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Cross the Finish Line In Style

PSLE Math Preparation Program

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Master Essential  Techniques to Solve Challenging Questions with our "Techniques Mastery Framework"


A Structured Revision Program to equip your child with Effective Problem Techniques and Empower Mastery through a Learning Reinforcement Framework.

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90% of PSLE Questions can be solved using Problem Solving Techniques.

To do so, your child needs to apply the right concepts and the correct problem solving technique. In this Intensive Revision Program, your child will taught essential techniques and how to apply them succinctly, through a "Step-by-Step Approach".

This is a method proven by 500+ graduated students who improved by 2 grades or more, after attending our program.


Accelerate Your Child's Preparation

with our Systematic 'Step-by-Step' Approach to PSLE Math Problems

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1. When tackling any question, the first step is to identify what the question is asking for. We will teach your child to recognize key words and extract information crucial to the question

2. By spotting the relevant concepts, students can apply the correct formula(s) and use the associated techniques taught in class. This provides the foundation to solve the question quickly.

3. Based on the context and requirements, your child will apply the appropriate "Problem Solving Techniques" to answer the question.

4. Your child will learn simple ways to gauge whether their answer is 'reasonable'. Using shortcuts, they can verify their answers swiftly to prevent careless mistakes.

Solve Challenge Math Problems

Using Effective Techniques

Dear Parents, if your child is getting stuck or making mistakes, it's because they lack the Structure and Techniques to answer questions systematically.

In this PSLE Preparation Program, we will guide your child through commonly tested math problems in a step-by-step approach to help them master the techniques easily.

Forget the mindless practicing on Past Year Papers.

Through exposure to trending and non-routine PSLE questions, your child will be equipped with Problem Solving Methods to tackle any problems thrown their way.

This is the proven strategy behind the 100% Improvement rate of our students.

Our Three-Pronged Strategy

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Structured Problem Solving Methods That Your Child can Adopt Easily, to Score that Distinction in PSLE Math.

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 This Process is applied across all topics in the PSLE Math Syllabus. For each Topic, we will extract Essential concepts, recap on Key Formulas and Practice on Selected Questions. In a closely guided environment, your child will master the use of structured techniques to solve challenging questions.


1. Structured Methods

From Problem Sums Techniques to Math Heuristics, your child will learn to apply 'Techniques' relevant to the topic they are tested on.

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For example, math problems involving 'Whole Numbers' and 'Fractions' can be solved effectively using the "Draw a Diagram" Method (Model Drawing).


Techniques are taught in a Guided "Step-by-Step" manner, where students get the chance to try out on their own to ensure that they know the proper application in exam questions.

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Math WS - Advanced.png
Math WS - Additional Qns.png

2. Progressive Preparation with Questions of Scaling Difficulty

We understand that students have varying proficiencies across topics. This is why we have questions of scaling difficulty so they can master the essentials before moving on to the challenging questions.


If your child has mastered the essentials, we can skip ahead to the challenging questions for targeted practice. This saves times and ensure that effort is best spent on questions curated to the student's needs.

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3. Techniques Mastery Framework (T.M.F)

For Swift Improvements


Step 1: Techniques Learning

Problem Solving Techniques are demonstrated using a "step-by-step" approach to  teach students the correct thought process behind solving a question.


Step 2: Guided Practice

Students are given a similar question for them to attempt under close guidance. This process helps internalize the technique/method which was taught in step 1.

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Step 3: Learning Reinforcement

Students will attempt similar questions on their own. This step creates a feedback loop for our teachers to assess whether they understand what was taught. Students are challenged with a range of questions for learning reinforcement.

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Step 4: Techniques Mastery

Based on Mistakes or Misconceptions (if any), we tailor the lesson and materials to target weaker areas. More practices are done with related questions for mastery of the technique taught.


Give Your Child the Advantage They Deserve

With clearly defined Problem Solving Techniques and a structured framework to master them, your child will see rapid improvements, in time for the PSLE.

This Intensive Revision Program will equip your child with the ability to analyze question requirements and apply the right techniques to solve even the challenging questions.

Equip your child with the skills and confidence to tackle math problems across all sections of Paper 1 & 2! 

Blended Learning at its Best.

Attend Lessons Physically at the Centre or

Online (with an integrated platform for Homework Submission)

Physical class.png

Attend Physical Lessons..

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.. Or Online Via Zoom.

Your Choice.

We know you have your preferences. Flexibility from Blended Learning means you can attend Intensive Revision Classes at our centre in Thomson Road (Opposite the 'Upper Thomson' MRT station) or tune in from home via Zoom.

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Worked Solutions and Lesson Materials will be sent to you after the class so you have all the resources for revision.

Practical Resources

For the PSLE.

In-house crafted materials that will help you child revise the Problem Solving Techniques Taught in Class

Condensed Notes Cheatsheets Essay (3).png

Here's a Sneak Peek into Some of the Resources Available to our Students

Detailed Notes and Questions for

Every Topic


Step-by-Step Worked Solutions for Challenging Problem Sums


Additional Practices of Varying Difficulties

For Extra Practices

Math WS - Essential.png
Math WS - Advanced.png
Math WS - Additional Qns.png

We Make Sure You have the Resource Advantage to Complement the Techniques Learnt in Class

We want to provide your child with the best resource support for PSLE revision. From Topical Notes to Detailed Worked Solutions, your child will be equipped with a library of resources for revision and recap beyond the classroom.

Complement these resources with answering techniques taught in class, and your child will see swift improvements in their grades!

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Proven Strategy Since 2010

9 out of 10 students score an 'A / B' in the PSLE, every year.

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Our program is designed to help your child master effective problem solving techniques through a step-by-step approach. Through structured methods and Math Heuristics, your child will be able approach problem sums with a clear framework in mind.

Our curriculum will take you through the entire Math syllabus, topic by topic. For each topic, we will highlight the essential concepts, formulas and challenging questions. Topical Notes, Worksheets and Worked solutions will also be provided for revision beyond the lesson. 

Clear all doubts, avoid common mistakes, accelerate the learning progress to achieve your desired grades in just 3 months!

Here's How Our Students Performed at the 2020 A levels

In 2020, we saw 72.5% of students who achieved the coveted 'A*/A' Grade.

100% of students who joined us for 3 months or more, improved by 2 grades or more!


Will you be part of our success story this year?

My boy enjoyed the class so much, he came back and asked me if he can go for more classes.

-  Mrs Liew, Mother of Jamie, P5

Let Us Bring You on a Structured Journey
to Achieve that 'AL1' with
Greater Certainty and Lesser Effort.

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The Strongest Support For The 'Big Exam'

1. Attend weekly structured lessons that will guide you the Math Syllabus, topic by topic. Recap Essential concepts and learn effective Techniques to answer challenging Questions.


2. Gain exposure to PSLE-type questions and learn the "Problem Solving Techniques" to answer them.

3. Timed Trials with handpicked questions, that simulate exam conditions to get you acclimatized to the exams. 

4. Worked Solutions and Lesson Materials compiled for revision after every lesson.

5. Direct Whatsapp line to ask questions and clarify doubts

6. Homework Support - Get any additional practices marked by Teacher Chermaine, with feedback on where the mistakes are.

7. Book complimentary pre-exam consultations (Face-to-Face or via Zoom)

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Chermaine is an experienced Math Teacher with more than 8 years of Teaching Experience.

With a wealth of experience from teaching students of various backgrounds, Teacher Chermaine is able to pinpoint student's weak areas with precision. Her syllabus is designed to address problem areas by helping students brush up on essential skills needed to solve math problems effectively. She is also the driving force behind our pristince track record of 100% improvements among ACE students!

Our Program At A Glance

A success strategy proven by 1000+ students who have graduated with flying colors.

Mastery through Practice with PSLE-Grade Questions

Step by Step Approach to Learn Problem Solving Techniques & Math Heuristics

Targeted Questions of Scaling Difficulty For Progressive Preparation

Comprehensive Support at no extra cost -> Direct Whatsapp, Pre-exam consults and more

Structured Lesson Plans that cover everything your child needs for the PSLE Exam.

Get Ready for the PSLE with our Intensive Preparation Program

If your child is taking the PSLE this year, it is important that he/she is equipped with the Problem Solving Techniques & Math Heuristics to solve challenging math problems.

"Questions may change but the problem solving techniques will always remain the same"


Our classes provide the Question Exposure and Answering Techniques that students need to step into the Exam Hall with Confidence. Expect weekly sessions that are jam-packed with tips, strategies and techniques that can be directly applied during the exams. To complement the learning experience, you will be given in-house materials, worksheets and clear instructions on how to revise beyond classroom hours.

In 2021, more than 90% of students who attend our PSLE Math Program scored AL1/AL2 in the PSLE.


You can be one of the success stories too.

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