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JC Math Tuition

(H1 & H2 Math Tuition Classes)


A level Math Tuition for JC1 and JC2 Students,
By Ex-MOE Math Teacher

We Make Sure You Have Everything You Need to Achieve Distinction at A level H2 Math


Unbeatable Resources

1) Condensed Notes for Every Chapter - No need to flip through thick lecture notes

2) Summary Sheets of Important Concepts & Formulas - Streamline your Learning

3) Practice questions of progressive Difficulty

4) Question Bank of various question styles tested at the A levels

5) Full length worked solutions (step-by-step with explanations)

Extensive Support

1) Recordings for Every Class, for Easy Review & Revision

2) Whatsapp Support 7 days a week - Get your doubts clarified easily!

3) Marking and Evaluation of ALL practices, even work that is not given by us

4) Personalized feedback and termly updates on an ongoing basis

Proven Strategy

1) Cultivating the right thought process to approach questions, instead of memorizing formulas blindly

2) Targeted practices based on what you need, instead of blind drilling and doing of questions

3) Systematic approach to questions, so you are confident of every answer that you write.

4) Effective Study Strategies that will save you time while tripling your exam preparation efforts

Improve by 2 Grades or More In 6 Months

In 2021, we saw a 71.2% Distinction Rate at the A levels

Here's What Parents & Students Say

JC Math_Testi1.jpeg
JC Math_Testi2.jpeg
Secondary Math Tuition Testimonial_Google
Secondary Math Tuition Testimonial_Google

"Provided me useful resources to aid in my learning of JC Math Concepts"
"Learnt ahead of the school's syllabus due to Mr Lim's diligence"

"Made Math more enjoyable and less mundane."

"Always gives useful tips on how I can improve, not only math but other aspects of studying"

"Going the extra mile to help each of us every lesson.. kind and supportive"

"Lessons are meaningful and productive.. super patient and kind teacher."

"highlight important key points to take note so I will not make mistakes when practicising the questions."

"adjust his teaching methods and styles to suit the student's needs."

Kenneth Secondary Math MOE Tutor

Equipping You with the Thought Process, Skills and Resources to Tackle JC Math With Absolute Confidence.

MOE Trained Teacher

14+ Years of Tutoring Experience

Condensed Notes and Structured Lesson Plans

Exam Strategies that truly work

Address Your Pain Points for Swift Improvements

Condensed Notes for JC Math

1. There is a lot of content for JC Math - We tell you what to focus on, and what to study

When you enroll in our Math Program, we do not duplicate what you already learn in school. Condensed Notes & Summary sheets are given for every chapter so you spend less time studying and more time practicing how to solve questions. This reduces time and effort but produces better results.
JC Math Model Answers
JC Math Model Answers
JC Math Worked Solutions

2. Concept Application > Concept Learning

In A level math, knowing your concepts and formulas is not enough to score an A.
We bridge the gap between Theory and Application by showing you HOW you are tested, through different question types. You will also receive Full Length Model Answers that guide you to approach each question in a step by step manner.
Conquer H2 Math without the confusion of having to figure out the intricacies on your own!
Zoom Consulations with Teacher Kenneth

3. Whatsapp Support + 1 to 1 Consultations
(Whenever You Have Doubts)

As a H2 Math Student of Ace Clinic Education, you get immaculate support and hand-holding for your A level exams.

Beyond class, it's normal to have questions and we are here to support you on the go. Got a question? Whatsapp Teacher Kenneth 7 days a week, or arrange a zoom consultation for more complex problems.
We make sure you will never feel confused or lost on your JC Math journey, all the way till the A levels!

Receive H2 Math Summary Sheets that Streamline Content Learning

A Shortcut to the Math Exams
Math Summaries for the Exams

You do not have to flip through your thick lecture notes any more!


We Have Chapter Summaries That Tell You Everything Important that You Must Know For Each Chapter.

All summaries are created in-house, to help students revise and recap key concepts with ease.

They also include examples that show students how the concepts are applied within questions.

Your child will never have to flip through stacks of notes to refer to formulas or concepts anymore!
JC Math Chapter Summaries

Download the Topical Summary of 1st three Chapters of JC1 Math, On Us.

Use them to revise Curve Sketching, Transformation & Functions!

Thank you for your submission. The H2 Math Topical Summary has been sent to your email.

The Ace Clinic Education Advantage

Small Class Size - Sec Math

Small Class Sizes With Greater Attention, For Better Absorption

Our JC Math Classes are capped at maximum of 10 students.

This increases attention for every student, better engagement, while still empowering in class discussions that facilitate learning from one another.

Interactive Learning Approach To Ensure That Students Understand and Know How to Apply the Skills Taught

Our Lessons are NOT one-dimensional lectures where Teacher Kenneth talks throughout.

Students can expect exposure to various question types, guided practices and in-class interactions that provide feedback on whether students have fully absorb what is being taught.
Interactive Math Tuition Classes

Enjoy Homework Help Beyond Classroom Hours

Complimentary Math Consultation with Teacher Kenneth

Book Complimentary 1-1 Consultations or Whatsapp Teacher Kenneth Directly

Unsure about a certain topic? Confused with school work?

Snap photos of your question and Whatsapp Teacher Kenneth or arrange for a complimentary consultation over zoom.

Either way, we make sure that you get your doubts clarified as soon as possible.

When you sign up for math classes at The Ace Academy, we ensure that you get an advantage over your peers and you are never alone on this learning journey.

Breeze through A level Math the Smart Way

Our Mathematics Strategy is borne out of Kenneth's illustrious teaching years. As a MOE trained teacher, he gathered experience from countless students to develop a pedagogy that teach concepts in a fun & relatable manner. His personalized summary sheets are openly referred to as "cheat sheets" because they reduce abstract concepts into easily digestible bits of information. Kenneth prides himself on meticulously designed lessons that delight his students. Our program is filled with interactive in-class activities to engage students and test their understanding of key concepts taught.

Experience a Trial Lesson at 50% Off!

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