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Primary English Tuition

Primary English Classes for P1 to P6 Students

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We Deconstruct the PSLE English Syllabus to Help You Master It With Greater Effectiveness

We do not just go through the components of PSLE English. We zoom in on the parts that matter to push you towards that AL1 or AL2.

(Experience our teaching methods firsthand!)

DL PSLE English Pack

Helmed by Teacher Naga, An Ex-MOE Teacher, who was also Level Head of English

Teacher Nagavelloo Primary English Teacher

- Ex-MOE Teacher with more than 10 years of Teaching Experience

- Level Head of English while teaching in MOE School

- Finalist for the President's Award for Teachers

Teacher Naga uses his 10+ years of teaching experience to craft a PSLE English Curriculum that simplifies learning for students. Through specially designed worksheets and annotated notes, he equips students with the skills and techniques to tackle "tough areas" such as Comprehension and Composition Writing.

Through structured answering techniques, unbeatable resources and constant support beyond class, we help your child improve their grades quickly and maintain consistent performance.
Primary English Tuition - Featured on Channel 8 News
PSLE English Info Pack Download

Taking the PSLE in 2023?

Find Out How Our Classes Prepare You For The PSLE.
Download the Info Pack here.

Heartiest Congratulations to Our PSLE Students of 2022!

We are extremely proud of your performance 😍

PSLE Results 2022 - Ace Clinic Education

✅ 71.8% of Students Achieved AL1 / AL2

✅ 100% of Students jumped at least 1 Grades 🔥

✅ Honorable mention to the students who leapfrogged 3 grades or more, to achieve AL1 or AL2. Your hard work has paid off!

Special Shoutout to Student Caelan! 


As Featured On the News For His Stellar PSLE Performance

Congratulations to Student Caelan
Student Caelan Featured on the News
Student Caelan Featured on the News
Student Caelan Featured on the News
Student Caelan Featured on the News

In less than 3 months after attending English classes at Ace Clinic Education, Caelan improved from an AL4 to AL1 (3 Grades). He also did well in the other subjects to be featured on the news. 


Our Heartfelt Congratulations and we wish him continued success in the coming years! 

A Precise, Progressive
& Purposeful Curriculum

PSLE English Techniques
PSLE English Strategies

Designed to get you PSLE Ready in the Shortest Time Possible:
Crafted from 12+ years of experience, according to the latest MOE Syllabus

Precise Progressive Purposeful Curriculum

We Target Comprehension and Composition Writing With Greatest Intensity, Because That's How You Get to an AL1 / AL2

Comprehension and Composition are the two areas students dread the most - for obvious reasons.


We dedicate 60% of lesson time to either Comprehension or Composition weekly, on an alternating basis. The remaining 40% will cover all other segments of English paper 2. This promises that your child is fully equipped with the skills and strategies to conquer these two "killer segments" in the PSLE - to secure that AL1 or AL2.

Experience a Differentiated Approach That is Easy to Understand and Proven to Work

PSLE Comprehension - Inferential Skills

Inferential Skills to Tackle Comprehension OE Questions

The key hurdle lies in inference: reading between the lines.


Many Students struggle with Comprehension at P5/P6
because the questions are no longer literal. They are
required to think and interpret questions skillfully, before writing answers according to requirements. Many fail to do this and write answers that are incomplete or wrong.

At Ace, we teach a Step-by-Step Reasoning Process to help students arrive at the right inference, so they secure the marks consistently.

How to write good compositions PSLE English

Writing Engaging Compositions Through Powerful Conflicts & Resolutions

Most of the time, students do not do well due to bland and predictable storylines.

Good stories have a good climax, and students do not know HOW to create the appropriately powerful conflicts.


We give our students thematic exposure to relatable stories (Disney, Pixar, Marvel) to teach them the essence of good conflicts and resolutions, and the processes that help them to come up with good ones of their own. Learning from bad examples, step-by-step brainstorming, checklist approach etc

Our Three-Pronged Strategy
For Effective Learning & Retention

PSLE English Techniques
PSLE English Strategies

Progressive Worksheets, Annotated Notes, Lesson Recordings and Consultations to Support Your Child Towards That PSLE Distinction.

Strategy for PSLE English

We Provide a Structured System To Conquer PSLE English

We do not waste time doing full practice papers in class. What we equip you with, are essential skills that your school may not have time to teach.

Our materials are crafted in-house, mailed to your beforehand and exercises are bite-sized, so that lessons are highly effective in targeting pain points. Your child is taught step-by-step processes that will shape their mindset and skills in the right direction, while enjoying seamless support through consultations and lesson recordings.

Relatable Materials That Piques Your Child's Interest In English 

Your child gets thematic exposure to relatable stories from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, etc, that demonstrates how exciting English can be.

From Popular Movies to Trending Topics and Interesting People..

Fortnite - Primary English Editing Sample
Call of Duty - Primary English Grammar Cloze
Artificial Intelligence - Primary English Editing Sample
Instagram - Primary English Comprehension Cloze Sample
Mr Beast - Primary English Grammar Cloze Sample

Our library of materials cover many topics of interest, that are not only relatable, but provide background knowledge for Composition Writing

The Rationale is Simple:

Learning is Maximized when Students are Engaged and Eager to Participate

We constantly update our library of materials, to include articles, passages and worksheets adapted from trending topics and events. This injects life into lessons and encourages students to participate actively.

In so doing, the "Boring" English Subject is transformed into something fun, because our students get to read, discuss and write on topics that interest them!

Attend Lessons Onsite or Online


Enjoy a Suite of Benefits That Enhances and Retain Quality In Our Online Lessons.

Ace Clinic Education Tuition Centre

Our Tuition Centre is Open for Onsite Lessons, with Safety Measures in Place to Safeguard Your Child.

Address: 7A Thomson Ridge, Singapore 574636

(Right Beside Upper Thomson MRT)

Or Attend Online Lessons Via Zoom