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JC Economics Tuition:
June Holiday Crashcourses

JC Economics Crashcourses
All the Skills You Need for the Economics Exam

Intensive Crashcourses that Focus on Essay & CSQ Skills for the Mid Year Exam

Get Ready For Your Common Test..

With Our Economics Crashcourse

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✔️ Pick up the Framework that can be applied to ALL Essay & Case Study Questions

✔️ Learn to analyse and dissect questions to identify Marking Requirements

✔️ Learn to write your answer with a Clear Structure and Logical Flow

✔️ Get exposed to the Different Ways you can be tested in the exam

You were taught Economics Concepts in school. Our Economics Crashcourse will teach you to apply this knowledge and incorporate them into your answers to demonstrate depth and rigour. 

Terence Econs Head Tutor

Terence graduated from the London School of Economics & Political Science with First Class Honors (BSc. Economics)

Having tutored Economics (A'Levels, IB, IGCSE, AP, University) for more than 12 years, Terence extracts the most essential "must-knows" to simplify the learning process. From tips and tricks to master content more quickly and model answers to tackles marking requirements head on, find everything you might need to achieve your distinction in the A levels - over mobile, tablet, PC or live classes.
Raffles Institution (RI/RJC)
London School of Economics (LSE)
JC Economics Crashcourse - What to Expect
Unlock the Economics Essay and CSQ Skills

Bridge Theory to Application

Critical Exam Skills to Tackle Essay & CSQ

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How to Analyze Questions to identify Question Requirements (1).png

Acquire a Framework That Can be Applied to All Essay and Case Study Questions

In this crashcourse, we take you through a systematic process to approach any question. From question analysis to point selection, what keywords to include, and how to write answers that hit marking requirements, you will acquire a framework that works all the time.

This framework will accompany you through the entire A level journey, to tackle any type of question thrown your way!

The Economics Crashcourses

Whether you are J1 or J2, these Crashcourse will equip you with the skills and exposure to do well.

June Holiday JC Economics Crashcourse
JC Economics Crashcourse - June

For the J1 Students


Essay Mastery Crashcourse


7th June, 10am to 12pm (All Schools)

8th June, 10am to 12pm (RI)


CSQ Mastery Crashcourse


7th June, 1pm to 3pm (All Schools)

8th June, 1pm to 3pm (RI)

For the J2 Students


Essay Mastery Crashcourse

12 Different Essays Covered!


5th June, 10am to 3pm (All Schools)


CSQ Mastery Crashcourse

6 Distinct Case Studies Covered!


6th June, 10am to 3pm (All Schools)

What's Included In the Crashcourse

1. Annotated Notes that summarize everything taught in class, for easy revision

2. Option to attend online via zoom or onsite at Thomson

3. Whatsapp Support from Terence beyond the crashcourse

4. Option to have hardcopy materials sent to your place if you attend online

(softcopy will be provided regardless)

Early Bird Promotion!

Sign up before 21st May For Additional Resource Perks.


"Essential Model Essays & Writing Techniques for A level Economics" Book

(By Founder & Head Tutor Terence)

Econs Online Learning Platform

Unlimited Access to our Online Learning Platform For the Entire Month of June

(200 Concept Videos, Mindmaps & Definitions List for Every Chapter )

Extra Resources For Revision, Entirely Free!

Our online learning platform contains videos, mindmaps and summaries to revise content across the entire JC Economics syllabus. The model essay book provides guidance on essential question types that are likely to be tested in the A levels.

Simply register before 21 May to qualify for these extra resources.

Get a Headstart On A level Economics

Brush up on Exam Essentials this June Holidays

JC Economics - Essay and CSQ Techniques

1. Less on Content, More on Essay & CSQ Skills

More often than not, you know your Econs content. These crashcourses focus on the structure and framework to apply this knowledge into Essay and Case Study Questions.

Acquire practical exam skills that are critical for the A levels.

June Econs Website Elements (13).png

2. Exposure to Major Question Types

Get exposed to questions that are likely to appear in the exams, so you are prepared beforehand.

Learn to dissect questions and link them to the correct concepts quickly and accurately. Be ready for potential 'curveball' questions and avoid making costly mistakes!

JC Economics Essay and CSQ

12 Essays and 6 Case Studies

Over 2 Days

Some places provide repetitions to make up the numbers, but not at Ace Clinic Economics.

What you get is a comprehensive range of question styles that are all distinct from one another, to give you the exposure that will make a difference in the Mid Year Exam, Promos and the A levels.

Want to Attend But Concerned That You Might Not Make it?

Fret Not.


Get Access to Lesson Recording, If You Can't Make it Last Minute

We know that sometimes, there are last minute commitments that crop up.

If that happens, you get access to the crashcourse recording for the whole of June, so there is ample time to watch at your own time and convenience.

Whatsapp Support from Terence still applies so you can clarify doubts on the get-go.

Hear It From Students Who Attended Classes

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"The amount of skills being taught in that 3+hrs far exceeds what i could have learn in my school"

"Thank you for the really useful teachable and holiday intensive... and also ur patience in answering my questions"

"Your teaching skills really helped me through my struggle in h2 econs..."

"asked my classmate to join and she said it feels more useful than the tuition's she's attending"

"I like how you mention which points are important and how to pick a nice range of points"

"Past two classes have been good & helpful... the videos are even better (than school's)

"The teachables are really god-sent.. depended on it to clear off misconceptions when unsure of concepts"

"Your version of concise notes was really helpful. The school notes just cram everything into paragraphs and prose, it's rlly hard to identify key points and concepts"

"Your style of teaching is very comprehensive and easy to understand."

"Found the summary of the topic really helpful... made me more aware of some of my conceptual mistakes"

"Explanations were detailed.. so this was definitely a fruitful experience!"

"Better than I expected. I am better able to unpack and answer the questions"

As Featured on The News..

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As Featured on Channel 8
Economics Classes Featured on Channel 8
Economics Classes Featured on Channel 8

Terence, the Founder and Head Econs at Ace Clinic Education, will be conducting all Holiday Crashcourses.

"I found it (the classes) easy to understand, concise and helpful"

- Nicholas, RI