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A Levels Intensive Revision Program

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Everything You Need to Be Fully Prepared for the A Levels.

A one-stop structured program that will equip you with essential concepts, exam skills and the resources you need to Ace the Econs Papers.

(Yes, I came here to sign up :D)

2 Months to the A Levels..

Yes, there is enough time to

Turn Your Grades Around.

We understand the stress you have, with other A level subjects to prepare for as well.

Our A Levels Intensive Revision Program will provide you with a clear structure for revision - what to study, how to study, what practices to do complete with the full range of model answers to kick start your revision in the right direction.

Gain Exposure to Trending Questions and learn key strategies to analyze and tackle different question types across all Econs Topics.

Our Three-Pronged Strategy

 All the Concepts and Skills You Need to Do Well in the A levels.


 Essential Concepts Recap

There is a ton of content you have covered in the past 2 years. We help you cut through the noise by extracting the essential concepts across all topics.

For each chapter, we tell you what to memorize, what you need to understand, what diagrams are important and how to apply them in different question types.

You will also receive condensed notes, mindmaps and summaries to revise beyond lesson hours.


 Essay Writing Techniques

Have you ever written a "long answer" for your essay question, only to fail?

In our weekly lessons, you will learn essential skills, from dissecting question requirements to writing detailed explanations, that will help you hit L3 consistently. We will also expose you to trending questions and strategies to answer them coherently.

On top of that, you will receive a deep library of 100+ Model Essays to guide you in formulating high quality answers during the exams!


 CSQ Techniques

Learn Tips and Tricks to write accurate and detailed answers in the shortest amount of time.

Unknown to many students, there is a framework to answer CSQ questions. From Annotating the case studies to selecting the right points, you will master key techniques through exposure to different types of CSQs.

Get detailed outlines and model answers to more than 20 CSQ when you join us on our A level Revision Program.

You Can Never Be OVERLY Prepared.

In this final lap of A level preparations, we will give you extensive exposure to all possible types of questions you might face for each topic. We will teach you how to analyze each question, and adopt a structured framework to approach every one of them.

You will be equipped with the skills and strategies to take on anything thrown your way, including the infamous "Curve-ball" questions. Streamline your exam preparation, learn to avoid common mistakes and be ready to fully prepared for the A level exams!

Blended Learning at its Best.

 Attend Lessons Physically or Via Zoom and

Get Access to our E-learning Platform for Revision

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 Attend Physical Lessons..

.. Or Online Via Zoom. 

Your Choice.

We know you have your preferences. Flexibility from Blended Learning means you can attend Intensive Revision Classes at our centre in Thomson Road (Walking Distance from RI & 3 Bus Stops from EJC) or tune in from home via Zoom.

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Access to Class Recordings

All our Classes are recorded and you get full access to these recordings so you never have to worry about missing anything important. Rewatch lessons at your own time and pace!

(Or Simply Whatsapp us at 9155 5433)

That's not all..

Unlimited Access to our

Online Learning Platform

for Ease of Revision.

(Save up to $240!)

 180+ Bite-sized Videos Explaining all key Concepts in the Econs Syllabus

 Mindmaps for Every Chapter

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 Trending Essay Questions and Model Essays Across all Chapters

 Enjoy a sneak peek to our concept video on "Positive Externalities"

Empowering You with Availability of 'Exam-Grade' Information.

Unsure of a certain concept? Want to revise on a topic from J1? You can do that at your own time and pace, with unlimited access to our E-learning platform.

Students who join us on this A level Intensive program gets their own account to login whenever they want to.

Binge watch 180+ concept videos, use the chapter mindmaps for revision or read through model essays. Your call!

Deep Library of Resources

For the A Levels.

All the Materials You Will Need, from Cheatsheets to Model TYS Answers.

You Name It.. We Have Them All.

All our students are extremely well-equipped with a comprehensive range of in-house materials, personally curated by Terence. 

Prefer to revise with mindmaps? Get them for every topic.

Hunting for Exam Cheatsheets? We have them compiled beautifully for you.

Looking for Model Answers? Get detailed answers that covers an extensive range of trending and tricky questions which you may face in the A levels.

In short, we will be the one-stop access to all resources you need to prepare for the exams.

"Terence was patient and extremely helpful is getting me to understand some of the concepts I always had trouble with."

- A.Goh, CJC


Proven Strategy Since 2010

9 out of 10 students score an 'A / B' in the A levels, every year.

Our program is designed to help you achieved improvements through extensive question exposure and mastery of key exam skills. We have differentiated classes catered to selected needs and learning styles so that you can benefit, despite varying levels of preparedness.

By learning essential exam skills, you will instantly boost your grades when you meet marking requirements and write answers that demonstrate depth and rigor. Gain exposure to tricky "curve-ball" questions and avoid nasty surprises on exam day. You can expect critical exam tips and strategies that will supercharge your revision efforts and give you a clear advantage when you are tested on similar questions on exam day.

Clear your doubts, avoid common mistakes, accelerate your progress and achieve your desired grades.

Here's How Our Students Performed at the 2020 A levels

In 2020, we saw a whooping 75% of students who achieved the coveted 'A' Grade.


Will you be part of our success story this year?

Let Us Bring You on a Structured Journey
to Achieve that 'A' with
Greater Certainty and Lesser Effort.

The Strongest Support For Your Final Sprint

1. Attend weekly structured lessons that will guide you through revision topic by topic. Gain exposure to trending and tricky questions and learn the "Techniques" to answer them.

2. Timed Trials with handpicked questions that simulate exam conditions to get you acclimatized to the exams. 

3. Direct Whatsapp line with Terence to ask questions and clarify doubts.

4. Homework Support - Get all your practices marked by Terence, with feedback on how to improve (at no extra cost)

5. Unlimited Access to our Online Learning Platform, to revise at your own time and pace

6. All Lessons are recorded so you can rewatch them whenever you wish to.

 7. Book complimentary pre-exam consultations (Face-to-Face or via Zoom)

Hear It From The Students Who Attended Classes

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"The amount of skills being taught in that 3+hrs far exceeds what i could have learn in my school"

"Thank you for the really useful teachable and holiday intensive... and also ur patience in answering my questions"

"Your teaching skills really helped me through my struggle in h2 econs..."

"The teachables are really god-sent.. depended on it to clear off misconceptions when unsure of concepts"

"Your version of concise notes was really helpful. The school notes just cram everything into paragraphs and prose, it's rlly hard to identify key points and concepts"

"Your style of teaching is very comprehensive and easy to understand."

"Found the summary of the topic really helpful... made me more aware of some of my conceptual mistakes"

"Better than I expected. I am better able to unpack and answer the questions"

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Terence graduated from the London School of Economics & Political Science with First Class Honors (BSc. Economics)

Having tutored Economics (A'Levels, IB, IGCSE, AP, University) for more than 10 years, our classes deliver essential "must-knows" along with exam tips to make your learning as effective as possible. From tricks and shortcuts to master content more quickly and model answers to tackles marking requirements head on, find everything you might need to achieve your distinction in the A levels or Promos. Our classes are now accessible via livestream on the Zoom app, which is compatible with mobile, tablet or PC.

"I found it (the classes) easy to understand, concise and helpful"

- Nicholas, RI

Our Program At A Glance

A success strategy proven by countless batches of students just like you

All the Resources you need for the A levels, with more than 100+ Model Essays, CSQ and TYS Answers.

Proven Exam Tips and Answering Techniques to Tackle any Essay and Case Study thrown your way. 

Concise "exam-quality" notes that will highlight what's important for the exams

Comprehensive Support for the Final Sprint - Direct Whatsapp, Pre-exam consults and more

Access to Online Learning Platform & Recorded Lessons, so you never miss anything