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Ace Clinic Education - English Specialist
Secondary, IP, IGCSE English Classes

Our Best O level English Result in 6 Years!

🔥 Huge shout out to 2022 O level Students of Ace Clinic Education 🔥

O level 2022 English Results Charts.png

✅ 100% of Students Scored B3 or Better!

✅ 64.7% of Students Scored A1 or A2

✅ 100% of Students improved by 1 Grade or More 🔥

Our Heartfelt Congratulations to O level Students for the Stellar Performance!

What Parents & Students Are Saying


"Wouldn't be here without your teachings"


"Thank you for the guidance"


"From Fail to B3 in 6 Months"

Online Resources to Learn English

An English Program that Encourages Your Child to Study Smart. 

Original Materials, Interactive Lessons and Structured Techniques to Help Your Child Master English the Smart Way.

Study English the Smart Way

Scoring Poorly but DON'T KNOW WHY?

Not sure why you are not doing well?

Over the years, we have seen many students who do not seem to improve despite spending countless hours doing practices and past year papers.

Fact is... The English Syllabus is a demanding subject that goes beyond language fundamentals. It also requires extensive general knowledge and sound critical thinking skills, just to name a few.

In order to do well, students needs to possess pre-requisite skills and use the right techniques to answer questions.

Yes, there are students who secure a distinction every year on their own.

But, what if...

You could avoid the panic that comes from borderline grades in a recent test...

You could avoid the stress of pulling you (and your child's) hair out during the last minute rush..?

This English program is designed to give your child a methodical and structured way to learn and master the English language.

By developing essential skills and applying answering techniques, your child will breeze through their English journey with consistent results to show.

Secondary English Diagnostics

Free Analysis of your School's Test Paper

1. Personalized Evaluation of your Performance - Understand where your gaps and competencies lie to target weak areas

2. Real Time Interaction & Feedback via Zoom -
We delve deep to find out the thought process and reasons behind your child's answers, to ensure that proper techniques are used

3. Actionable Steps for Improvement - We tell you specific steps to help your child improve over the next 6 weeks.

Or Whatsapp "English Diagnostics" to 91555433

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Claim a Complimentary Diagnostics Session

Get Recommendations On How to Improve 2 Grades or More

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Development of 3 Key Aspects

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that will give your child the foundation to excel in their English Exams

Develop Strong English Fundamentals

Building Strong Fundamentals in Grammar, Vocabulary and Sentence Structure

This is a commonly overlooked area that is extremely crucial to avoid mediocre grades.


In fact, we have seen students jump from 'C' or 'D' to an 'A' grade just by improving on the way they express their answers in comprehension and essays.

Not only do they avoid the loss of marks from grammatical errors, their essays marks tend to show tremendous improvements too.

Build General Knowledge To Write Better Compositions

Building General Knowledge Through Video and Article Discussions

Many students struggle to come up with relevant points for essay writing, especially in Expository Essays.

In each class, we prepare video discussions on a certain theme to boost general knowledge of our students.

They are then given related comprehension and composition questions for them to apply the knowledge into writing.

Students who enroll in our English Program are well equipped with pointers and examples that give them the arsenal to write rigorous and impactful essays.

Develop Critical Thinking Skills for English

Developing Logical Reasoning & Critical Thinking Skills

Logical Thinking is essential for students to answer comprehension questions. This provides a roadmap for them to formulate a 'step-by-step' strategy for them to handle all types of questions in Narrative Comprehensions.


In composition, a logical thinking process guides students to identify key issues and elaborate on them in a coherent manner.


For Long-Lasting Retention and Exam Mastery

Whatsapp Support and 1 to 1 Consultations

"Do not be alarmed' if we request for extra 1-1 sessions"

When your child enrolls in our English Program, we ensure that he/she has the structure, resources and support to do well. We understand that each student is unique and learns at a different pace.

Which is why our materials are curated in-house, to not only target problem areas, but also provide repeat practice through similar questions.