition
Breakdown of A level 2021 Results

Ace Clinic Economics A level 2021 Results

Key Statistics:

✅ 71.4% scored 'A' in the 2021 A levels

✅ 85.7% scored A or B

✅ 100% improved by at least 1 grade (from prelims to A levels)

✅ 7 Students leapfrogged from 'S' or 'U' to an 'A'!

 Congratulations on the Superb Performance! 

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