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A Level Crashcourses

Intensive Pre-Exam Classes Covering Essay and CSQ Skills, Curated with the A levels in Mind.


Do You Feel Overwhelmed by the Lack of Time to Prepare for the A levels?


Introducing: One-Stop Crashcourses that will get your Truly Prepared for the A levels.

These Crashcourses are Exam-centric, straight to the point, and specially designed to recap ALL the Essay and CSQ skills needed for the A levels.

We have prepared different question types for each topic, to expose you to the possible ways that you may be tested.

If you are unsure what to practice on, or feel underprepared at this juncture, these crashcourses could be your lifesaver.

Understand what to expect in the A levels, master key exam strategies and receive Model Answers for revision in this Final Lap!


What You can Expect from These Crashcourses


Consolidate everything you have learnt over the past 2 years, into useful skills that you can bring into the exam hall. 


 Extensive Exposure to ALL

Question Types

There are fixed number of ways that you can tested.

You will notice (below) that the crashcourses are segregated by topic. In each class, we will cover ALL question types for each topic, so you are fully prepared for what's to come.

This includes 'curve-ball' questions and 'hybrid' questions that are a cross-mix between topics. Gain an in-depth understanding of what to expect in the A levels, to avoid nasty surprises!


 Deep Dive into the Key Strategies You Must Know

No details are spared as we take you through the complete process to tackle each question. You will learn to dissect question requirements, think critically, identify key concepts and convert them into answers that hit marking requirements.

Avoid common pitfalls and learn to write coherent answers within the time limit.

Model Answers and Outlines are also provided so you can revise on your own beyond class!

Specially Curated for the A levels


Sometimes, questions that are covered in the crashcourses appear in the A levels. (Scroll to the bottom for our 2019 & 2020 testimonial videos to hear it from past batches)

This is because all questions are handpicked by Terence and tailored for the A levels, to mirror the possible question styles that you might see in the exam.

Don't get us wrong, you will still need to put in the effort for practice.

 But these classes will point you in the right direction and give you a shortcut in preparing for the A levels

Essay and CSQ Crashcourses

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The full range of classes, segmented by topic, to give you the flexibility of focusing on the weaker areas.

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Microeconomics Essay Masterclass

Demand and Supply Essay Crashcourse

Demand and Supply, Elasticity, Government Intervention


18th October (Monday),

11am to 3pm


Market Structure Essay.png

Market Structure


19th October (Tuesday),

11am to 3pm


Market Failure Essay.png

Market Failure


20th October (Wednesday),

11am to 3pm


Macroeconomics Essay Masterclass

Macroecons 2 Essay.png

Macroeconomics: Key Economic Indicators, Standard of Living, AD/AS, Macroecons Goals


21st October (Thursday),

11am to 3pm


Macroecons 1 Essay.png

Macroeconomics: Macroecons Goals, Macroecons Policies


25th October (Monday),

11am to 3pm


Get Exposure to 30 Essays when You Attend the Micro + Macro Essay Classes

In each class, we will take you through 6 distinct essays (of different question styles, no repetition). Learn the strategies and techniques to tackle each type of question, with Model Essays and Outlines provided for revision.

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We have reduced the fees to just $150 for each 4 hour Essay Class. No additional charges for the notes and Model Essays provided.

 First 20 sign ups enjoy 6 Extra Model Essays for Free! 

Case Study Masterclass

Micro CSQ CC.png

Microeconomics CSQ


26th October (Tuesday),

11am to 3pm


Macro CSQ CC.png

Macroeconomics CSQ


27th October (Wednesday),

11am to 3pm


Get Exposure to 8 Case Study Questions when You Attend the Micro + Macro CSQ Classes

We will cover 4 Case Studies for Microeconomics Topics and 4 for Macroeconomics.

From annotating the case to question analysis, dissecting question requirements, point selection and evaluation writing, we will bring you through a structured process to tackle CSQ systematically.

Econs CC website (1).png

We have reduced the fees to just $150 for each 4 hour CSQ Class. No additional charges for the notes and Model Answers provided.

 First 20 sign ups enjoy 6 Extra Case Studies for Free! 

Blended Learning for Greater Flexibility

Online Lessons
Study Online

All Classes Are Conducted Live.


Ask questions and clarify doubts in real-time. All classes will be conducted online via Zoom due to the Covid-19 situation.

Use the Chat Function or Whatsapp Terence directly for easy communication.

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Access to Class Recordings.


Rewatch the class recordings whenever you want to, so you never have to worry about missing out on anything important. Students can also whatsapp Terence directly if there are any questions beyond the class!

Clear Your Doubts & Remove Any Misconceptions, Once and For All

Maybe you did not do too well for prelims, or are feeling stressed out because you are not sure what to focus on or how to practice for the A levels.

These crashcourses is designed to help you bridge the gaps between theory and application, and apply the concepts you have learnt in answering questions.

There is no time wasted to re-learn content.

Expect high intensity classes, that are jammed packed with answering techniques and strategies, as we take you through exam questions to demonstrate a step-by-step process to produce 'exam-grade' answers.

1-to-1 Consult.png

This is your chance to strengthen exam skills and clear any misconceptions so you do not make the same mistakes in the A levels.

"Terence was patient and extremely helpful is getting me to understand some of the concepts I always had trouble with."

- A.Goh, CJC

In-House Resources

Designed For the A Levels.

Condensed Notes Cheatsheets Essay (3).png

Model Essays and Answers that will come in handy for final revision.


30 Essays

8 Case Studies

Some places provide repetitions to make up the numbers, but not at Ace Clinic Economics.

What you get is a comprehensive range of question styles that are all distinct from one another, to give you the exposure that will make a difference in the A level exams.

Hear It From Students Who Attended Classes

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Masterclass 5.jpeg
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Masterclass 2.png
Shelvin Testi - Everything.jpeg

"The amount of skills being taught in that 3+hrs far exceeds what i could have learn in my school"

"Thank you for the really useful teachable and holiday intensive... and also ur patience in answering my questions"

"Your teaching skills really helped me through my struggle in h2 econs..."

"The teachables are really god-sent.. depended on it to clear off misconceptions when unsure of concepts"

"Your version of concise notes was really helpful. The school notes just cram everything into paragraphs and prose, it's rlly hard to identify key points and concepts"

"Your style of teaching is very comprehensive and easy to understand."

"Found the summary of the topic really helpful... made me more aware of some of my conceptual mistakes"

"Better than I expected. I am better able to unpack and answer the questions"

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Terence graduated from the London School of Economics & Political Science with First Class Honors (BSc. Economics)

Having tutored Economics (A'Levels, IB, IGCSE, AP, University) for more than 10 years, our classes deliver essential "must-knows" along with exam tips to make your learning as effective as possible. From tricks and shortcuts to master content more quickly and model answers to tackles marking requirements head on, find everything you might need to achieve your distinction in the A levels or Promos. Our classes are now accessible via livestream on the Zoom app, which is compatible with mobile, tablet or PC.

"I found it (the classes) easy to understand, concise and helpful"

- Nicholas, RI

Hear what the Previous Batches have to say about Classes with Terence.

 "I started to adopt the technique of writing the question first and thinking of possible points before I read the case study" -  Liyana, RI
"You gave me a structure, model answers and concrete exam skills which can be applied""
- Shamel, RI
""The model answers are useful. They tell me how I can structure my answer and how i can answer, especially for the difficult questions."
- Yeling, JPJC