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PSLE English Webinar - Learn PSLE Answering Techniques

Welcome to Our English Webinar Series!

We know how frustrating it can be, when you are given an answer, but you are not sure why or how it is derived.

Unknown to many students, there are rules and "Answering Techniques" in English to tackle questions in a systematic 'step-by-step' manner. In other words, they tell you why the answer is as such.

However, there are many different question types in the PSLE and we do not want to overwhelm your child.

Which is why we are running a weekly webinar series (just 30mins each session) to demonstrate "One Technique Every Week".

This webinar is free and open to all Primary 4 to 6 students. Simply register in the form below and we will send you the materials and zoom link weekly 😊

(All information you provide are strictly confidential and never shared with third parties.)
PSLE English Webinar - Ace Your English

Join Us On A Weekly
English Adventure

Who Should Attend: Recommended for P5 and P6 Students (but lower levels are welcomed as well)

When is it: Every Thursday, 8pm to 830pm (Online via Zoom) ==> First Session starts 17th March 2022

What is covered: One Answering Technique for a specific question type (each session). We will rotate through all segments of Paper 1 and 2 before the PSLE.

PSLE English Webinar
Supercharge Your PSLE English Revision

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Discover Crucial Techniques that are Tested for PSLE English

PSLE English Lesson Online
PSLE English Techniques

1. What are Answering Techniques?

Answering Techniques are essentially "Structured Methods" to tackle different question types.

For example, to answer "True/False" Comprehension questions, it's important to use "Locating Words" to identify where the answer lies, and then writing it according to HOW the question is asked. 

Techniques tell you how to identify question requirements and phrase your answer to hit marking requirements.
PSLE English Worksheet

2. Are Materials Provided?

Yes, we will provide a worksheet based on the question type that we are going through that week. This is reference material to follow along during the webinar. We recommend taking down notes for easy revision.
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3. Can I Ask Questions During the Webinar?

You may use the "Zoom Chat" function to ask questions at any time. We will try our best to answer all queries within the time frame.

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