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Economics Headstart Program

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We are really excited to have you join us on this wonderful journey of learning and enrichment!
There are two Headstart Programs: One for Incoming J1s and One for Incoming J2s.
Fill in the appropriate form with the preferred dates and times, which you intend to come for lessons.
Once you have submitted the form, we will contact you to confirm the slot. See you in class!

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J1 Econs Headstart Program
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Course 1: What is Economics & How to Master it
Course 2: A Deep Dive Into Economic Techniques to Master Economics
I will be joining:
I am an existing student of Ace Clinic Education.
J2 Econs Headstart Program
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Day 1: Dd & Ss, Elasticity, Govt Intervention (Content Recap + Essay Skills)
Day 2: Market Structures (Content Recap + Essay Skills)
Day 3: Market Failure (Content Recap + Essay Skills)
Day 4: Microeconomics CSQ
I would like to attend:
I am an existing student of Ace Clinic Education.

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