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English - The Importance of Grammar

Recall your younger days scratching your head and pulling your hair out over Grammar? #Verbs, #Tenses, #Nouns, #Adjectives, etc. Those days may be over but here are some reasons why you should never underestimate these important building blocks as you may need to advise the younger ones in future!

1. Poor Grammar Reduces Your Appeal (We mean in a lot of ways)

In a recent survey of employers worldwide, 50% said that bad spelling and grammar was the main reason why they would skip a candidate. With social media platforms available everywhere, you would definitely want to DM someone confidently to show off your charm rather than embarrass yourself wouldn’t it? Did you know that people on online dating apps are 14% less likely to chat with someone who uses poor grammar? All the more reason to buck up on your grammar now!

2. Being Effective Communicators

Language is as important as how it is signed, sealed and delivered. Imagine “Let us eat, Grandpa!” vs “Let us eat Grandpa!”. I am sure your poor old grandad is shivering at the sight of this statement now. As we communicate over e-mails or text, non-verbal cues are usually missing. Grammar then takes on the centerstage and clarity, the star turn. Poor grammar just mars messaging and that can lead to a very messy outcome!

3. Good Grammar Increases your Credibility

Case in point, compare a news article written by a journalist vs a similar entry written in a diary by a 5-year-old. I think the jury is unanimous. Consistent grammatical errors just create questions with regards to the legitimacy of the information. Alternatively, it can also mean that you do not care about the quality of the work produced, which can either get you poor grades and a earful or a golden handshake from your boss.

All in all, it is never too late to improve your grammar (P.S. we heard that it increases your charm too!) and unlearn/relearn certain erroneous grammar rules. We hope you find this helpful and a Million Dollars to anyone who finds a grammar mistake in this piece! J


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