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Sec 1 English Headstart 2023
Sec 1 English Headstart 2023
Sec 1 English Headstart 2023

Transit Smoothly Into Secondary School

Sec 1 English Headstart Program

New Environment, Different Syllabus, Greater Difficulty..

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Scoring an AL1 in PSLE Does NOT Guarantee the Same Grades in Sec 1

Truth is.. The Secondary English Syllabus builds on what your child learnt from P1 to P6, but is vastly different.

Having strong fundamentals help, but the struggle starts when they encounter foreign question styles that are more open-ended in nature.

For example, the Grammar and Vocabulary MCQ segments disappear completely and are incorporated as a pre-requisite to answer Comprehension questions.

Questions become more complex, involves critical thinking and requires advanced techniques.

It's no wonder that we see students get overwhelmed.

On top of that, CCA commitments and project works add on to the already hectic school load.

This explains why secondary 1 students struggle in the first 3 to 6 months of school, despite doing well in the PSLE!

Prepping Ahead:
Understanding the New Syllabus

Know the challenges that lie ahead & what is required to excel

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Sec 1 English Exam Skills

A Comprehensive Overview of the Sec 1 English Syllabus

Secondary 1 English not only comprises new question types, but also different ways in which your child is assessed.

This Headstart Program will introduce new segments tested in the Exams, along with different question styles that your child should be prepared for.

Learn the skills and strategies tailored to the Secondary Syllabus, that will remain useful all the way to the O levels.

We will also recap the essential grammar rules from Primary Level so your child is equipped with the foundation to deal with the challenges ahead.

Eliminate the "Adjustment" Stress

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A Three-Pronged Strategy to Start the Year with Confidence


Recap Essential Language Fundamentals

Secondary English involves more writing and are more open-ended in nature.

This means that your child requires strong language fundamentals to do well.

This program will reinforce Grammar Rules and Language Skills to teach students how to write coherent and structured answers.

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Recognize the type of answers needed to score well

The biggest struggle students face is the inability to write answers that hit marking requirements.

This results in loss of marks and massive frustrations.

In this program, we will expose your child to various questions types and demonstrate what is required in "exam-grade" answers. 


Building Confidence Through Structured Techniques

Techniques simplify the learning process.

They provide a structured framework to fall back upon, to deal with every question systematically.

It's like providing a detailed map with instructions so your child never feels lost, despite the new challenges they face.

Our Sec 1 Headstart Classes

Gain a Clear Understanding of Key Examinable Segments

Sec 1 English Headstart Class
Sec 1 English Headstart Class
Sec 1 English Headstart Class

Date: 11th Dec, Sunday, 12pm to 2pm

(Day 1 of the Secondary 1 Headstart Program)

Sec 1 English Headstart Class

Date: 18th Dec, Sunday, 12pm to 2pm

(Day 2 of the Secondary 1 Headstart Program)

Sec 1 English Headstart 2022

Download the Headstart Info Pack

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Sec 1 English Headstart Download

Streamlined to Cover the Essential 'Must-Knows'

Sec 1 English Answering Techniques

Here is what we will cover in class:

1) Common Questions of each segment and how they are different from 'Primary level' Questions

2) Replicable Techniques that can used to derive the right answer consistently

3) Common mistakes and how to avoid them

4) The thought process that becomes increasingly important as they progress to the upper secondary levels.

In-House Resources For
Ace Clinic Students

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Secondary English Books (1).png

Impeccably crafted to assist in learning and revision

Ace Clinic Education - In house English Worksheets
Curated English Worksheets
ACE English Answering Techniques

We Make Sure You have the Resource Advantage to Complement the Techniques Learnt in Class

All students of Ace Clinic Education are well supported with quality resources for learning and revision, beyond the classroom.

In this headstart program, we have prepared condensed worksheets, Model Answers and Question Answering Techniques that will be useful even after the classes are over.

Complement these resources with the answering techniques taught in class, to help your child step into 2023 with absolute confidence.

Two Class Options For Greater Flexibility.

Physical Tuition Class at Ace Clinic Education

Attend Physical Lessons..

Online English Class at ACE

.. Or Online Via Zoom.

Same Quality, Only Change in Delivery

Whether you attend classes online or onsite, the quality remains the same. We are located conveniently at Thomson Road (Right beside the 'Upper Thomson' MRT station) or you may choose to tune in comfortably from home via Zoom.

Online English Class at ACE

Lesson Materials, Practices, and Model Answers will be sent to you after the class so you have everything you need for revision.

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Give Your Child the Advantage They Deserve

What most students may not know, is that there are clearly defined steps to tackle English Questions.

Our Program will equip your child with the ability to analyze question requirements, identify the context and apply the correct steps through "Ace Techniques". These techniques, when applied consistently, empowers your child to solve ALL question types with confidence.

Through simplified learning processes, you child can internalize and master structured methods, to see their grades soar.

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Proven Strategy Since 2010

9 out of 10 students score an 'A / B' in the End of Year Exams, every year.

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Our program is designed to help you achieve fast improvements through extensive question exposure and mastery of essential techniques. We have differentiated classes catered to selected needs and learning styles so that your child can assimilate into classes smoothly.

Over the past 11 years, Nicholas has taught over 1000 students and seen an average distinction of 68.7%, which is way higher than the national average. Our curriculum provides your child with a clear structure, broken down to tackle segmental parts of Paper 1 and Paper 2. Through replicable techniques, students are able to perform at the same level even under exam conditions.