JC1 & JC2 Economics:

June Holiday Crashcourses

JC Economics Crashcourses
All the Skills You Need for the Economics Exam

One Stop Crashcourses that Includes Everything You need for the Upcoming Mid Year Exams

Brush Up On the Skills and Techniques to Tackle Essay and CSQ

JC Economics - Essay and CSQ Techniques

Make Use of the Holidays to Consolidate Your Learning and Put the Concepts into Application

We understand how stressful JC Economics can be. With so much content to learn and different question styles to deal with, it is normal to feel confused over where and how to start revising.

Which is why the June Holidays is an essential pit stop - to recap the concepts learnt, extricate the essentials and practice applying them in questions.


 This is what our June Holiday Crashcourses are about. 

We have extracted the essence of the Micro and Macroeconomics syllabus into digestible pieces so you know what to study, what to memorize and which keywords and phrases are needed in the exams.

We will also take you through the thought process and structure to tackle different Essay and Case Study Questions. From question analysis to point selection and evaluation writing, you will learn the skills and techniques to construct coherent "L3 Answers" that hit marking requirements consistently.

Essentially, these crashcourses will cover everything you need to do well - Content Recap, Essay Writing Techniques and CSQ Answering Framework.

So if you are feeling lost over where to start, or panicking over the upcoming exam, fret not. These Economics Crashcourses are designed to be comprehensive, both in terms of skills taught and materials given, so you can turn your grades around and restart Term 3 on solid footing.

Read on to browse the different programs available for J1 & J2 students, taking H1 or H2 Economics.

Unlock the Economics Essay and CSQ Skills

What You can Expect from These Crashcourses

JC Economics Crashcourse - What to Expect

Comprehensive Skills and Materials to Revise for the Economics Mid Year Exam 

Economics Crashcourse - Concept Recap

Concept Recap


When we say concept recap, it does not mean that we spend class time teaching concepts you already learnt from school.

Instead, we highlight the important bits that you MUST know, such as keywords, phrases and definitions you should include in your Essay or CSQ.

This is an integral part of "concept application", where you demonstrate how your economics knowledge is applied in the context of the question.

We also tell you what is important and what is not, so you focus your efforts on the memorizing the essentials.

JC Economics Crashcourse - Essay Techniques

Essay Writing Techniques

Many students make the mistake of writing Economics essays that sound too much like a "GP Essay".

In these Economics crashcourses, we walk you through the structure and flow of Model Essay Answers so you know what is required in the exam.

From question analysis to dissecting requirements, you will learn to select the right points, elaborate succinctly, draw suitable diagrams and learn to link your answer back to question requirements.

You will also receive Model Essay Outlines to help you with revision beyond the Holiday Class.

JC Economics Crashcourse - CSQ Techniques

CSQ Answering Framework

Yes, there is a framework and structure to tackle Case Study Questions(CSQ).

When annotating the case, you should already be aware of the questions asked, so you know what information is important and what concepts you are tested on.

In class, we teach you to identify question requirements, think critically and adopt a systematic approach to write complete answers that hit marking requirements.

Learn to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls that can lead to unnecessasry loss of marks.

Model Answers and Outlines are provided for easy revision.

Comprehensive Coverage of Exam-Centric Components

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Don't get us wrong - You will still need to put in effort to study and revise even after attending our Economics Crashcourses.

But we intend to amplify your efforts so you can spend less time studying and do better in the exam.

We want you to skip the "Trial and Error" and the uncertainty of attempting countless practices without knowing whether you are doing them right.

Equip yourself with the skills and techniques to answer Essay and CSQ, so you have a consistent method to approach questions in future.

 In short, these classes will point you in the right direction and give you a shortcut in perfecting the skills needed in the Economics Exams. 

Economics Crashcourses For All Students

Whether you are J1 or J2, taking H1 or H2 Econs, we have the  Crashcourse tailored to your needs.

June Holiday JC Economics Crashcourse
JC Economics Crashcourse - June

For the H2 Economics Students

Microeconomics Crashcourse JC Economics

Microeconomics Crashcourse*

- For J1 and J2 Students (H2)



8th June, 1030am to 130pm

9th June, 1030am to 1230pm

10th June, 1030am to 1230pm


*J1 Students will attend either Market Structure or Market Failure, depending on your school's Topic Sequence


Topics Covered:

1) Demand & Supply, Elasticity, Government Intervention

2) Firms & Market Structure

3) Market Failure

In class, we will run through Content Recap, Essay Writing and CSQ Techniques.


Macroeconomics Crashcourse JC Economics

Macroeconomics Crashcourse*

- For J2 Students (H2)



8th June, 3pm to 6pm

9th June, 3pm to 6pm

10th June, 3pm to 6pm

*All Macroeconomics Topics Covered


Over 3 days, recap essential concepts across all Macroeconomics topics.

Students will also gain exposure to different question styles and learn the techniques to tackle questions in a systematic manner.


For the H1 Economics Students

H1 Economics Crashcourse

*Note: Separate Crashcourse for J1 and J2 Students (H1)


1) Recap key concepts across Microeconomics and Macroeconomics Topics. 

2) Learn the Techniques and Framework to tackle Case Study Questions

3) Exposure to Different types of Questions that may be tested in the exams




H1 Economics June Holiday Schedule
JC Economics June Holiday Crashcourse

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Leave No Stone Unturned!

All Things Important Covered in 1 Crashcourse!

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1. All Micro + Macroeconomics Topics Covered

Be it H1 or H2 Economics, our Crashcourses cover all Micro and Macro Topics to get you adequately prepared for the Mid Year Exams.

For J1 Students, we have separated our Microeconomics Crashcourse to cover either 'Market Failure' or 'Market Structure' based on your school's topic sequence.

This is a good chance to correct any conceptual misconceptions and understand how this knowledge is applied to answer questions.

Emerge from the crashcourse with greater clarity of the JC Economics Syllabus!

JC Economics - Essay and CSQ Techniques

2. All Examinable Segments Covered

When you join our Economics Crashcourse, we do not just ask you to do questions.

What you can expect, are skills and techniques that are directly applicable in the exams.

We arm you with the thought process and structured steps to approach every question, so you know how to write coherent answers that meet marking requirements.

Both short and long form questions are covered for Essay and CSQ so you are well prepared for all segments of the Economics Exam.

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3. Exposure to All Major Question Types

If you have attended any of our previous holiday programs, you would know that we ALWAYS prepare a multitude of different question types.

This gives you exposure to various ways that you may be tested, including "tricky curve-ball questions", so you won't be caught off guard in the exams.

All Questions are personally prepared by Terence, our Founder & Head Economics Tutor. They are also accompanied by Model Answers and Outlines so you have extensive resources for revision.

Blended Learning Options for Greater Flexibility

Attend JC Economics Classes Online
JC Economics Class - Blended Learning Options

Attend The Crashcourses Online or Onsite..

Based on Your Preference.

Attend Economics Class Online or Onsite

Whether you attend online or onsite, you will receive all notes, model answers and materials. You also have the chance to ask questions any time during class.

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Whatsapp Support Beyond Class

Whatsapp Support Beyond Economics Class

As students of Ace Clinic Education, you get continued support even beyond class.

Got a question while revising? Confused over a specific explanation?

Simply whatsapp Terence directly, 7 days a week, to clarify doubts on the go.

Want to Attend But Concerned That You Might Not Make it?

Fret Not.


Get Access to Class Recording, Accessible on Our Online Platform.

We know that sometimes, there are last minute commitments that crop up unexpectedly.

If that happens, you get access to the lesson recording for the whole of June, so there is ample time to watch or rewatch at your own time and convenience.

Whatsapp Support from Terence still applies so you can clarify doubts on the get-go.

Acquire the Necessary Skills & Techniques to Score Well in the Exams

Maybe you did not perform too well in the promo exams, or are feeling stressed out because you are not sure how to study for the upcoming exam.

These crashcourses are designed to be "exam-centric" and help you bridge the gaps between theory and application. Consolidate your knowledge of Economics concepts and learn to apply them skillfully in writing answers.

There is no time wasted to re-learn content.

Expect productive classes that are jammed packed with answering techniques and strategies, as we take you through various question types. You will pick up a detailed step-by-step process to produce 'exam-grade' answers, that can be applied consistently for every question.

Learn Exam Tips and Answering Techniques

This is your chance to strengthen exam skills and root out any uncertainty to start Term 3 on solid footing.

"Terence was patient and extremely helpful is getting me to understand some of the concepts I always had trouble with."

- A.Goh, CJC

In-House Resources

Designed For Easy Revision

Economics Essay Writing Techniques
CSQ Answering Framework and Techniques

These Model Essays and CSQ Outlines will come in handy for revision all the way up till the A levels!

Model Essay Outlines.png
Model CSQ Outlines.png

Learn from Multiple Examples & Question Styles.

JC Economics Essay and CSQ

20+ Essays and Case Studies

Some places provide repetitions to make up the numbers, but not at Ace Clinic Economics.

What you get is a comprehensive range of question styles that are all distinct from one another, to give you the exposure that will make a difference in the Mid Year Exam, Promos and the A levels.

Hear It From Students Who Attended Classes

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"The amount of skills being taught in that 3+hrs far exceeds what i could have learn in my school"

"Thank you for the really useful teachable and holiday intensive... and also ur patience in answering my questions"

"Your teaching skills really helped me through my struggle in h2 econs..."

"asked my classmate to join and she said it feels more useful than the tuition's she's attending"

"I like how you mention which points are important and how to pick a nice range of points"

"Past two classes have been good & helpful... the videos are even better (than school's)

"The teachables are really god-sent.. depended on it to clear off misconceptions when unsure of concepts"

"Your version of concise notes was really helpful. The school notes just cram everything into paragraphs and prose, it's rlly hard to identify key points and concepts"

"Your style of teaching is very comprehensive and easy to understand."

"Found the summary of the topic really helpful... made me more aware of some of my conceptual mistakes"

"Explanations were detailed.. so this was definitely a fruitful experience!"

"Better than I expected. I am better able to unpack and answer the questions"

As Featured on The News..

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As Featured on Channel 8
Economics Classes Featured on Channel 8
Economics Classes Featured on Channel 8

Terence, the Founder and Head Econs at Ace Clinic Education, will be conducting all Holiday Crashcourses.

"I found it (the classes) easy to understand, concise and helpful"

- Nicholas, RI

Terence Econs Head Tutor

Terence graduated from the London School of Economics & Political Science with First Class Honors (BSc. Economics)

Having tutored Economics (A'Levels, IB, IGCSE, AP, University) for more than 12 years, Terence extracts the most essential "must-knows" to simplify the learning process. From tips and tricks to master content more quickly and model answers to tackles marking requirements head on, find everything you might need to achieve your distinction in the A levels - over mobile, tablet, PC or live classes.

Hear what the Previous Batches have to say about Classes with Terence.

 "I started to adopt the technique of writing the question first and thinking of possible points before I read the case study" -  Liyana, RI
"You gave me a structure, model answers and concrete exam skills which can be applied""
- Shamel, RI
""The model answers are useful. They tell me how I can structure my answer and how i can answer, especially for the difficult questions."
- Yeling, JPJC