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Get an Early Start on PSLE Preparations, to start the Year on Solid Footing.

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It's Easier to Maintain the Lead,
Than to Try and Catch Up Later On.


Since 2016, 90% of students who attend our Headstart Program score an "A" in PSLE English.

As such, we are continuing this proven strategy of preparing your child early, through our PSLE English Headstart Program.

It does not matter, how your child performed in the P5 year end exam.

In this PSLE preparation workshop, we will take him through answering techniques and writing strategies that are commonly tested in P6 questions. Your child will pick up clearly defined methods to approach questions in a systematic and confident manner.

Simply put, we will equip your child with the skills to embark on his/her PSLE Journey on the front foot.

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Taking the PSLE in 2023?

Check Out Our PSLE English Headstart Program.
Download the Info Pack here.

DL PSLE Eng Info Pack

Dread Comprehension & Composition No More!


Adopt Replicable Techniques to Meet the Challenges of PSLE English, Head-on.

Just like any subject, PSLE English contains 'Answering Techniques' that guide your child to approach every question in a structured manner.

These techniques take time to practice and master, which is why we keep stressing on the importance of starting PSLE Preparations Early.

 We want to make use of this holiday, to equip your child with these techniques so they can master them progressively over the course of the year.

In this workshop, we will analyze and tackle questions from OE Comprehension, Comprehension Cloze and Composition Writing. Through different questions styles, we will show your child how to apply a set of techniques to tackle questions head-on.

Dread the "killer segments" no more!

Our Headstart Classes

Exposure to PSLE Questions & Replicable Techniques to Answer Them

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PSLE English Headstart 2023

Day 1: Comprehension OE + Comprehension Cloze

Part #I: Comprehension OE

Adopt a structured approach to all 6 types of Comprehension questions.

We will teach your child to analyze question requirements, extract information from the passage and write the required answers in their own words.

Part #II: Comprehension Cloze

Learn Answering Techniques to tackle the 4 types of questions tested in the Comprehension Cloze segment.

Skills include: Identifying question type, inferencing answers based on context and choosing the most suitable word for the given situation.

PSLE English Headstart 2023

Day 2: Composition Writing -

Content Strategies + Language Techniques

Part #I: Question Analysis + Storyline Planning

- Extracting Critical information from the given pictures.


- Answering the guiding questions and inserting them into the composition

- Brainstorming Elements that make your composition stand out from the rest

- How to create a comprehensive plan within 5 to 10 minutes, under exam conditions

Part II: Language Techniques to Beef up Various Segments in Composition Writing


What is Covered:

i) Writing an Explosive Introduction

ii) Building an Interesting Conflict and Climax

iii) Constructing a Meaningful Resolution to the Conflict

iv) Conclusions that Leave a Lasting Impression

Class Schedule


Date & Time

1 December, 10am to 1pm, 2pm to 5pm

PSLE English Headstart 2023

Date & Time

2 December, 10am to 1pm, 2pm to 5pm

A Systematic Approach to Brush Up On Key Answering Techniques 

Replicable Answering Techniques that are easy to apply and provide a structured method to approach every question at any point in time.


#1 Question Analysis to Identify Marking Requirements

Many students fail to perform this step which leads to incoherent answers that do not meet marking requirements.

We teach your child to do this accurately and efficiently so they know exactly what to required of them for every question.


#2 Application of Answering Technqiues

At P6 level, your child should NOT be relying on "gut feel" to answer questions.

This is the surest way to have a heart attack when PSLE results are released. We teach systematic answering techniques that can be applied all the time, so your child performs well consistently.


#3 Reinforcement through Targeted Practice

In this PSLE Headstart Program, we have prepared a multiple questions of similar nature, so your child can reinforce the techniques learnt, through targeted practice.

Model Composition and Detailed Model Answers are provided so your child can revise easily beyond the classes.


PSLE Questions may change, but the Techniques remain the same.

Every year, PSLE questions change but the techniques that are tested remain the same. 

This Headstart Program will equip your child with essential answering techniques, that will remain useful and relevant for the PSLE Exams in 2023. From question analysis to identifying contextual clues, these techniques, will empower your child to approach all questions in a structured manner.

An uplift in the thought process and exam strategy will alleviate your child's ability to take on any challenges thrown their way!

Extensive Exposure to the 

PSLE Syllabus

Familiarize with PSLE Questions to Start the Year on Strong Footing

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5 Types of PSLE Comprehension Questions
PSLE Composition Writing

Comprehension: We will run through 3 distinct comprehension passages, and demonstrate the techniques to tackle all 5 different types of Comprehension Questions 

Composition: Get Exposure to 12 Compositions, spanning 3 unique themes for composition writing. We broke up composition writing into individual segments to focus on the elements required in each segment. Learn content strategies and writing techniques to bring your child's writing to the next level!

In-House Resources For Revision Beyond the Classes

Essential Words To Boost Your Vocabulary For Composition Writing

Essential English Words for Composition

Model In-house Compositions Written by Ace Clinic Students

PSLE English Model Compositions

Curated Worksheets for Easy Learning and Absorption


A Copy of the Answering Techniques Taught in Class


We Make Sure You have the Resource Advantage to Complement the Techniques Learnt in Class

We want to provide your child with extensive resource support so he/she may revise easily after class.

Model Compositions and Model Comprehension Answers will help your child revise the questions covered in class. A copy of the Techniques are also provided for reference when doing practices in future.

Two Choices Available for Class

Attend Lessons Onsite or Online, according to your preference

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Attend Physical Lessons..