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A Deep Dive Into Comprehension and Composition at Sec 1 Level

Skills and Techniques - Sec 1 English
Secondary 1 English Tuition


For 2023 Sec 1 Students

Understand the Requirements of Secondary English and Pick Up the Skills to Excel from Year 1

Didn't Do Well In Your School's Weighted Assessment?
It's Perfectly Normal.

Improve 2 Grades for PSLE English

Get Acquainted With The Secondary English Syllabus to Bounce Back Stronger

The Secondary English Syllabus is vastly different and more challenging than Primary English.

For starters, gone are the MCQs, replaced by Comprehension Passages and more complex Compositions. Hence, it's perfectly normal to feel lost after the first weighted assessment.

Our Secondary 1 English Crashcourse in March is designed to get your child acquainted with the skills to navigate Secondary English and restart stronger in Term 2.

This 2-day program covers Situational Writing and Narrative Comprehension - two fundamental segments introduced in Secondary 1 English, with distinctively different marking requirements.

Equip your child with the skills and strategies to begin their Secondary English Journey on firm footing!

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Sec 1 English Crashcourses

The Skills and Techniques to Excel at The Core Segments: Narrative Comprehension and Situational Writing 

PSLE Holiday Workshop
PSLE English Techniques
Sec 1 English - Narrative Comprehension

#1: Narrative Comprehension

18th March, Saturday, 1pm to 3pm

Structured Framework to Tackle Narrative Comprehension Questions

1) Introduction to different types of Comprehension Questions

2) How to Perform Question Analysis to Identify Question Requirements

3) Skills to Extract and Rephrase Answers According to Marking Requirements

We will cover a range of different questions to demonstrate how these answering techniques should be applied.

Sec 1 English - Situational Writing

#2: Situational Writing

17th March, Friday, 1pm to 3pm

Content and Language Skills to Craft Coherent Compositions That Demonstrate Depth and Rigour

The marking requirements of Situational Writing are different from that in Primary school.

Students are required to write compositions that demonstrate clarity of thought, depth of reasoning and put them together with a coherent flow.

These are content and language skills we will teach  your child to write strategically to meet marking requirements.

Build a Firm Foundation to Pave a Smoother Path For Secondary English

Sec 1 English Exam Skills

4 Prong Approach to Bounce Back Stronger in Term 2

1. Recap of Language Fundamentals That Forms the Pre-requisites of Secondary English

2. Familiarization of Narrative Comprehension and Situational Writing, through question exposure and customized practices

3. Introduction to different question styles and the common mistakes to avoid

4. Skills, Framework and Answering Techniques to approach questions systematically

Give Your Child A Headstart On Their Secondary English Journey

Strengthen Critical Skills and Language Foundations to Prepare Them For The Challenges Ahead. 

Learn Through Examples

 #1 Familiarization through Question Exposure

We have questions of varying difficulties and styles, to get your child acquainted with the requirements of Comprehension and Composition at the Secondary Level.

At this juncture, it is important to build familiarity that translates into better performance down the road.

Apply Key English Techniques

 #2 Detailed Model Answers For Easy Revision

Your child will receive detailed model answers and model compositions that highlights the important elements taught in class.

This allows for easy review and revision after class, and facilitate better retention of knowledge.

Reinforce learning through assessments

 #3 Targeted Practice, NOT Mindless Drilling

Practices lead to improvements only if your child is working on the segments they need help with.

The questions we go through in the crashcourses are based on areas that students typically face difficulty in.

Taught By Teacher Naga,

An Ex-MOE Teacher & Level Head of English

Teacher Nagavelloo Primary English Teacher

- Ex-MOE Teacher with more than 10 years of Teaching Experience

- Level Head of English while teaching in MOE School

- Finalist for the President's Award for Teachers

Teacher Naga uses his 10+ years of teaching experience to craft a Secondary English Curriculum that simplifies learning for students. Through specially designed worksheets and annotated notes, he equips students with the skills and techniques to tackle "tough areas" such as Comprehension and Composition Writing.

Through structured answering techniques, unbeatable resources and constant support beyond class, we help your child improve their grades quickly and maintain consistent performance.
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Hear It From Parents and Students Who Attended Classes

Secondary English Testimonial - Ace Clinic Education
Secondary English Testimonial - Ace Clinic Education
Secondary English Testimonial - Ace Clinic Education
Secondary English Testimonial - Ace Clinic Education
Secondary English Testimonial - Ace Clinic Education
Secondary English Testimonial - Ace Clinic Education
Secondary English Testimonial - Ace Clinic Education
From Fail to B3_English Testimonial
Thank you for being my teacher_Eng Testimonial

"She gotten an A2.. was really happy about P2 (Paper 2)"

"I am not good with words but I want to express my heartfelt thanks for guiding Bernice"

"Wow! Hope to let my other 2 boys to join you soon"

"My English prelim paper 1 got 22/30 for situational and 25/30 for free writing."

"Always being so patient and kind towards us.. Appreciate all the time and effort you have put in"

"Thank you for all your help! I really don't think i could have gotten a B3, if it wasn't for your guidance."

"Thank you for being my teacher for the past 1 and a half years."

Two Choices Available for Class


 Attend Lessons Onsite or Online. Get Hardcopy materials delivered to your doorstep when you attend online.

Physical class at Ace Clinic Education

 Attend Physical Lessons..

Online English Tuition Ace Clinic Education

.. Or Online Via Zoom. 

Same Quality, Only Change in Delivery

Our centre is located at 7A Thomson Ridge. (Opposite the newly opened 'Upper Thomson' MRT station) Alternatively, tune in from the comfort of home via Zoom.

Online Class Ace Clinic Education

Lesson Materials, Model Answers and Annotated Notes will be given so you have all the resources for revision.

How Ace Students Performed at the 2022 O levels

🔥 Our Best O level English Result in 6 Years! 🔥

O level 2022 English Results Charts.png

✅ 100% of Students Scored B3 or Better!

✅ 64.7% of Students Scored A1 or A2

✅ 100% of Students improved by 1 Grade or More 🔥

Our Heartfelt Congratulations to O level Students for the Stellar Performance!

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