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PSLE Techniques for Comprehension

Skills-based Approach to Comprehension and Composition

For Primary 5 & 6 Students

Learn the Techniques to Tackle the "Killer Segments"

Start Semester 2 on Solid Footing!

Write Coherent Compositions

Is Your Child Still Using 'Gut Feel' to Answer Questions?

Use Techniques to Avoid Guessing

This is a problem that many students face and it becomes especially glaring in P6.

Simply put, 'Gut Feel' refers to students writing answers that 'feels or sounds' correct.

If they have strong language fundamentals, they can still get away with it in the MCQ segments. However, this issue escalates in the open-ended segments such as OE Comprehension and Composition Writing.

Essentially, your child is giving answers blindly and 'hoping for the best' because he/she DOES NOT have a structured method to write "Exam-Grade" answer.

This is why their marks fluctuate wildly from test to test, and your child keeps 'making the same mistakes over and over again'.

It all boils down to ONE MAIN REASON:

 "Your Child Has Not Been Taught the Techniques to Tackle Different Question Types." 

In this PSLE English Workshop, we are going to change that. Equip your child with the skills to answer questions confidently, and embarks on his/her PSLE journey on solid footing.

Dread Comprehension & Composition No More!

Improve 2 Grades for PSLE English

Adopt Replicable Techniques to Meet the Challenges of PSLE English, Head-on.

PSLE English is challenging because the questions can be tricky and unpredictable at times.

This is where "Answering Techniques" come in handy. 


Don't get us wrong, your child will still need to put in time and effort for practice.

The main difference is that they will be able to approach every question in step by step manner, without the uncertainty and confusion.

For example, our "Ace Flip Techniques" for Comprehension, teaches students to analyze the question and identify marking requirements, before reading through the passage. This trains students to pick out the right points accurately even when reading for the first time.

 In this holiday workshop, you can expect intensive classes that focus on these key techniques, so your child can perfect them over the next few months, before the PSLE / EOY exam.

We will also go in-depth to analyze different types of Comprehension and Composition questions. Through in-class practices, we will show your child how to apply these techniques systematically and consistently.

Dread the "killer segments" no more!

Don't Miss Out on the "Early Bird" Special!

 Register and Confirm Your Slot Before 7th May to enjoy special rates for the holiday workshops!

Early bird discount for June English Workshops
Early bird discount for June English Workshops
PSLE English Holiday Workshop

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Our Holiday Workshops

 Exposure to PSLE Questions & Replicable Techniques to Answer Them

PSLE Holiday Workshop
PSLE English Techniques

#1: Comprehension Mastery Workshop

Straightforward Techniques to Tackle Every Comprehension Question

In this workshop, we guide your child through the techniques of "what to do" when tackling an OE Comprehension.

1) Perform Question Analysis

2) Identify Marking Requirements

3) Read through passage with the question objectives in mind

4) Extract and Rephrase Answers

5) Check to ensure keywords/phrases are present

We will cover a range of different questions to demonstrate how these techniques should be applied.


#2: Composition Writing Workshop

Breaking Down Composition Writing into Smaller Segments For Easy Mastery

From story planning to crafting conflicts and writing conclusions, we will guide your child on the structure and flow required in a "Model Composition"

Your child will learn essential techniques such as "show not tell" to inject suspense, create engagement and alleviate their writing to the next level.

Key Segments Covered:

i) Writing an Engaging Introduction

ii) Crafting a Suitable Conflict

iii) Constructing a Meaningful Resolution to the Conflict

iv) Conclusions that Leave a Lasting Impression

Class Schedule

PSLE Comprehension Workshop
PSLE Composition Workshop
PSLE English Workshop Schedule.png

Choose from two dates for each of the workshops (Run 1 or Run 2)

For each workshop, you may attend class online or onsite.

Program Schedule

Part 1: 10am to 12pm

Break:12pm to 1pm

Part 2: 1pm to 3pm

There is a one hour break in between for lunch before part 2 commences.

Address: 7A Thomson Ridge, Singapore 574636

A Structured "Formula-Based" Approach to PSLE Questions

Consistent Methods to Answer Questions that Work All The Time 

Structured Techniques to PSLE Comprehension

Steps to Tackle PSLE Comprehension
Structured Steps for English Comprehension

"Comprehension Questions are Easy when You have Clear and Concise Methods that Tell You The Answer All the Time."

In this Workshop, we will teach your child replicable techniques that they can use, no matter what question they face.

This systematic approach to Comprehension, is the surest way for them to hit the marking requirements and score maximum marks, consistently.

Simply put, these steps and techniques are like a map and compass, that allow your child to navigate to the answer swiftly and confidently.

Your child will NEVER feel lost when doing comprehension questions again.

Comprehensive Guide to PSLE Composition Writing

Important Elements to a Great Compositions
How to Plan Your Essay in 5 Minutes
How to Write Vivid Descriptions
Craft Unique Conflicts and Resolutions
"Show Not Tell" Technique for Composition
5 Different Ways to Write an Introduction
Brainstorm Creative Story Plots
Use of Metaphors and Personification
Write High Impact Conclusions
Question Analysis Technique

"We Break Down Composition Writing Into Individual Segments to Help Your Child Internalize the Key Skills Easily"

More often than not, students do not do well in composition writing, because they are NOT SURE what makes a good composition.

In this Composition writing workshop, we zoom in to examine each segment in detail, highlighting the key elements and common mistakes to avoid.

From essay planning, crafting unique conflicts to high impact conclusions, we equip your child with the knowledge and skills to alleviate his/her writing.

Through examples from various themes, we will take your child through the intricate details and techniques such as "Show, Not Tell", that can the difference of 5 to 10 marks.

 Fear Composition Writing No More! 

A Systematic Approach to Brush Up On Key Answering Techniques 

 A series of structured activities designed to help your child understand and internalize the techniques taught.

Learn Through Examples

 #1 Learning Through Examples

We have prepared questions of different styles and themes to demonstrate the key "ingredients" in a model answer.

Your child will be able to take reference from notes and materials to follow the lesson effectively.

Apply Key English Techniques

 #2 Learning through Application

After the techniques have been taught, your child will have opportunities to apply them to answer questions.

Through in class discussions and short practices, we can rectify mistakes and elaborate on the problem areas.

Reinforce learning through assessments

 #3 Learning Reinforcement through Assessments

Targeted Practices and Mini Assessments are provided to ensure that students are able to apply the techniques properly.

Model Composition, Model Comprehension answers and condensed notes will also be given for revision.

Get Ready for PSLE English

Questions may change, but Techniques remain the same.

Every year, PSLE questions change but the techniques used to solve them remain the same. 

Our June Holiday Workshops focus on question answering techniques, that will remain useful and relevant up till the PSLE Exams. From dissecting question requirements to identifying contextual clues, these techniques, will empower your child to approach questions in a structured manner.

A simple change in the thought process and strategy can alleviate their ability to take on any challenges thrown their way!

Extensive Exposure to the 

PSLE English Syllabus

Familiarize with PSLE Questions to Get Ready For the Upcoming Exam

Exposure to PSLE Questions
PSLE English Workshop
PSLE Comprehension Workshop
PSLE Composition Workshop

Comprehension: Exposure to 4 distinct comprehension passages. Learn the skills and techniques to tackle all 5 types of Comprehension Questions.

(Direct, Reference, Inference, True/False, Sequencing)

Composition: We go into great depth to cover all 4 segments of composition writing and various writing techniques to alleviate the quality of your writing. 2 unique composition themes are covered.

Segments: Introduction, Conflict, Resolution, Conclusion

Beautifying Techniques: "Show, Not Tell", Writing Vivid Descriptions, Injecting Suspense, Personification, Metaphors, etc.

Replicable tricks and strategies to bring your child's writing to the next level!

In-House Resources For Revision Beyond the Classes

 Templates for Revision and Usage Beyond the Holiday Workshop

Story Mountain Template Sample.png

Model In-house Compositions Written by Ace Clinic Students

PSLE English Model Compositions

 Customized Worksheets for Easy Learning and Absorption

Customized Worksheets PSLE English

 A Copy of the Answering Techniques Taught in Class

PSLE English - Answering Techniques

We Make Sure You have the Resource Advantage to Revise the Techniques Learnt in Class

We want to provide your child with extensive resource support for easy revision after class.

Model Compositions, Model Comprehension Answers, Templates, Notes and Worksheets will be given. This not only promotes continued learning after class, but is also proven to encourage the application of Techniques.

These materials will remain useful and relevant for revision and practice up till the PSLE!

Two Choices Available for Class

 Attend Lessons Onsite or Online, according to your preference

Physical class at Ace Clinic Education

 Attend Physical Lessons..

Online English Class Ace Clinic Education

.. Or Online Via Zoom. 

Same Quality, Only Change in Delivery

Our centre is located at 7A Thomson Ridge. (Opposite the newly opened 'Upper Thomson' MRT station) Alternatively, tune in from the comfort of home via Zoom.

Online Learning Ace Clinic Education

Model Composition, Model Answers and Lesson Materials will be sent to you after the class so you have all the resources for revision.

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Proven Strategy Since 2010

9 out of 10 students score an 'A / B' in the PSLE, every year.

9 out of 10.png

Our workshop is designed to help you achieved improvements through extensive question exposure and mastery of essential techniques.

Upskill your child with clear techniques that can be replicated in the exams easily. Language is taught thematically to help boost Vocabulary. You will receive worksheets and model answers for extra practices after the course.

Clear all doubts, avoid common mistakes, accelerate the learning progress to achieve your desired grades in Comprehension and Comprehension Cloze!

How Ace Students Performed at the 2021 PSLE

 Another Stellar Performance! 😍

PSLE 2021 English Results Ace Clinic Education

✅ 80% of Students Achieved AL1 / AL2

✅ 90% of Students jumped 2 Grades or More 🔥