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Why Join Our Masterclasses? 

Dear Students,

The last stretch of every marathon is tiring. However, the process will be less tiring and even mildly enjoyable, if you are armed with the best equipment and extensive knowledge of the terrain. In this case, knowledge means knowing what to study, what to memorize, what diagrams to draw and what kind of questions are likely to be tested. Being well equipped means having concise exam notes, model essays and model answers, that are readily available.

Masterclasses at Ace are designed to get you exam-ready through intensive, exam-focused sessions. Our focus is on skills, techniques and strategies, that will teach you how to apply theoretical concepts learnt in school to answer exam questions. 


Feeling lost, confused or unsure despite the efforts put into revision? It isn't your fault.


There could be many reasons why you did not do well in your previous exam. From experience, the most common problem is being unsure of question requirements or the inability to provide quality answers that demonstrates depth and rigor. Our Essay and CSQ speed runs will expose you to questions that likely to appear in the exams and provide you with a structured approach and framework to answer every question in a systematic manner. You will be taught how to analyze questions, understand the requirements, plan your answer and write with a clear structure that awards you high marks consistently

Students who join us will receive condensed notes, model essays, model answers to case studies, alongside exam tips and strategies. Consolidate your learning before prelims and complement your revision efforts with our masterclasses. Clear your doubts, avoid common mistakes, accelerate your progress and achieve your desired grades.

Here's How Our Students Performed at the 2019 A levels

Every year, 90% of students who attend our Intensive Revision Masterclasses score an A/B at the A levels.

In 2019, we saw a whooping 95% of students achieve an A/B Grade.

Our Students Are Convinced Of The Effectiveness Of Our Classes

"The amount of skills being taught in that 3+hrs far exceeds what i could have learn in my school"

"Thank you for the really useful teachable and holiday intensive... and also ur patience in answering my questions"

"Found the summary of the topic really helpful... made me more aware of some of my conceptual mistakes"

"Better than I expected. I am better able to unpack and answer the questions"

Designed for Exam Success

What you get from our Masterclasses

Exam-Centric Content

  1. Detailed analysis of every question           

  2. Understand the marking requirements of every questions

  3. Model answers to case studies & Model essays

  4. Recap of key concepts and how they can be applied to answer exam questions

  5. Know what is important in each topic, what to study, what to memorize and how to incorporate them into answers to display depth and rigor.

Exam-Driven Skills

  1. Learn key answering techniques and exam strategies to tackle commonly tested questions

  2. Use a structured framework to organize and deliver answers in a systematic and coherent manner

  3. Shortcuts to mastering all important points required by each question

  4. Know all exam requirements clearly, without confusion

  5. Tackle all questions quickly and effectively, while avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls

  6. Write 'exam-quality' answers that awards maximum marks consistently

Exam-Focused Efficiency

  1. Zero down-time during lessons

  2. Zero time wasted on doing practices in front of the computer

  3. Zero dead air (all questions and doubts will be clarified and answered)

"The analogies and clarity of explanations really helped me alot."

- Heng, CJC

Terence graduated from the London School of Economics & Political Science with First Class Honors (BSc. Economics)

Having tutored Economics (A'Levels, IB, IGCSE, AP, University) for more than 10 years, our classes deliver essential "must-knows" along with exam tips to make your learning as effective as possible. From tricks and shortcuts to master content more quickly and model answers to tackles marking requirements head on, find everything you might need to achieve your distinction in the A levels or Promos. Our classes are now accessible via livestream on the Zoom app, which is compatible with mobile, tablet or PC.

Essay Speed Runs

All the Essay Techniques You Need to Write Coherent Essays and Hit L3 Consistently

Attend Any or All Of The Classes, Based On Your Needs

Essay Class Schedule

7th September, Monday

(11am to 1pm)

Demand & Supply, Elasticity, Government Intervention

8th September, Tuesday

(11am to 1pm)

Firms & Decisions,

Market Structure

9th September, Wednesday

(11am to 1pm)

Market Failure

10th September, Thursday

11th September, Friday

(11am to 1pm)


The Essay classes are segmented based on the topic covered. During each class, we will go through 6 strategically chosen essays to expose you to the various ways which you might be tested. Get more structured practice in one week than you would get over 2 years in school!

Learn to dissect essays, analyze questions, breakdown the requirements and answer them using a framework. You will be given the materials before class so no time is wasted doing work during class. At the end of the lessons, you will also receive model essays and condensed notes based on what was covered so you can revise for upcoming A levels.


CSQ Speed Runs

Using A Framework To Meet Question Requirements In A Systematic Manner

CSQ Class Schedule

7th September, Monday

(5pm to 7pm)


8th September, Tuesday

(5pm to 7pm)


Our CSQ classes are split into Micro and Macroeconomics. Over 4 hours, you will be given more case studies than what you do over 2 years in school! If you are unsure of how to approach CSQs or feel that you lack the skills to tackle case study questions effectively, these classes are ideal for you.

We will teach you to analyze different types of case study questions and use a framework to fulfill the question requirements systematically. Learn to use given data and incorporate theoretical knowledge to address higher order questions, while avoiding common mistakes that students usually make. Manage your time effectively and write "exam-quality" answers that are precise and relevant to what is required.

Notes, model answers and other materials will be given so you can revise the tips, strategies and tactics taught whenever you want to.

Content Speed Runs

Revise key concepts across all topics in a simplified manner

9th September, Wednesday

(2pm to 4pm)

Market Failure

7th September, Monday

(2pm to 4pm)

Demand & Supply, Elasticity, Government Intervention

Content Class Schedule

Feeling unsure about concepts across certain topics? Join us for our content speed runs as we bring you through all the key concepts you must know for the upcoming prelims and A levels. At Ace, we pride ourselves on delivering concepts in simplified, bite-sized pieces to help you understand in an easy manner.

Through colorful illustrations and real-life examples, you get insights on shortcuts to study and memorize key concepts. Learn tips and tricks such as acronyms and metaphors that will help you associate the concepts to related questions and apply them correctly.

Concise notes and summaries for each chapter will be given so you can use it for revision after class.

8th September, Tuesday

(2pm to 4pm)

Firms & Decisions,

Market Structure

10th September, Thursday

11th September, Friday

(2pm to 4pm)


Bundle Deals

Essay Bundle


Attend ALL Essay Classes

Enjoy 15% off fees when you sign up for all essay classes

Inclusive of all notes, materials and model essays

No extra fees or hidden charges

CSQ Bundle


Attend BOTH CSQ Classes

Enjoy 10% off fees when you sign up for both CSQ classes

Inclusive of all notes, materials and model answers.

No extra fees or hidden charges

Mix and Match


Choose based on your needs

Any 3 classes - 10% off fees

Any 4/5/6 classes - 15% off fees

Any 7/8 classes - 20% off fees

Additional one month free access to our online content platform (if you sign up for all classes)

Inclusive of all notes, materials and model answers.

No extra fees or hidden charges

Popular Choice!

"I found it (the classes) easy to understand, concise and helpful"

- Nicholas, RI

Our Classes At A Glance

A success formula proven by countless batches of students just like you

Receive Detailed Model Essays and Model Answers to an Extensive Range of Exam-Type Questions

Useful Exam Tips and Answering Techniques to Tackle Essays and Case Studies 

Comprehensive and "exam-quality" notes that you can rely on to revise for the upcoming exams

Homework Support through Whatsapp Consultations

Receive Personalized Feedback and Improvement Tips Specific to You

We got past students to share their thoughts.

"Terence is a real life-saver" - Jiarong, VJC
"S to A in 3 short months! Thank you!"
- Shaun, ACJC
"The consistency in class made CSQs and Essay writing like second nature to me"
- Dillen, CJC

Get Ahead With Our Skills-Based Masterclasses

A levels are just around the corner. It is important to consolidate your learning before Prelims so that you can do some final tweaks before the A levels. To meet your needs, we have broken down the classes to provide you with skills, content and exposure to critical questions. No matter where you stand at this juncture, we have the program to help you. These speed runs prepare you for different types of questions and the optimal approach to tackle them. Expect intensive sessions that are jam-packed with tips, strategies and techniques that you will surely use in your exams. To complement the learning experience, you will be given condensed notes for revision, told what to study and how to master them through shortcuts.


Every year, more than 90% of students who attend these Masterclasses score A/Bs in their A levels. You can be one of the success stories too.

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