Real-time classes that teaches exam strategies and question-based answering techniques just like physical lessons do

100% Of Our Students Improve By At Least 2 Grades!

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Interactive and Engaging Lessons

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Exam-Centric Notes and Model Answers

Exam Strategies and Question-Based Answering Techniques

Homework Support
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Personalized Feedback and Tailored Solutions

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The first step to online classes is to create an optimal learning environment.

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Our Online Programmes


Online Content Platform

Get all your revision needs for H2 Economics in one convenient place, on demand!


From model essays that teaches you answering techniques, to short, bite-sized teaching videos to address your specific content needs, see your grades improve with our Netflix-esque solution to your revision. Say goodbye to assessment books today!

Live Class

Our Online Classes are streamed "Live" and designed to be interactive and engaging, to mirror real life classes.


This approach allows students to ask questions, participate in class discussions and clarify any doubts. Through colorful illustrations and relatable examples, they learn answering techniques to tackle commonly tested exam questions.


Students also receive model essay answers to the Ten Year Series (TYS)


Primary English

English is extremely tough to master without firm foundations. That is why at Ace, we identify your problem areas and teach you rules that work all the time. 
By applying exam strategies and answering techniques taught in class, our students improve and even score full marks in no time!

Secondary English

There is a huge jump in requirements between primary and secondary English. Students are expected to have a good enough grasp of the language to understand and write to express themselves.
Our class utilizes fun activities such as debates, current affairs discussions and presentations to equip students with exam skills in an interactive and fun manner.

Why Enroll with Us?

Exam Strategies and Answering Techniques
Despite the COVID-19 situation, MOE has reported that exams are still going to take place.
Our online live classes will provide you with the exam strategies and answering techniques to tackle the trickiest questions and be exam-ready in no time.
Our Track Record Don't Lie
100% of our students have achieved improvements of at least 2 grades. 95% scored A/Bs in their final exams.
Our pristine track record is firm testament of the results we are able to deliver. Don't take our word for it. Try it for yourself!
Personalized Solutions that Deliver Improvements in the Shortest Time
We create tailored solutions for each student based on their needs and academic persona. 
Through engaging classes and homework support, we have a rigorous system that propels you in the right direction, so you may achieve much more with lesser effort.

Read What Happy Clients Say

Terence is a very dedicated teacher who increased my confidence in tackling various types of Economics questions due to his really systematic approach. He would expose us to various essays and case study questions and teach us how to dissect and analyse the questions, structure our responses and contextualise them to answer the questions. His concise notes greatly aid me in consolidating all of my content nearing A levels. He is also always there to clarify any doubts we have, even outside of class time. I was struggling with Econs before I joined the class in August of JC2 but thanks to Terence, my Econs improved tremendously within a short period of time!

Fabrianne E. | RJC | Grade: A | 2019

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When we had to close our centre for Circuit Breaker, 100% of our students switched to online live classes, and our enrollment has grown by 50% since then. If you are looking for engaging, interactive and impactful classes, then you have come to the right place.

Achieve your goals in the shortest time possible.

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