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Headstart Programs & Holiday Workshops

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Make Use of the Holidays to Brush Up on Essential Exam Skills

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During the June and December Holidays, we run skills-based programs that target specific 'problem areas' that students might face difficulty in.

These classes focus on 'Answering Techniques' to different question types that may be tested in the exams.

Looking for a booster over the holidays? Scroll down to take a look at upcoming programs that your child may enroll in.

JC Economics

J1 Economics Headstart Program

JC1 Economics Headstart Program

Starting JC1 in 2022?

This program will give you an overview of 'Economics' as a subject.


Learn Fundamental Economic Theories, understand the different examination styles and techniques to answer Essay and Case Study Questions.

Everything you need to do well in Economics starting from JC1!

J2 Economics Headstart Program

JC2 Economics Headstart Program

Didn't do well in the J1 Promotional Exams?

It isn't the end of the world.

1 year is more than enough time to turn your grades around, but it is important that you solidify your foundation before starting on Year 2.


Recap J1 Econs Concepts, brush up on Essay and CSQ skills, and learn to write structured answers that hit marking requirements.

Master the Essence of J1 Econs, to start JC2 on the strongest footing possible.

Primary & Secondary English

PSLE English Headstart Program

PSLE English Headstart Program

The intensity and stress levels is bound to increase for all P6 students.

Make full use of the holidays to polish up on techniques to tackle two key segments:
1) Open-ended Comprehension

2) Composition Writing

Open to P5 and P6 students in 2022.

Give your child a headstart to breeze through their PSLE year with lesser stress and better results!

Sec 1 English Headstart 2022 (1).png

Sec 1 English Headstart Program

The huge leap between Primary and Secondary English can be challenging to even the top PSLE students.

Help your child transit smoothly into Secondary School, by giving them an overview of what to expect. Get acquainted with various questions and learn the techniques to tackle them.


Bring forward the transition phase and help your child step into Secondary school with confidence. 

Primary & Secondary Math

PSLE Math Headstart Program

PSLE Math Headstart Program

Time is extremely tight during PSLE year.

Schools have to cover the P6 Math syllabus quickly, to allocate time for revision before the PSLE exams.

Minimize the stress of 'cramping' by learning ahead to P6 Math Topics during the upcoming Nov/Dec holidays.

Secondary Math Program

Sec Math Headstart Program

Our Secondary Math Headstart Program is open to all levels. (Sec 1 to Sec 4/5 students)

Lessons will run weekly to break in mid-December.

Recap existing Math concepts and learn ahead to problem solving skills that will come in handy next year.

Hit the reset button and see your grades soar!

Past Workshops

Yamate Gakuin | 2016 | 2017

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