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PSLE Math Headstart Program

Start Your PSLE Preparation Early, to Perform Better with Less Stress


"PSLE Preparation is a Marathon, Not a Sprint"

Rushing for Time

Hi Parent, we are really glad that you decide to visit.

Just like you, we believe in the magic of starting early (More time -> Less Stress -> Better Performance)

But then again, there isn't that much time.

The PSLE is 11 months away, and with 4 subjects to study for, that equates to less than 3 months for each subject.

On top of that, there are new topics in P6 that are more challenging that those in P5. (And they have not been taught yet!)

Thus, we spent the last 3 months working the weekends, to put together a Headstart Program that can help your child "buy time" and start their PSLE year ahead of their peers.

But what is going to make these headstart classes really beneficial, is that we have extracted the most essential concepts, handpicked questions of different styles and created worked solutions using Heuristics that can be applied easily.

So, if you would like to give your child a running headstart..

If you would like to reduce their stress levels in the coming months..

If you would like to inject them with a confidence boost for Math...

Scroll down and read on.

What Makes PSLE Math so Challenging?

3 Reasons Why Your Child Needs that Extra Help

PSLE Stress

#1: Cramping of Content

It's obvious that there is a severe lack of time. The PSLE exam happens in late September / Early October, which means schools rush to cover the P6 syllabus while squeezing out time for Revision and Practice.

This not only causes stress, but also tend to have an adverse effect on learning.

Math Problem Solving Techniques

#2: Insufficient Focus on Problem Solving

Schools have to prioritize teaching of new content, which sacrifices time to work on problem solving methods.

This is why most students do well in Paper 1, but struggle with Paper 2 and long form word problems.


#3: Lack of Exposure to Non-routine Questions

The coin question that appeared in the PSLE 2021 Math paper, is an example of a "non-routine question". 

Adequate exposure to different question styles, prepare your child to take on the "odd" questions that surface year after year.

Starting the Year on Firm Footing

Build a Solid Foundation in 4 Major P6 Math Topics

Primary 6 Math Algebra
Primary Math Fraction
Primary Math Percentage
Primary Math Ratio

Starting Ahead to Stay Ahead


Now that you know the challenges... What's the Solution?

Yes, it's crucial that your child learns ahead to familiarize with the topics of Term 1 and 2.

These classes will..

1) Direct their focus to the MOST important concepts, rules and formulas.

2) Provide exposure to a variety of question types so your child knows what to expect in the coming year.

3) Teach them the right problem solving techniques, making use of Heuristics such as Model Drawing, to tackle word problems in a systematic manner.

Simply put, we provide a map with clear directions, so your child NEVER feels confused or lost when they start on their PSLE Journey in 2022.

These headstart classes will equip your child with strong conceptual knowledge, and the use of heuristics to solve math problems related to each topic. 

Start strong on the get-go, and easily maintain that lead, just by correcting minor mistakes along the way.

Program Schedule

P6 math headstart Program Schedule.png
PSLE Math Headstart 2022.png

Not Decided Yet?

Download the PSLE Headstart Info Pack

Thank you for your submission. The PSLE Headstart Info Pack has been sent to your email.


Accelerate Your Child's Preparation

with our Systematic 'Step-by-Step' Approach to PSLE Math Problems

Math PSLE webpage.png

1. When tackling any question, the first step is to identify what the question is asking for. We will teach your child to recognize key words and extract information crucial to the question

2. By spotting the relevant concepts, students can apply the correct formula(s) and use the associated techniques taught in class. This provides the foundation to solve the question quickly.

3. Based on the context and requirements, your child will apply the appropriate "Problem Solving Techniques" to answer the question.

4. Your child will learn simple ways to gauge whether their answer is 'reasonable'. Using shortcuts, they can verify their answers swiftly to prevent careless mistakes.

Solve Challenging Math Problems

Using Effective Techniques

Math WS - Essential.png
Math WS - Advanced.png
Math WS - Additional Qns.png

In each class, we have prepared short form questions and word problems of progressive difficulty.

Practice is important, but it's even more important be practice on the right questions.


Through a variety of question styles, we will introduce Math Heuristics and Problem Solving Methods in a step-by-step approach. Students will also be given similar questions to ensure that they have mastered the techniques.

Worked Solutions are also provided for revision after class.

These techniques will remain applicable all the way, up till the PSLE exams.

Practical Resources

For Every Class

Includes Worked Solutions & Summary Sheet to revise Concepts and Problem Solving Techniques Taught in Class

PSLE Preparation Schedule
PSLE Math Worked Solutions

 Detailed Notes and Questions for

Every Topic

PSLE Math Topical Notes

Step-by-Step Worked Solutions for Challenging Problem Sums


And a Summary Sheet of the Most Important Rules & Formulas

Summary Sheet Percentage

We Make Sure You have the Resource Advantage to Complement the Techniques Learnt in Class

To truly attain mastery, practice and revision are required beyond class.


This is why we have prepared functional notes that are crafted to be useful when read on its own. From detailed topical notes to completed worked solutions, your child will be equipped with a library of resources for self-directed revision.

Got a question about the notes or worked solutions?

Simply drop us a whatsapp or email. We are ready to support you beyond the classes.


Attend Class Online or Onsite*


*Onsite classes are subjected to Covid Restrictions & Guidelines

Physical class.png

 Attend Physical Lessons at our centre..

Online Class English.png

.. Or Online Via Zoom. 

Same Quality, Only Change in Delivery

We recognize the disruptions caused by Covid. To maintain the efficiency of online lessons, we have

1) Streamlined content into slides for effective presentation online

2) Prepared step-by-step worked solutions to facilitate learning

3) Include an integrated platform for online work submission.

For Website.png

All teachers also undergo rigorous training on how to conduct online lessons in an engaging and effective manner.

Worked Solutions and Annotated Materials will be sent to you after the class so you have all the resources for revision.

Hear What Students & Parents Say

Pri Math_Testi 5.PNG
Pri Math_Testi 4.PNG
Pri Math_Testi 6.PNG
Pri Math_Testi 3.PNG
Math Testimonial 1.jpeg
Pri Math_Testi 2.PNG

"Finds the lesson very useful.."

"He believes will help with his PSLE Preparation"

"Enjoyed the class very much.. learnt some new tricks not taught in school"

"Explanations are very detailed and clear.. My daughter looks attentive throughout"

"Find the way Ms Loo guide him in class was very good.."

"Pace of class is very appropriate for their ability and class is conducted in such a systematic manner"

"Greatly appreciate the slides provided"

"Understands your teaching very clearly compared to other tutors"

DSC01878 edited.jpg

Proven Strategy Since 2010

9 out of 10 students score an 'A / B' in the PSLE, every year.

9 out of 10.png

Our program is designed to help your child master effective problem solving techniques through a step-by-step approach. Through structured methods and Math Heuristics, your child will be able approach problem sums with a clear framework in mind.

Our curriculum will take you through the entire Math syllabus, topic by topic. For each topic, we will highlight the essential concepts, formulas and challenging questions. Topical Notes, Worksheets and Worked solutions will also be provided for revision beyond the lesson. 

Clear all doubts, avoid common mistakes, accelerate the learning progress to achieve your desired grades in just 3 months!

Here's How Our Students Performed at the 2020 PSLE

In 2020, we saw 72.5% of students who achieved the coveted 'A*/A' Grade.

100% of students who joined us for 3 months or more, improved by 2 grades or more!


Will you be part of our Success Stories this year?

My boy enjoyed the class so much, he came back and asked me if he can go for more classes.

-  Mrs Liew, Mother of Jamie, P5

Our Program At A Glance

A success strategy proven by 1000+ students who have graduated with flying colors.

Learn the Essential Concepts of P6 Topics, Ahead of Time

The use of Math Heuristics to Tackle Complex Word Problems

Targeted Questions of Scaling Difficulty to Help Your Child Learn Progressively

Whatsapp Support to Clarify Doubts Outside of Class

In-house Resources for Revision Beyond Class

The Strongest Headstart to P6 Math

We know you will definitely make use of the year end holidays to get started on PSLE preparation.

There are two options:

One - Buy assessment books and get your child to read them and do the practices.

The other is to join these headstart classes where your child will be doing selected questions of different styles, learning essential concepts that are tested in Exams and taught Problem Solving Techniques that will be useful in the coming PSLE.

Help your child bridge the knowledge gap between P5 and P6, and get started on the PSLE journey on the front foot. 

 We can't wait to see you in class. 

Register for PSLE Headstart Program 2022

Fill in the form and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Are you the...?

I wish to attend:

P6 Algebra + Related Heuristics
P6 Percentage + Related Heuristics
P6 Fractions + Related Heuristics
P6 Ratio + Related Heuristics
I prefer to..

Thank you for your submission. We have received your entry and will contact you shortly.

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