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Post PSLE 2023: Three Things You Can Expect from Full Subject Based Banding (SBB) in 2024

Subject Based Banding (SBB) was introduced in 2020 and will come into full effect across all Secondary Schools in 2024. SBB promises to break away from the traditional academic labels, providing students with more flexibility in subject combinations and empowering them to make choices aligned with their interests and abilities. In this blog post, we delve into three key aspects of Full SBB that you can expect in 2024.

1. Breaking Away from Academic Labels

One of the most significant changes brought about by Full SBB is the move away from rigid academic labels. In the past, students have been categorized based on their perceived academic abilities, leading to possible stereotypes and stigmatization. However, in 2024, Full SBB will introduce mixed-form classes where students of varying abilities will study together. This fosters an inclusive learning environment, enabling students to learn from one another.

This approach encourages collaboration and recognizes that academic prowess is not the only measure of a student's potential. Students with different strengths and weaknesses will have the opportunity to interact and support one another. This change not only reduces the negative impact of labeling but also promotes holistic development, fostering well-rounded individuals who are better prepared for the real world.

2. More Flexibility with Subject Combinations

Under Full SBB, students will have the freedom to explore subject combinations that align with their interests, aptitude, and learning needs. This flexibility in subject choices can be a game-changer for many students. No longer will they be confined to studying subjects across a 'blanket stream', as seen under the old system of "Normal Technical (NT), Normal Academic (NA) or Express (Exp)".

If a student excels in science or has an aptitude for the arts, Full SBB allows them to study subjects at different levels. For instance, a student with a strong ability in mathematics will be able to pursue advanced courses in the subject. This customization empowers students to chart their academic journey based on their unique strengths and passions, which can be immensely motivating and lead to greater engagement in their studies.

3. Students' Autonomy to Decide on Banding

In 2024, Full SBB will not only focus on the academic content but will also give students and parents a say in deciding the level of subjects they wish to pursue. This is a remarkable shift from the traditional system where schools and educators determined a student's academic track.

With this newfound autonomy, students can align their subject choices with their personal interests and career aspirations. This approach recognizes that academic choices can be flexibility if it is done with the students' best interest at heart.


Full Subject Based Banding in 2024 is set to revolutionize the education system by breaking away from academic labels, offering more flexibility with subject combinations, and giving students and parents greater autonomy in their academic journey. The transition to Full SBB represents a positive step towards providing a more inclusive, personalized, and holistic educational experience for students.

At The Ace Academy, we have also revamped our curriculum and classes to embrace this shift. Secondary English and Math Tuition Classes will be calibrated to help students reach their full potential, and empower them to study subjects at the level they strive for.

P6 Students who took the PSLE in 2023 may attend our Secondary 1 Headstart Workshops for a smoother transition into Secondary School.

For more information on our Secondary English classes, click here.


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