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Primary / Secondary / IP / IGCSE Mathematics

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Equip Your Child with Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills to Tackle Math Problems with Confidence


Step into 2022 with Absolute Confidence

Hi Parents,
If your child:
      Did not do well in the year-end exams or the recent paper
      Is struggling with school work and scraping a borderline pass
      Feels stressed out or Frustrated with solving problem sums or long questions
You can help them take on the challenges of 2021 with support from our Customized Math Classes. Helmed by ex-MOE teachers, our teaching methods are simple but effective, designed to help students improve on weak areas in the shortest time possible. 
With the aid of figures, diagrams, charts and cut-outs for each topic, your child will learn problem solving skills and exam techniques through hands-on activities that help with Visualisation and Understanding. Empower your child with confidence to solve problems independently with a systematic learning approach ("I Try, We Try, You Try" - read more below). 
Last but not least, skip ahead of mindless revision and focus on doing targeted practices that truly matter. Start your journey with us with a trial lesson, and see your child's grades soar in no time!

Why Choose Ace Clinic Education?

Pave a Smoother Journey to an "A"

Experienced MOE Teachers

Rigorous Curriculum in line with MOE Syllabus

Lesson Materials Customized to each Student's Strengths and Weaknesses

Small Class size for Individualized Attention (Maximum of 10 students)

Extensive Question Bank (With Varying Difficulties) for Strategic Exposure to Exam Questions

Systematic Approach to Master Problem Solving ("I Try, We Try, You Try" Methodology)

"I Try - We Try - You Try"

A Systematic Approach to Learn Problem Solving in a Step-by-Step Manner

Math Learning Method

"I Try"

We demonstrate step-by-step solutions to solve complex problem sums, with detailed explanations.

Math Learning Method

"We Try"

We break down the worked solutions into "bite-sized steps" and work through it with our students to ensure understanding and clarify all doubts.

Math Learning Method

"You Try"

Students will attempt questions of similar nature on their own to show that they have internalized the concepts and learnt how to apply them in solving problems.

This Teaching Approach ensures that students meet the required level of proficiency before we move on to teach other concepts. Students are guided extensively through the problem solving process which builds their ability to think logically and solve problems systematically.

A Customized Game Plan for Every Student

Small Math Class Size

Customized Classes for Different Proficiencies

Every student has their strengths and weaknesses. 

By putting students of similar caliber together, they can learn from each other and benefit from a pace that will challenge them intellectually and stretch them to their fullest potential.

Math Notes for Every Topic

Customized Resources for Each Topic

To help students visualize question requirements, we have materials curated for different chapters.

From the use of shapes to teach Circles & Triangles, to models and diagrams for problem sums, we give your child hands-on materials to learn, understand and absorb quicker.

In-house Math Worksheets

Customized Practice of Varying Difficulties 

For every topic, we have curated worksheets of varying difficulty.


This ensures that students can remained engaged and challenged, even if they encounter a "pet topic" or a topic they are well-versed in. By urging our students to push boundaries constantly, we build a habit of continual learning that promote consistent results.

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Mathematics isn't entirely about Formulas and Equations. It is more important to develop the logical thinking process behind it, that will guide your child to approach math questions in a structured manner. This is why experienced tutors and teaching pedagogies play a pivotal role in shaping your child's mindset for consistent results.
Book a Trial Class with us to experience how we build that winning mindset in your child, and equip him/her with the knowledge and skills to take on challenges with confidence.
Through our structured step-by-step approach, we will teach your child proven methods and exam strategies to help them overcome key problem areas. With our extensive bank of questions, notes and formula sheets, we have the resources to get your child fully prepared in the shortest time possible.
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Read What Happy Clients Say

A big “Thank You” to the dedicated teachers!, Making Math so interesting & problem solving a breeze to grasp & understand! Kristen scroes the hightest in class in her CA2/2015, a spectacular 94 marks & Kylie is also doing very well in her class tests

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