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A Visual & Hands-on Approach that teaches Math Heuristics for Effective Problem Solving

Considering Online Lessons?

Our Classes deliver an experience that is as real as it gets
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Dear Parents,

We understand that you might prefer not to travel. The time saved can be converted into extra practice or rest for your child. However, does your child get distracted, restless or even bored in front of the computer? Is he/she unfocused and drifting off from time to time?

These problems arise from the lack of interaction and poor engagement during online classes.

To curb these inefficiencies of online lessons, we have several tricks up our sleeves. From a "Math Toolkit" to promote active learning, to a reward system that encourages consistent effort, we get your child excited for classes, even when it's online! 

Read on to find out more. 

We strive to make learning enjoyable and effective

by making complex concepts easy to understand.

Why Our Online Math Classes Work

100% Improvement rate among our online students!

Receive a Math "Toolkit" that promotes active participation even during online lessons!

"Live" sessions in a small group setting that engages your child actively

Step-by-step worked solutions to help your child master problem solving

Quality notes and reference materials for each topic, in line with the MOE syllabus

Dedicated MOE-trained teachers with experience teaching online classes

Receive a "Math Toolkit" that

Boosts Engagement and Promotes Active Learning

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Math Practice
Math Practice
Math Practice

Customized Worksheets

Colored Flash Cards
mini whiteboard with marker

Participation Tools

We Give Your Child the Tools to Learn More Effectively

Math as a subject, is better learnt through hands-on approaches and active visualization. To facilitate this during online lessons, we prepared a toolkit to let your child participate from behind the screen.

This toolkit includes:

(1) Various Hands-on learning tools

(2) Number cards to be used with provided templates

(3) Mini Whiteboard + Marker to show their workings and answers

(4) Colored cards to indicate their understanding of concepts

(5) Customized Notes and Worksheets for each chapter

(Given on an ongoing-basis)

Online Lessons are Equally Effective when the Proper Tools are Given!

Math Heuristics to Master Problem Solving

This technique was developed in-house by our MOE teachers, with a massive wealth of knowledge, accumulated over more than 10 years of teaching experience.
Our curriculum employs numerous mathematical pedagogies to stretch the pupils to their fullest potential. Using visual aids, we help students internalize concepts and apply them to solve problem sums. Through formula-based techniques and effective problem solving skills, we train our students to tackle all types of exam questions.
This is the key to our students' consistent performance.

Established Math Tuition Classes with Proven Results

Ace Your Exams the Smart Way.


Students who enrolled in our program


Improvement Rate among students


Distinction Rate
(Way above National Average every year)

Our Math Tuition classes are perfect for those who:

  • Want to see improvements in the shortest time
  • Want to learn how to solve exam questions effectively, all the time
  • Are interested in developing their problem solving skills to tackle tricky questions
  • Want to avoid making silly careless mistakes
  • Want to challenge and stretch themselves to their fullest potential
  • Want to achieve consistent results
  • Want to get ready for their exams

The Ace Clinic Advantage

Consistent strategy across all levels

We ensure that the strategies taught remain consistent across all levels, and are applicable to different types of questions. This reduces confusion to help students to internalize the concepts better.

Quality Materials, in line with MOE syllabus

Our notes and reference materials are created for easy understanding and effective revision.

They include model-drawing and logical thinking skills to solve challenging questions.

Student Focused:
small group size

Classes are capped at 8 students to maximize the attention that every individual student would receive. Our class planning is meticulously designed to ensure that students are put into classes with a lesson pace that best suits their learning styles and abilities.

Class Schedule

Primary 2: Friday, 5pm-7pm
Primary 3: Saturday, 10am-12pm
Primary 4: Saturday, 3pm-5pm
Primary 5: Tuesday, 5pm-7pm  OR  Saturday, 1pm-3pm
Primary 6: Friday, 3pm-5pm

Read What Our Happy Clients Say

A big Thank You to Teacher Angel! Getting my Daughter interested in Math & helping her to do problem sums & understand! Candice topped her class in her CA1 & she is also doing very well in all her class tests.

Rosyth School | A* for Math

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