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Start Your Economics Journey Right With Our Headstart Programme

Proven Methods

for Consistent Results

Hear CJC's Arts Valedictorian Talks About His Personal Experience of Going From Headstart to A Levels with Numerous Deanslists Along The Way!

Starting on the Front Foot

Preparation for Incoming JC1 Students

Our JC Economics Headstart program puts students ahead of their peers and give them the tools to succeed in Economics right from the get-go.


Many students struggle with Economics year-after-year because it is a subject unlike any other in their ten years of school, prior to Junior College.


Learning to think about Economics correctly is half the battle won. 

Get your first taste of Economics in a Fun and Relatable manner. 

We are mindful to ensure that students are not overwhelmed right from the get-go. We teach them to see that Economics is very much woven into the fabric of daily life and appears in the news every single day - albeit under different guises.


We set the students up for success by giving them the right way to think about the subject, and the tools to score well in the questions that are to come. In three short sessions, we ensure that students are ready to start JC1 on the strongest footing possible. Unsure about whether to take Economics?


Join us today for a taster! 

Getting a Leg Up in Year 2

Preparation for Ongoing JC2 Students

Our JC2 Economics Headstart Program helps graduating JC1s wipe their slate clean and start the new year afresh, armed with strong foundations and the clarity to tackle any question that comes their way.


Our tutor surgically targets common misconceptions and mistakes to help students improve in the shortest time possible. 

Hit the Reset Button and See Your Grades Soar

JC1 students who poorly in Year 1 often struggle with confidence, and the intense time-pressure of Economics exams further shake that fragile constitution.


We restore their faith through a systematic and thorough rebuild of all the essential pillars needed to excel in Economics: a solid content foundation, a repeatable answering strategy and proven techniques to excel in the papers.


In three short days, we want to help students stride into January in the best shape they have ever been to take on Economics.


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