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Primary Mathematics

Developing Cognitive Abilities & Problem Solving Skills to build Confidence and Consistency in Students

Experience an extensive program developed by MOE-Trained Teachers to give your child a boost in their performance.

Math and Geometry Tools

Using Heuristics To Solve Problem Sums Effectively

Hi Parents,


Is your child facing difficulty in solving problem sums?

If your child:

      Struggles to formulate the required steps to solve problem sums

      Spends too much time on problem sum questions

      Is unable to identify the correct method to approach questions

      Is unsure of what the question is asking them

Take Advantage of our Math lessons to equip them with the knowledge and skills to tackle problem sums with confidence!

The Heuristics Approach to Problem Solving is developed by our team of Experienced MOE-Trained Teachers to help students overcome their fear of problem sums. Through replicable step-by-step strategies, students are taught logical thinking processes to reduce complex questions into bite-sized pieces.


Maths Lessons at Ace Clinic go beyond memorizing formulas. We teach your child a systematic method to answer questions so that they have the ability to handle any challenge that is thrown their way.

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Nurture Interest and Build Confidence
in their Early Years 

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What You can Expect from Our Program

MOE Teacher

Ms Loo is an MOE-Trained teacher who possess years of experience in nurturing students to perform at their best. Her ability to pinpoint weak areas accurately allows us to tailor a customized roadmap for your child.


Her experience as an MOE teacher also paves the way to engaging lessons that make theoretical concepts easy to understand


All materials given are in line with the MOE Curriculum, and designed to target pain points to help your child improve in the shortest amount of time.


Individualized Attention

Classes are capped at 8 students to maximize the attention that every individual student would receive. Our class planning is meticulously designed to ensure that students are put into classes with a lesson pace that best suits their learning styles and abilities.

Our small class size also encourages the concept of "Active Learning". Your child is given the opportunity to participate in class, which promotes effective learning and fast absorption of concepts taught.


Rigorous Curriculum

Our program focuses on heuristics and problem solving strategies to equip pupils with model-drawing skills and logical thinking skills to solve challenging questions. Our methods are highly replicable and in-line with with MOE best-practices to help our students achieve their maximum abilities.

Our curriculum goes beyond the usual approach of going through worked solutions "question-by-question". Through puzzles and creative worksheets, your child will be exposed to different ways that they might be tested in the exams.

Every Child is Unique.

Arrange for a Diagnostics to understand them better.

Read What Happy Clients Say

Thank you for all the dedication and hard work from the teachers at Ace Clinic. My boy scored A* for PSLE Maths!

Nan Hua Primary School  l  A* for Math

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