Conquer Comprehension & Comprehension Cloze with Ace Techniques

The Final Pitstop to Set Everything Straight.

Apply 'Clearly Defined Techniques' to Tackle All Types of PSLE Questions

There is a reason why we emphasis on the use of proper techniques to answer questions.

If you look back at past years' questions, there are a finite number of question types that appear year after year. Techniques guide your child in the thought process and steps to identify clues and formulate the answer seamlessly.


 Techniques point your child in the right direction so they know what to do when faced with any question.

In this workshop, we go in-depth to analyze every question type that might appear in the PSLE. Through repeated practice, we will show your child how to apply a set of techniques to tackle them. Multiple question that are similar in nature have also been prepared to reinforce application of these techniques and promote familiarity.

Dread these "killer segments" no more!

Are these problems still bugging your child despite countless practices?

If this is the case for your child, read on.

1. Marks that fluctuate from practice to practice

2. Random Answers that not linked to the what the question is asking for

3. Making the same mistakes for questions that are similar in nature

4. Giving Answers based on 'Gut Feel' (Your child is unsure why he/she chose that answer)


5. The fear and reluctance of doing practices because they believe they will do badly :(

Strategically Designed For the PSLE

 2-Day High Intensity Workshop that Focuses on Question Exposure and the Corresponding Techniques to Solve Them

1) Blanket Exposure to Trending and Tricky PSLE Questions that are handpicked from past year papers and also created in-house.

2) Teaching Students to apply the correct Answering Techniques to derive the correct answer systematically.

3) Building Mastery through practice on similar types of questions.

In this workshop, we run through a series of activities and practices that will get your child familiarized with the use of techniques to answer questions. Extensive Exposure will be given through curated practices that target their pain points.

Read more below on the high impact activities planned for this workshop.

A Systematic Approach to Master Key Answering Techniques 

 A series of activities designed to help your child understand these techniques from different perspectives.

 #1 Diagnose

At the start of each day, students will attempt a series of handpicked questions, that will give us insights on the problem areas.

 #2 Learn

Teacher Naga will then proceed to teach the techniques, with emphasis on the areas where students are facing difficulty in. 

 #3 Reinforce

Targeted Practice will be provided, to ensure that students are able to apply these techniques consistently.

Extra practices and model answers will also be given for revision.

Differentiated Activities for Greater Efficiency in Learning

 When students are asked to do practice after practice, it's easy to lose focus on the thought process behind the use of techniques.

In this workshop, we have prepared a range of differentiated activities that will guide them to apply the techniques consistently.


 Learning is most effective when your child is fully engaged!  

 Questions Creation

This is a highly effective way of testing your child's understanding of the techniques. Instead of writing the answer, they are given contextual clues and tasked to create the appropriate.

This trains them in the ability to decipher question requirements and produce concise answers.

 Timed Trials

Timed trials are practices done under time pressure, to mirror exam conditions.

Students are trained to think quickly and manage their time well -> so they are able to do the same during the PSLE papers.

 Marking Mania

Students are given a range of similar answers, and they are expected to identify the one that is most relevant to the question.

This activity teaches them to make use of answering techniques to selve out answers that "looks correct" but are not.

Questions may change, but Techniques remain the same.

What most students may not know, is that there are clearly defined steps to tackle Comprehension and Comprehension Cloze Questions.

Every year, PSLE questions change but the techniques used to solve them remain the same. 

Our Program will equip your child with the ability to identify question requirements, search for contextual clues and write the most suitable answers through "Ace Techniques". These techniques, when applied consistently, empowers your child to solve questions with confidence.

Transform the way your child approach questions and alleviate their performance ability to tackle any question thrown their way!

The Exposure You Need

For the PSLE

More Comprehensions and Cloze Passages than What You Do in a Year

comprehension cloze PSLE Sept.png

An extensive range of questions, that will give your child sufficient exposure to master the key techniques taught. 

20 Comprehension Cloze & 16 Comprehensions over 2 Days! That's probably more that what they do in a year.

In-House Resources to Complement the Practices

 Essential Words To Boost Your Vocabulary For Comprehension Cloze..

Extra Practice + Model Answers for Revision Beyond the PSLE Workshop

We Make Sure You have the Resource Advantage to Complement the Techniques Learnt in Class

We want to provide your child with the best resource support for PSLE revision. 

Over 2-days, you get extensive coverage of all question types that may be tested in the PSLE.

Sharpen the answering techniques taught in class, with in-house worksheets that will help your child breeze through these two segments in the PSLE.

Blended Learning at its Best.

 Attend Lessons Physically at the Centre or

Online (with an integrated platform for Homework Submission)

Physical class.png

 Attend Physical Lessons..

.. Or Online Via Zoom. 

Your Choice.

We know you have your preferences. Flexibility from Blended Learning means you can attend Intensive Revision Classes at our centre along Thomson Road (Opposite the newly opened 'Upper Thomson' MRT station) or tune in from home via Zoom.

For Website.png

Extra Practices and Model Answers will be sent to you after the class so you have all the resources for revision.

Class Schedule

Dates: 6th and 7th September (Monday and Tuesday)

Time: 9am to 4pm (1hr lunch break between 12pm to 1pm)

1 day is dedicated to comprehension and 1 day is dedicated to Comprehension Cloze.

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Proven Strategy Since 2010

9 out of 10 students score an 'A / B' in the PSLE, every year.

Our workshop is designed to help you achieved improvements through extensive question exposure and mastery of essential techniques.

Upskill your child with clear techniques that can be replicated in the exams easily. Language is taught thematically to help boost Vocabulary. You will receive worksheets and model answers for extra practices after the course.

Clear all doubts, avoid common mistakes, accelerate the learning progress to achieve your desired grades in Comprehension and Comprehension Cloze!

Here's How Our Students Performed at the 2020 A levels

In 2020, we saw 70% of students who achieved the coveted 'A*/A' Grade.

100% of students who joined us for 3 months or more, improved by 2 grades or more!


Will you be part of our success story this year?

Hear It From The Students Who Attended Classes

"Editing 8/12 (2-4 marks last time)"

"Systhesis 6/10 (0-2) last time"

"I used u and Tchr Naga tips for Compo and I scored 32/40... 2nd highest in my entire class"

"Catered for Higher ability children.. I am cming back cause Adil enjoyed Mr Naga's class and im hopeful he will be able to focus well on Adil's weaker areas to attain the extra marks.."

"Glad to know this (Naga is the teacher). Ethan told me he'd really enjoyed Mr. Naga's class the last time he went for headstart program."

Nagavello is an ex-MOE teacher who was also the Level Head for English.

Having taught English for more than 10 years, our program teaches answering techniques and exam strategies that helps you improve in the shortest time. Through fun and engaging sessions, you will find everything you need to achieve distinction in the PSLE. Nagavello was a Finalist for the President Award for Singapore Teachers in 2016.

Students Share Their Experience with Ace Clinic Education

Fear These 'Killer Segments' No More!

With the PSLE exam just a couple of weeks, equip your child with the right structure and direction to Tackle exam Questions. This workshop will provide the Question Exposure and Answering Techniques they need to step into the Exam Hall with Confidence. Expect intensive sessions that are jam-packed with tips, strategies and techniques that can be directly applied during the exams. To complement the learning experience, you will be given in-house worksheets, notes and model answers revise beyond classroom hours.

Every year, more than 90% of students score A/Bs in PSLE.


You can be one of the success stories too.

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