Headstart Program| Secondary 3 | Secondary 4

Meticulously designed by Kenneth, our resident ex-MOE Teacher & Math Department Head, and Co-Found Bairong, a Top UK University Graduate. Structured for rapid improvements in preparation for the new school year.

3 Days
of intensive preparation to start the new school year on a firm footing
5 Hours
of structured and progressive learning to effectively gain proficiency
1st Class
that covers commonly tested concepts and questions to gain a head-start 

A Mathematics is an unfamiliar territory for many Secondary 3 students and it is not uncommon to fail even if you have always been good at Math.

The A Maths Special Introduction Programme (AMSIP) is designed to expose students to the complexity of the world of A Maths and help them build a strong foundation to approach the new school year on a firmer footing.

Secondary 3

Struggling with A Math and not doing as well as you thought you would in your End of Year Exams? Join our Catchup Program as we help you brush up on your weaknesses, address common conceptual errors and mistakes and improve your strategies and tactics to approach your crucial O Level year with more confidence! 

Secondary 4
The Expert Tutors

Miao ling is an Alumni of Raffles Girls School and Raffles Junior College and studied Electrical Engineering at NTU. Her excellent academic pedigree allows her to impart the learning skills from top schools to help her students grasp concepts easily and improve quickly.

Yee Miao Ling
Huang Bairong

Bairong graduated with a BSc. Economics from University of York, a Top 10 school in the UK. As a Co-Founder he specializes in Math and Co-Heads the Math Department with Kenneth. With his guidance, his students have always found great improvements and progress.

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