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From Average to Awesome

June Holiday Program - Primary 3 to 6 Composition Writing Masterclass


Give your Child's Composition an Extreme Makeover with
"ACE Enhancement Techniques"


Unlock Their Inner Writing Flair!

Equip Your Child with Simple yet Powerful Techniques that will instantly boost the Quality of Compositions that they write.
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Why Join A Composition Writing Masterclass?

Dear Parent,

It is NOT true that your child cannot write. If he/she is not scoring for Composition writing, it's usually because of these reasons:

1) The 'plot' in the composition is too common

2) There are no notable features, that sets it apart from the rest.

3) Predictable turn of events that makes the story dull and unlively.

No matter how many idioms or fancy vocabulary words used, the resultant composition will be lacklustre and fail to secure high marks.

 This is where our "ACE Enhancement Techniques" come into play 

Over two days, your child will learn effective writing techniques that will capture the reader's attention and get them involved in the plot. This is the "enhancement" that will see their results jump by 5 to 10 marks.

The Secret Behind Breathtaking Compositions

Adding the right ingredients that blend together to form a masterpiece

The most simple and effective way to improve on writing is to improve on various segments collectively. The thought process behind planning and structuring the essay plays a major role in this.

Equip your child with these techniques that will help them perform well consistently, no matter what question is tested.

Writing an appetising hook with dialogues and presenting an ambience of suspense.

Developing interesting yet relevant characterizations.

Including enhancements like foreshadowing and dramatic turn of events.

How to develop a conflict from a spark to a volcanic eruption.

How to write a personalized conclusion with an emotional touch to it.

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Our Composition Writing Masterclass

Specialized Writing Classes Tailored to Different Levels

Primary English Composition Writing Class
For the P3 & P4s
Key Learning Points:
Enhancing Characterisations
Developing Conflicts and Solutions
Writing 'Flavorful' Conclusions
Using Advanced Vocabulary Appropriately
PSLE Writing Masterclass
For the P5 & P6s
Key Learning Points:
Enhancing the Introduction
Developing Uncommon Characterisations
Introducing the Element of Foreshadowing
Describing Emotions with the
'Show, Not Tell Technique'

We break down Composition Writing into Individual Segments For Effective Learning

Over two days, we will provide your child with a Step-by- Step guide to transform a plain, boring composition into an amazing composition with all the 'WOW factors' to capture and retain the attention of the reader.

We strip down Composition Writing into its bare essentials and teach your child targeted techniques to bring their writing to the next level.

A Specialized Learning Approach

Differentiated Activities for Greater Absorption and Higher Engagement

No Time Wasted Writing Full Length Compositions in Class

Instead of making your child write full length compositions during the class, we will be providing compositions of various scores for them to identify what are the lacking elements.

When they can spot the shortcomings, they avoid making the same mistakes themselves!

Learning Through Thematic Vocabulary

Attempting to memorize from a list of random words is difficult and ineffective. 

Instead, we will be providing a range of enhancing elements ranging from descriptions to advanced vocabulary and even multiple levels of characterizations.


Bring your child's compositions to the next level effortless!

Program Schedule

Composition Class Schedule

Nagavello is an ex-MOE teacher who was also the Level Head for English.

Having taught English for more than 10 years, our program teaches answering techniques and exam strategies that helps you improve in the shortest time. Through fun and engaging sessions, you will find everything you need to achieve distinction in the PSLE. Nagavello was a Finalist for the President Award for Singapore Teachers in 2016.

Hear from our Students & Parents

"Really enjoyed Mr. Naga's class the last time he went for the Headstart Program"

"I used u and Tchr Naga tips for Compo... and I got 32/40... 2nd highest in my entire class"

"I'm cming back cause Adil enjoyed Mr Naga's class"

"Attain the extra marks he is losing currently..."

Boost your Writing to the Next Level.

Go From Average to Awesome!

Writing need not be a fearful activity for your child. Equip them with the right techniques to plan and write exciting compositions that wow the reader and score high marks, all the time.

Build confidence in your child and help them develop an interest in writing.

Spark a change in their attitude towards writing and see their grades soar in Semester 2!

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