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June Holiday Workshops

PSLE English Comprehension Headstart

Equip your child with the skills and techniques across all segments of PSLE English

PSLE English Headstart Tuition

Steer Your Child In The Right Direction With Our PSLE English Workshops

PSLE English Headstart

Give your child a boost in PSLE Preparations this June Holidays.

Cut through the noise with our exam-centric Workshops, that focuses on "Answering Techniques and Exam Strategies".

In these PSLE English workshops, we dive right into a variety of PSLE questions, to demonstrate and reinforce the use of corresponding answering techniques. There will be guided examples and targeted practices to shape your child's mindset to approach questions in a systematic manner.

Equip your child with the skills to boost their PSLE Readiness

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Taking the PSLE in 2024?

Acquire Systematic Techniques for English Paper 1 & 2
Get more info on our June Workshops here.

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DL PSLE Eng Info Pack

All Segments Covered!

From Compo to Oral and Listening Comprehension


Pick Up Key Techniques to Meet the Challenges of PSLE English, Head-on.

Just like any subject, PSLE English contains 'Answering Techniques' that guide your child to approach every question in a structured manner.

These techniques take time to practice and master, which is why we keep stressing on the importance of starting PSLE Preparations Early.

Make full use of this holiday to build familiarity with PSLE questionss and equip your child with these techniques, to sharpen them over the next few months.

Get Your Child On The Right Track to a PSLE Distinction!

Our PSLE English

Headstart Workshops

PSLE English Headstart Workshop
PSLE English Tuition

Gain Exposure to PSLE Questions & Discover Structured Techniques to Answer Them

Workshop #: PSLE Oral + LC

(Mock Exam included!)

What is Covered:

i) Guided Examples: Demonstration of techniques through guided questions and example

ii) Content Knowledge: Ideas that students can use in the Stimulus based conversation (SBC) 

iii) Mock Exam + Personal Feedback: Students will get test their proficiency in a mock exam and receive constructive feedback.

Dates (Attend any ONE):

31 May  |  7 June  |  14 June  |  21 June

Time: 930am to 2pm

(Lunch Break from 1130am to 12pm)

Location: Onsite ONLY

(Bukit Timah or Thomson Branch)

Workshop #2: Composition Writing

(Focus on Continuous Writing)

What is Covered:

i) Samples & Guided Examples: How to Craft Interesting Introductions and Resounding Conclusions

ii) Content Strategies: A proven ideation process to create interesting conflicts, with moral dilemma and meaningful resolutions.

iii) Make Your Stories Stand Out:  Vital Elements that make your Composition Unique through language expression and writing structure.

iv) Exposure: Build familiarity with common tested themes tested in the PSLE

Dates (Attend any ONE):

30 May  |  6 June  |  13 June  |  20 June

Time: 930am to 2pm

(Lunch Break from 1130am to 12pm)

Location: Online or Onsite

(Bukit Timah or Thomson Branch)

Workshop #3: Comprehension Mastery

(Tackle the 5 Types of PSLE Comprehension Questions)

What is Covered:

i) Inference Skills: How to Locate the Answers in the Passage as You Read Through It

ii) Answering Techniques: Specific methods to tackle each question type: True/False, Sequencing, Direct, Vocabulary, Inference"  

iii) Keywords & Phrases: Identify and include keywords in your answers that markers are looking for 

iv) Checking Back: Simple yet effective method to check your answers for mistakes or errors.

Dates (Attend any ONE):

30 May  |  6 June  |  13 June  |  20 June

Time: 930am to 2pm

(Lunch Break from 1130am to 12pm)

Location: Online or Onsite

(Bukit Timah or Thomson Branch)

Workshop #4: English Paper 2

(Comprehension Cloze, Synthesis, Editing, Grammar, Vocabulary)

What is Covered:

i) Answering Techniques: Step by step approach for each section of paper 2, that works all the time!  

iii) Exposure to PSLE Questions: Discover the complexity of PSLE Questions and how they are tested in the PSLE

iv) Targeted Practices: Work on challenging questions that students typical stumble on, to kickstart your journey towards PSLE distinction.

Dates (Attend any ONE):

28 May  |  3 June  |  11 June  |  17 June

Time: 930am to 2pm

(Lunch Break from 1130am to 12pm)

Location: Online or Onsite

(Bukit Timah or Thomson Branch)


Conveniently Available at Two Locations:

Thomson Branch:

267A Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574394

(Beside Upper Thomson MRT Station)

Bukit Timah Branch:

140 Upper Bukit Timah, Beauty World Plaza, #02-03, Singapore 588176

(Beside Beauty World MRT Station)

A Systematic Approach to PSLE English, Through Replicable Answering Techniques 

exposure to questions.png

Step by step approach to tackle questions systematically, for both Paper 1 & Paper 2.

exposure to questions (1).png
PSLE English Answering Techniques

#1 Perform Question Analysis to Identify Marking Requirements

Many students fail to perform this step which leads to writing answers that do not meet marking requirements.

We teach your child to do this accurately and efficiently so they know what is required of them for every question.

PSLE English Tuition

#2 Application of Answering Techniques Every Single Time

At P6, your child should NOT be relying on "gut feel" to answer questions.

We teach your child systematic answering techniques, so they develop the habit of applying them consistently. This translates into progressive improvements that carries through to the PSLE exam.

PSLE English Targeted Practice

#3 Build Familiarity through Targeted Practice

In these PSLE June Workshops, we want to sharpen your child's techniques and familiarity with PSLE questions, through targeted practice.

These are questions that your child must know. Detailed Model Answers are provided so your child can revise beyond the classes.

Hear It From The Students Who Attended Classes

Primary English Testimonial
Primary English Testimonial
Primary English Testimonial
PSLE English Tuition Testimonial
PSLE English Tuition - Testimonial

"With Teacher Naga's guidance, he has improved quite a lot.. Last time we aimed for AL3, now we hope to get AL2 and above"

"Editing 8/12 (2-4 marks last time)"

"Systhesis 6/10 (0-2) last time"

"Gave Positive Feedback on lessons conducted... She is now more confident in EL. Thank you!"

"Without you Mr Naga, he could not have achieved this my family is very grateful to you"

"I used u and Tchr Naga tips for Compo and I scored 32/40... 2nd highest in my entire class"

"Catered for Higher ability children.. I am cming back cause Adil enjoyed Mr Naga's class and im hopeful he will be able to focus well on Adil's weaker areas to attain the extra marks.."

"Glad to know this (Naga is the teacher). Ethan told me he'd really enjoyed Mr. Naga's class the last time he went for headstart program."

Taught by MOE Teachers with Combined Experience of More than 30 Years in MOE Schools

Primary English Tuition - Featured on Channel 8 News
Ling Tze.png

- Ex-MOE Teacher with more than 20 years of Teaching Experience

- Master in Education (Primary)

- Specialize in Teaching Solely Primary School in MOE (English, Math & Science)


- Ex-MOE Teacher with more than 10 years of Teaching Experience

- Level Head of English while teaching in MOE School

- Finalist for the President's Award for Teachers

Take Your PSLE Preparations to Greater Heights

No time to attend weekly classes? No Problem!


Make Use of the June Holidays to Familiarize with PSLE questions, marking requirements and develop structured answering techniques to elevate your PSLE Preparations. Complement the learning experience, with in-house notes, detailed model answers and whatsapp support beyond class.

PSLE English Headstart 2022

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