O level English Headstart Program

Comprehension & Composition Writing For Secondary 4

O Level English Headstart Program

An Extensive Crashcourse to Alleviate the Pain Points that Students Face

O level English Headstart Program

Develop a Systematic and Consistent Approach to Answer Questions

That is the surest way to score a distinction at the O levels.

Many parents and students believe that "Practice" is the key to doing well, but that is only half the equation.

Don't get us wrong. We firmly believe in the importance of practice.

However, we want to go one step further to emphasize on this thing called "Consistency".

 What do we mean by that? 

When doing practice questions, many students make the mistake of focusing on whether the answer is correct. In fact, the method and thought process is way more important than the answer itself!

It is crucial to be using systematic answering techniques that allow you to get the right answer ALL THE TIME. 

And this is what the O level English Headstart is about.

We identify common mistakes and teach your child to develop a systematic and consistent approach to questions, through replicable answering techniques.

Resolving the Key Issues:

Building Accuracy & Consistency

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Start 2022 on a fresh page, with clear strategies in place for the O level Journey

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Straighten out the Flaws and Replace Them with Sound Techniques

In this Headstart Program, we take students through each segment in detail.

Be it Editing, Comprehension or Essay Writing, we bring you through an analysis of different question types, pointing out common mistakes as we go along.

Each question type is matched with corresponding 'Answering Techniques'. Students will learn to identify question requirements and write 'exam-grade' answers that are concise and straight to the point.

Students will emerge from these classes with a clearer picture of the underlying strategies and build a more consistent approach to O level questions!

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Replicable Techniques for All Segments of Paper 1 & 2

"Questions may change, but Techniques ALWAYS remain the same" 

Secondary English Comprehension Techniques
Secondary English Editing and Visual TextTechniques
Secondary English Essay Writing Techniques

The table above summarizes the critical elements that are covered for each segment.

From Question Analysis to Techniques Application, we take you through efficient ways to answer different question types, while avoiding costly mistakes.

The learning process is broken down into parts, so that students benefit from building a strong foundation, rather than just knowing the "correct answer".

This systematic method of applying 'Techniques' to answer questions, forms a blueprint that students can fall back on, no matter what questions they face.

O level English Headstart

The Tools and Skills Needed to Start 2022 on Solid Footing 

Holiday Headstart Program
Interactive Lessons
O level Composition Writing Class

Date: 4th Dec, Saturday,

5pm to 7pm

O level English Comprehension Class

Date: 11th Dec, Saturday,

5pm to 7pm

O level English Comprehension Class

Date: 18th Dec, Saturday,

5pm to 7pm

From Essay to Summary Writing...

All Major Segments of Paper 1 & 2

Covered Over 3 Lessons

Secondary English

"No Stones Left Unturned"

Lesson 1

1) Essay Writing - Discover Different Writing Styles and Various Structures

2) Situational Writing - How to Extract and Present Content without 'Lifting'

Lesson 2

1) Editing - How to Spot Errors and Replace them Correctly (Using Techniques)

2) Visual Text Comprehension - How to Tackle the 4 main question types

3) Narrative Comprehension - How to Read Efficiently and Handle Different types of Questions

Lesson 3

1) Narrative Comprehension - Continuation from Lesson 2

2) Expository Comprehension - Scoring Marks in the Short Answer Sections + Techniques for Summary Writing (Spotting all 10 points from the passage and rewrite in own words)

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You Can Attend Classes..

Class at Ace Clinic Education

 Onsite at our Centre..

Online English Class Ace Clinic Education

.. Or Online Via Zoom. 

In-House Resources For

Ace Clinic Students

Impeccably crafted to assist in learning and revision

Ace Clinic Education Math Notes
Learning with Notes

Same Quality, Only Change in Delivery

Whether you attend classes online or onsite, we take pains to ensure that the quality remains the same.

Ask questions, clarify doubts and enjoy direct whatsapp support beyond class.

Online English Class Ace Clinic Education

Lesson Materials, Practices, and Model Answers will be emailed to students who attend online so you have everything you need for revision.

Secondary Model Composition Ace Clinic Education
Secondary Comprehension Worksheet

We Make Sure You have the Resource Advantage to Complement the Techniques Learnt in Class

At Ace Clinic Education, learning does not stop when lessons end.


Students receive materials such as Model Compositions and Curated Worksheets that are in-sync with what was taught in class to facilitate revision.

All materials are crafted in-house by Teacher Nicholas, the Principal and Founder of the Ace Clinic English Department

Got a question beyond class? Whatsapp Teacher Nicholas directly, to get your doubts sorted out conveniently!

Embark on Your O level Journey
on the Strongest Footing Possible

O level Math Headstart

Start 2022 with Renewed Vigour

1. Put the old mistakes behind you and replace them with Replicable Techniques that work ALL THE TIME.

2. Gain exposure to different question types and learn how to handle each of them, with accuracy and consistency.

3. Develop a Systematic and Structured Approach to Exam Questions.

4. Receive Whatsapp Support from Teacher Nicholas even after classes end. 

Hear It From Students Who Attended Classes

Sanjit A1 for English Testimonial
Secondary English Testimonial_Scored A2
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English Testimonial_Issac
Secondary English Testimonial
From Fail to B3_English Testimonial
Secondary English Testimonial

"She gotten an A2.. was really happy about P2 (Paper 2)"

"I am not good with words but I want to express my heartfelt thanks for guiding Bernice"

"Wow! Hope to let my other 2 boys to join you soon"

"My English prelim paper 1 got 22/30 for situational and 25/30 for free writing."

"Always being so patient and kind towards us.. Appreciate all the time and effort you have put in"

"Thank you for all your help! I really don't think i could have gotten a B3, if it wasn't for your guidance."

"Thank you for being my teacher for the past 1 and a half years."

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Empower Your Child with the Skills and Mindset to Excel in the O levels

The O levels can be daunting and stressful.

We cannot emphasis more on the importance of preparing early. In this headstart program, we take your child through all segments of paper 1 & 2, with structured techniques for different question types.

"Questions change, but techniques remain the same."

 Once mastered, these critical thinking skills and answering techniques will form a firm foundation that remain relevant right up till the O levels.

Enroll now to see their grades soar in 2022!


Nicholas is an ex-Rafflesian (RI/RJC) and also the Founder and Principal of the Ace English Program

Combining 10+ years of teaching experience with the Raffles Pedagogy, Nicholas founded the English Structured Foundation Program (ESFP) and "ACE English Techniques". More than 1000 students have graduated from his tutelage, with an impressive track record of 90% students scoring A/Bs.

Nicholas imparts clear, replicable strategies to ensure that students are able to carry their in-class performance straight into the exam-hall, for consistent and substantial improvements.

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