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Math Holiday Masterclasses - For Parents Who Want Their Child to Perform Better & Excel in School!

Equip Your Child with Math Skills & Heuristics to Soar Ahead in the 2nd Half.

Streamline the Learning Process to Unlock Your Child's Fullest Potential
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A Comprehensive Range of Classes That Will Boost Your Child's Confidence in Solving Math Problems
9 out of 10 students who join our Holiday Program score an 'A' in their Final Exams.
Problem Solving
Why Enroll Your Child for Skills-Based Math Programs?
Improve your Grades

Over the years of teaching, our experience tells that there are TWO main reasons why your child may not do well in the exams.

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1) Lack the Skills to approach a math problem systematically and solve it in a step-by-step manner.

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2) Not Sure How to Study for an Exam, leading to inadequate preparation.

These Skills (such as Problem Analysis, Math Heuristics, Speed Calculations) and a Structured Learning Approach may not be taught in school.

What we have prepared for you this June Holidays, are a Comprehensive Range of Classes that will equip your child with Skills, Knowledge and Strategies to possess a Superior Advantage in the Exams.

Here Are Some of the Most Recent Feedback From Parents
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Testimonial Zanden - Teacher is good.PNG
Math Testimonial 1.jpeg

"The pace of class is very appropriate for their ability"

"Class is conducted in such a systematic manner"

"He understands your teaching very clearly compared to other tutors"

"Teacher Angel was good in explaining and very patient"

"He likes (the class) and comment that she is good"

    Skills Classes
For Different Levels

Equip with Child with Practical Exam Skills that will boost their Grades!

8th June (Tuesday) or 10th June (Thursday)
1pm to 3pm
Mastering Multiplication & Division

At the mid years, the ability to perform calculations with Speed and Accuracy is not only crucial to score well, but also lays the foundation for Upper Primary.

In this masterclass, we teach your child strategies and shortcuts to perform multiplication and long division with confidence and consistency.

These Tips and Tricks will help your child memorize the times table with ease and build a positive mindset towards doing Maths.

11th June (Friday) or 12th June (Saturday)
1pm to 3pm
Mastering Problem Sums

If your child is weak in solving math problems, it's usually because they do not know how to approach the question.

In this masterclass, we will teach your child a step-by-step structure to solve problem sums, that will work all the time.

From (1) Extracting the right information, to (2) presenting it using a model and (3) solving them using logical steps, we will equip your child with "exam hacks" that make problem solving a walk in the park.

       Heuristics Classes
Did You Know?

There are questions in the exams that require your child to use specific Heuristics to solve them. Simply put, Heuristics are Strategies to answer math problems.

Take this Question for instance:

Danny has 5 ducks and sheep in his farm. There are 16 legs altogether.

How many sheep are there?


duck and sheep.png
Solving a question like this, will involve the use of the heuristic "Guess-and-Check"

In the Exams, Heuristics Questions like these can account for up to 15 Marks.

Learning how to use the 12 types of Heuristics will help your child solve such questions easily and secure the marks for an instant jump in their grades.

Working Backwards
Working Backwards
Drawing Diagrams
Drawing Diagrams
Looking for Patterns
Looking for Patterns
Before and After Math Heuristics
Before & After

These are some examples of Heuristics taught in our Holiday Masterclass.

They are scaled according to the difficulty of questions tested at different levels (P3-P6) so your child learns through application to exam questions.

We Have Classes Crafted For Different Levels.

Equip your Child with Heuristics to Tackle Math Problems Effectively

Pri Math June Heuristics (1).png
8th June (Tuesday) or 10th June (Thursday)
330pm to 530pm
See Notice-able Improvements in Your Child After this Session
"Jumpstart your child's ability to solve math problem using structured methods"
11th June (Friday) or 12th June (Saturday)
330pm to 530pm
Get a Headstart for PSLE Preparations:
"Tackle Complex Questions easily with Math Heuristics and see an improvement of up to 15 marks!"
Sec 1 Headstart Prog
       Content Classes

Highly Recommended for Students Scoring AL4 or Below (75 Marks)

Pri Math June Heuristics.png

 Master Semester 1 Topics in 3 Hours 

Conceptual Misconceptions are deadly and cause confusion for your child.

Building a Firm Foundation in Mathematics begins with a clear understanding of the key concepts and their application in exam questions. We extracted the gist of all topics taught in Semester 1, to simplify the learning curve and help your child make sense of what was taught to them in school.

Students who scored AL4 and below in their recent tests should strengthen their core fundamentals, that will help them perform better in all segments of Paper 1 and 2.

We Provide Your Child With the Tools,
and Teach Them How to Use It.
Math Problems become easy to solve when there is a clear structure to approach them.
We want to equip your child with replicable strategies to help them realize their fullest potential. Simply put, these classes will activate your child's ability to tackle exam questions systematically - using the right methods and steps.
You will see a noticeable improvement in their performance after they attend these masterclasses!

Overall Program Schedule

Limited Time
Math Program Schedule

Primary Math Holiday Masterclasses

Overall Class Schedule.PNG

**Note: There are 2 potential time slots for Skills and Heuristics Classes.

If you are unable to make it for the timings above, register your interest first.

This will help us open up more timeslots for you.

Hands-on Tools to help Students Visualize the Problem Solving Process

Learning Tools used in Class.png
At Ace Clinic Education, we promote "active learning". This means participation in our class activities, and hands-on approaches to problem solving. With a range of math tools, we help your child visualize each step of the problem solving process so they truly understand the rationale behind the methods used.
This visualisation approach helps your child internalize the concepts taught and improves absorption rate.

My boy enjoyed the class so much, he came back and asked me if he can go for more classes.

-  Mrs Liew, Mother of Jamie, P5

Our Proven Success Formula

100% of students improve by at least 2 grades!

Skills-based Learning that focus on teaching your child HOW to study and HOW to tackle questions.
Condensed Materials featuring Formulas, Practice Questions, Notes and Worked Solutions
Interactive classes that promotes 'Active Learning' by encouraging your child to participate and remain engaged throughout.
Individualized Feedback allows you to work on the right areas to see continued improvements beyond the holiday class.

Start Semester 2 with Renewed Confidence

Equip your child with the Skills and Heuristics to Soar Ahead 

Our Statistics Don't Lie!


Years of Teaching Experience
MOE Experience combined with the Rafflesian Pedagogy to give you the strongest Headstart for 2021.


Improvement Rate
See fast improvements from solutions and techniques targeted at weaker areas.


Rate of A/Bs
Be part of our student cohort who graduate with excellent results yearly.
Teacher Angel Thumbnail photo.PNG

Angel is an ex-MOE teacher with more than 10 years of Teaching Experience.

With a wealth of experience from teaching in MOE schools, Angel is able to pinpoint student's weak areas with precision. Her syllabus is designed to address problem areas by helping students brush up on essential skills needed to solve math problems effectively. She is also the driving force behind our pristince track record of 100% improvements among ACE students!

Make Full Use of the June Holidays to Give Your Child a Headstart

Take Advantage of Our Skills-Based Classes

Be it Content Gaps or Lack in Exam Skills, we have the classes designed to fix the problems. Tackle these weak areas head-on, to help your child start semester 2 with confidence. Provide your child with the Skills and Heuristics so they can perform better in school.

9 out of 10 students who join our Holiday Program score an 'A' in their Final Exams!

 Register A Seat Below 

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