Didn't do well for Promos? We got you covered. JC2 Headstart Program - Physical & Online Classes

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"Reinforce your J1 concepts to start JC2 on the right foot"

Review and fill all content gaps, while learning key exam skills to tackle questions skillfully. Make good use of the holidays to work on your weaknesses and build a firm foundation.


Didn't do too well in J1?

It's not entirely your fault.

In J1, you tend to spend more time learning content. As such, there wasn't enough focus on content application and exam skills. You are also probably lacking in terms of exam exposure, and the different ways you may be tested. 

These could be the reasons why you are doing as well as you should be.

Applying the wrong concepts

Inadequate Evaluations

Poor Time Management

Not enough substantiation using examples and diagrams

We Will Help You Solve These Problems in the Shortest Time Possible

When you join our Headstart Program, we streamline the learning process for you. We will tell you what content is important, what to study and critical techniques to write answers that award you marks. It is crucial to firm up your foundation before taking on the challenges of new J2 topics.

Hear What Our Students Have to Say

"The amount of skills taught in thta 3+hrs far exceeds what I could have learn in school"

"Better than I expected. I am better able to pack and unpack questions!!"

"Thankful for your patience in answering my questions... Jump from 'E' grade to a 'B' overall."

The Pitstop: Refuel and Recharge

Build a Solid Foundation with our Exam Centric Approach to Excel in 2021!
Day 1:

Essay Masterclass

Learn key answering techniques

Gain exposure to commonly tested exam questions and styles

Get model essays and detailed question analysis that teaches you how to score As for the most commonly tested questions and content.

Day 2:

CSQ Masterclass

Learn key answering techniques

Gain exposure to commonly tested exam questions and styles

Get model answers and detailed analysis of what each question is asking for, so you can score marks consistently for varying types of questions.

Content Application
Our Intensive Holiday classes are based off a 'Topic-by-Topic Run Through' that aims to help you understand your weaknesses and content gaps.
We will tell you what is important for each topic, what to revise and clear up any doubts you might have, so you start JC2 on grounded footing.
Most importantly, our classes are never boring! Learn Econs through real life examples and colorful illustrations that will help you learn with perfect clarity.
Exam Skills
There are strategies and techniques involved in answering exam questions.
Through a Step-by-Step approach, we will guide you to write exam-grade answers that is easily accomplished using a structured framework.
Learn skills on how to apply theorectical concepts to fulfill marking requirements for both Essays and CSQs.
All students will also receive revision notes and model answers to help you grasp key concepts and understand the structure and flow of quality answers.
Fast Tracked for the A Levels
Our classes are designed to equip you with essential knowledge and skills to do well in the A levels.
We do not just teach content. We tell you who they should be applied, alongside relevant examples and illustrations which you can directly use in the exams.
Students receive our condensed notes that highlights all the important parts to make revision easy and efficient. It's never too early to get started!

I found myself able to answer questions much faster and in a concise manner due to his emphasis on economical, succinct answering techniques.

- J. Matthew, ACJC

One Program For All of Your Needs

A balanced mix of content, concept application, exam skills & structured practice.
"6 Hours of Content Class + 6 Hours Essay Class + 2 Hours CSQ Class"

Topics Covered

Demand & Supply




Government Intervention

Market Structure

Market Failure

Program Schedule

There will be two runs of our J2 Headstart Program
Day 1 - 3 --> 2 hours of Content Class and 2 hours of Essay Class (1 hour break in between)
Day 4 --> 2 Hours of CSQ Class
**Both Physical and Online Class options available.

Terence graduated from the London School of Economics & Political Science with First Class Honors (BSc. Economics)

Having tutored Economics (A'Levels, IB, IGCSE, AP, University) for more than 10 years, our classes deliver essential "must-knows" with your convenience in mind. From tips and tricks to master content more quickly and model answers to tackles marking requirements head on, find everything you might need to achieve your distinction in the A levels - over mobile, tablet or PC.

Terence was wonderful and patiently answered all my questions despite my constant confusion!! I gained confidence and grew to like the subject

- C. Tan, ACJC

We got past students to share their thoughts.

"Terence is a real life-saver" - Jiarong, VJC
"S to A in 3 short months! Thank you!"
- Shaun, ACJC
"The consistency in class made CSQs and Essay writing like second nature to me"
- Dillen, CJC

What You Get From This Program

A success formula proven by countless batches of students just like you

Receive Detailed Model Essays to an Extensive Range of Exam-Type Questions

Exam Strategies and Techniques to Tackle Essays and Case Studies Systematically

Comprehensive and quality notes that will help you revise key concepts

Homework Support through Whatsapp Consultations

Receive Personalized Feedback and Improvement Tips Specific to You

Hot Air Balloons

Not Intending to Attend the Full Programme?

If you wish to attend only the classes covering certain topics, you are welcome to do so. All classes will cover Key Concepts, Content Application and Exam Skills. You will also receive our set of condensed notes and model answers for what is covered during class.

Join us to understand your weaknesses and learn strategies to help you perform better in 2021!

Register For The Headstart Program Now

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