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Online Livestream Classes - Use of Technology to Deliver Visual Aided Learning

The Heuristics Approach to Problem Solving by Experienced MOE-Trained Teachers with more than Two Decades of Experience between Them

Nurture Interest and Build Confidence
in their Early Years 

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What You can Expect from Our Program

MOE Teachers

Our teachers come from top primary schools (SAP schools), and share more than two decades of experience coaching students to realize their full potential.


This experience allows us to design engaging lessons that make theoretical concepts easy to understand


All materials given are in line with the MOE Curriculum.


Individualized Attention

Classes are capped at 8 students to maximize the attention that every individual student would receive. Our class planning is meticulously designed to ensure that students are put into classes with a lesson pace that best suits their learning styles and abilities.


Rigorous Curriculum

Our program focuses on heuristics and problem solving strategies to equip pupils with model-drawing skills and logical thinking skills to solve challenging questions. Our methods are highly replicable and in-line with with MOE best-practices to help our students achieve their maximum abilities.

Every Child is Unique.

Arrange for a Diagnostics to understand them better.

Read What Happy Clients Say

A big “Thank You” to the dedicated teachers!, Making Math so interesting & problem solving a breeze to grasp & understand! Kristen scroes the hightest in class in her CA2/2015, a spectacular 94 marks & Kylie is also doing very well in her class tests

Rosyth School | A* for Math

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