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Build Skills and Confidence in your Child. Sign Up for our Transformative Headstart Program.

Primary 4 to 6 English Bootcamp

Comprehension &
Composition Skills

Brush up on Problem Areas with Answering Techniques & Writing Strategies
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Give Your Child a Clear Learning Structure to Overcome Problem Areas Easily
Improve your Grades

Is your child:

Unsure why he/she is Losing Marks in his/her Comprehension Answers?


Struggling to find the right words for Composition Writing? 

Losing Interest in English because he/she finds the subject "too challenging"?

From experience, students find the Comprehension and Composition writing segments extremely challenging because they are open-ended questions that offer little information on what to include in the answer.

While they are learning English, there is no clear structure that guides them to extract relevant information and input succinct answers.

This is why we have planned a Bootcamp in the upcoming March Holidays, that will teach your child formula-based techniques to approach questions in a step-by-step manner. By breaking up the segment into individual sub-components, we will teach your child simple strategies to tackle the different question styles, which are likely tested in the exams.

This is a skills-based program. Over a day, your child will brush up on important exam skills to tackle any question thrown their way. Make productive use of the March Holidays to work on the problem areas so your child has an easier journey in the second part of the year!

 "Give Your Child a Clear Structure to Learn English and the Results will Show" 

See Swift Improvements of 2 Grade Jumps or more with our
"P-P-P Learning System"
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Over our years of teaching, we have developed a revolutionary "P-P-P" approach to help students improve dramatically in the shortest possible time.

In this Holiday Bootcamp, we will teach your child Powerful Techniques and Proven Methods that are targeted at Problem Areas. Through a structured teaching pedagogy, we aim to not only boosts their grades, but also build their confidence. With a bof class activities, interactive discussions, your child will find our Bootcamp fun, engaging and easy to understand.

Our exam techniques and strategies are born from a blend of MOE teaching experience and the Raffles Pedagogy, designed to help your child secure as many marks as possible. 

What Will Be Covered at the Holiday Bootcamp

Spend 1 day to learn Comprehension Techniques and Writing Strategies

Comprehension Skills
Comprehension Skills (3 Hours)
"Score 15 Marks or more in Comprehension Consistently"
1) Do 'Close Reading' of the Passage
2) Perform Analysis on the Questions
3) Extract the Most Relevant Answer from the Passage
Situational Writing Skills
Situational Writing Skills (3 Hours)
"Produce Top-Quality Essays that Narrates all Required Content in a Coherent Manner"
1) Perform Analysis of Questions
2) Extract Relevant Information from the Stimulus
3) Writing in the Format that is Required

Program Schedule

There are two parts to this program.


First half: Comprehension Skills (3 hours)

Next 1 hour: Lunch Break

Second half: Situation Writing Skills (3 hours)

In just 1 day, we will cover 2 problem areas: Comprehension & Composition Writing

Your child will learn Individual Techniques and Strategies in each segment (as stated above).


We have designed this bootcamp to drill on each skill separately, to make it easy for students to understand and apply them. Customized Notes and Worksheets will be provided as well.


**Note: Mix-and-Match is possible. For Eg. you may attend Comprehension on 16th March and Situational Writing on 18th March.

Prefer not to Travel?

You can Attend Classes Online with our Blended Learning Option

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Hear What our Students Have to Say

"Online learning is fun! The 2hr lesson really passed super quickly."


"I like that teacher Naga will include quizzes to test me on what he has taught, and I can earn trump cards to win prizes."


"At first, I thought lessons were very boring, but after a few lessons, I realise it is quite fun and interesting!"


"I like that I can ask questions very easily. The lessons are also very fun because I can interact with friends while learning"

Customized Notes and Worksheets for Reference and Revision

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To facilitate learning and faster absorption, students who enroll in the bootcamp will receive ACE "notes and worksheets". These materials help your child internalize what is taught in class and serves as reference and revision beyond the class.

Whatsapp consultation is available after the bootcamp, so you need to clarify any doubts or require assistance with homework.

Our Success Formula

100% of our students improve by at least 2 grades!

Exposure and Practice on
Exam-Centric questions that are commonly tested.
Personalized feedback that includes customized solutions for your child
Interactive classes that encourages your child to participate and ask questions to clarify any doubts
Homework consultation and support beyond classroom hours, allow your child to get answers to questions

Get "Exam-Ready" with our "P-P-P" Approach

Powerful Techniques and Proven Methods to tackle Problem Areas


Years of Teaching Experience
MOE Experience combined with the Rafflesian Pedagogy to give you the strongest Headstart for 2021.


Improvement Rate
See fast improvements from solutions and techniques targeted at weaker areas.


Rate of A/Bs
Be part of our student cohort who graduate with excellent results yearly.
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Nagavello is an ex-MOE teacher who was also the Level Head for English.

Having taught English for more than 10 years, our program teaches answering techniques and exam strategies that helps you improve in the shortest time. Through fun and engaging sessions, you will find everything you need to achieve distinction in the PSLE. Nagavello was a Finalist for the President Award for Singapore Teachers in 2016.

Gear Up for the Challenges Ahead

with our 1-day English Bootcamp

English Fundamentals

From experience, majority of students are unable to score in English due to weak fundamentals. During our Bootcamp, we teach your child the most important concepts and show him/her how they are applied.


We ensure that your child will have the necessary fundamentals to tackle all sorts of question formats that might appear in the examinations.

Exam Strategies

Our Philosophy has always been: “Questions may vary from time to time, but Answering Techniques will always remain the same”

We equip your child with the confidence to answer tackle any question thrown their way. Be it Comprehension or Writing, our strategies are replicable and easy to apply, which is also the secret behind our pristine academic track record.

Make Full Use of your March Holidays

Brush Up on Comprehension & Composition

If your child is not doing well right now, it means there are Content and Skill gaps that needs to be addressed immediately. Tackle these weak areas head-on during the holidays to help your child start the new school term with absolute confidence. Provide your child with the necessary exposure and skills so they can excel and perform better.

9 out of 10 students who join our Holiday Program see their Grades soar.

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