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Be Ready for the Challenges Ahead

Sec 1 Math Headstart Program

Advanced Math Concepts and Complex Problem Sums, Taught at a Faster Pace..

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The Jump Between Primary 6 and Secondary 1 Can Be Frightening.

The gap between Primary 6 and Secondary 1 is arguably the greatest, in your child's schooling life.

Not only are problems more complex, the math concepts within are learnt at greater depth and there are terminologies to memorize.

Students have to be more careful when misinterpreting question requirements and even poorly presented math statements can lead to loss in marks.

It's no wonder that students feel overwhelmed.

On top of that, CCA commitments and project works add on to the already hectic school load.

This explains why secondary 1 students struggle in the first 3 to 6 months of school, despite doing well in the PSLE!

Looking Ahead:

Understanding the Sec 1 Math Syllabus

Be Adequately Prepared for the Challenges that Lie Ahead

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Secondary 1 Math Headstart Skills

Learn the Essentials of the Secondary 1 Math Syllabus

The expectations and challenges of Secondary 1 Math is drastically different from Primary School.

This Headstart Program helps your child bridge that gap, by introducing them to the concepts, terminologies and problem solving skills that are required under the new syllabus.

With Condensed notes and worked solutions, we will provide your child with an overview of what Secondary 1 Math is like and teach them to avoid common mistakes.

Build a strong foundation over the holidays to have an easier time coping when the school term starts!

The Tools and Knowledge to

Excel From the Get-Go.

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Minimize the "Adjustment Stress" that Your Child has to Go Through!

Overview of the Sec 1 Math Syllabus

Gain an Understanding of the Secondary 1 Math Syllabus

By teaching ahead to the first few Math Topics, we provide your child with a detailed overview of what to expect in Secondary 1 Math.

The concepts and terminologies taught are similar to a "Road Map".


They chart the journey ahead and tell your child how to navigate across smoothly. 

Compass - Sec 1 Math Skills

Advanced Problem Solving Skills for Different Question Types

Not surprisingly, Math Problems in Secondary 1 are more complex.

The problem solving skills that are taught, act like a compass, providing your child with a direction to tackle math problems.

In this Headstart program, we have prepared questions of ranging difficulty, to demonstrate how these skills can be applied under different scenarios.

Sec 1 Math Tools and Skills

Building Confidence Through Structured Techniques

Techniques simplify the learning process.

From interpreting question requirements, to writing clear statements and workings, 'techniques' provide a structured framework to tackle every question systematically.

Equip your child with effective tools to take on the challenges ahead!

Sec 1 Math Headstart

3 High-Impact Lessons to Help Your Child Transit Smoothly into Secondary 1

Holiday Headstart Program
Online Lesson short videos

Date: 4th Dec, Saturday,

9am to 11am


Date: 11th Dec, Saturday,

9am to 11am


Date: 18th Dec, Saturday,

9am to 11am

3 Lessons Over 3 Weeks

Streamlined to Cover the Essential 'Must-Knows'


Topics Covered:

1) Prime Factorization

2) Perfect Squares

3) Highest Common Factor, Lowest Common Multiple

Skills Covered:

1) Problem Solving Skills across a range of different question types


2) Key Math Concepts & Terminologies and their application in questions

3) How to write Mathematical statements in the 'Correct' Manner

4) The Critical Thinking process behind Secondary 1 Math Questions

5) Common mistakes and how to avoid them

Sec 1 Math Headstart Download
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Download the Headstart Info Pack

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You Can Attend Classes..

Physical class.png

Onsite at our Centre..

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.. Or Online Via Zoom.

In-House Resources For

Ace Clinic Students

Impeccably crafted to assist in learning and revision

Ace Clinic Education Math Notes
Learning with Notes

Same Quality, Only Change in Delivery

Whether you attend classes online or onsite, we take pains to ensure that the quality remains the same.

Ask questions, clarify doubts and enjoy direct whatsapp support beyond class.

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Lesson Materials, Practices, and Model Answers will be emailed to students who attend online so you have everything you need for revision.

Detailed Chapter Notes for Sec 1 Math
Curated Worksheets step by step learning

We Make Sure You have the Resource Advantage to Complement the Techniques Learnt in Class

We understand that the concepts are complex and new to the students.


To help students learn faster, worksheets are tailored to guide them in a step by step manner, with detailed notes provided for each chapter. Your child will also receive worked solutions for revision beyond class.

Got a question after class? Whatsapp Teacher Kenneth, our Head Math Tutor, to get clarifications conveniently!

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Empower Your Child to Start Secondary School with Confidence

Embarking on Secondary School should be an exciting experience, and NOT a daunting one.

From experience, students who do well from the beginning tend to excel throughout the Sec 2 to Sec 4 years.

This Headstart Program will help your child familiarize with the challenges of Secondary 1 so they know what is expected of them to perform well. Build a firm foundation, to bring out the confidence to truly enjoy the Secondary 1 experience!

Embark on Your Secondary Journey
on the Strongest Footing Possible

final sprint (1).png

Be 100% Prepared From Day 1

1. Get Acquainted with different question types and 'Math Terminologies' before starting school

2. Learn Advanced Problem Solving Skills that are essential at the Secondary levels. 

3. Learn through a step-by-step manner with curated worksheets that breaks down complex concepts and questions into parts

4. Direct Whatsapp Support from Teacher Kenneth beyond the classes 

Hear It From Parents/Students Who Attended Classes

Secondary Math Testimonial
Secondary Math Testimonial
Secondary Math Testimonial

"Patient, Committed and Responsible Tutor who has demonstrated his passion for his students to excel."


"Helped my son understand his secondary school math concepts instead of just working the sums."


"Takes effort to assess my son's weakness, prescribes what is required to improve them and is committed in following up on the plan!"


"Improve from D7 to A2 within such a short period of time."

"Patient tutor... detailed in his explanations"

Head Math Tutor Kenneth

Teacher Kenneth is an ex-MOE teacher who is also the Head Secondary Math Tutor at Ace Clinic Education.

Having taught Mathematics for more than 10 years, Kenneth understands the difficulties that your child faces. Through structured techniques and problem solving skills, we simplify the learning curve to transform math into a fun subject. With Chapter Summaries, condensed notes, worked solutions and formula sheets, you will find everything you need to achieve a distinction in the O levels. 

7 out of 10 students under Kenneth's tutelage score 'A' every year.

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Bridge the Knowledge Gap this December Holidays

Sec 1 Math Bridging Program

Tune Your Child's Mindset in Preparation for What's to Come

The most crucial thing to do, is to prepare your child mentally for the challenges that lie ahead.

Help them to understand the new syllabus and equip them with the skills and knowledge to succeed. The level of confidence that comes from this Headstart is crucial if you want them to settle in well into Secondary School

We regret that slots are limited to keep the class size compact.

Sign up below and we will see your child in class!

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