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Discover the Learning Style Unique to Your Child's Academic Personality

Understand your child to help him/her develop the interest and confidence do well consistently
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Tired of Doing Mindless Practices With Little Improvements?

Introducing our Proprietary Diagnostics Assessment

The Ace English Diagnostics was crafted to evaluate your child on two key areas: 
(1) Language Proficiency
(2) Academic Personality


Over the past 12 years of teaching, we noticed that students have the tendency to adopt a specific approach to answer questions. Some are hesitant while some speed through the papers; Some rely on "gut feel" while some decide base on which answer "sounds correct". With this in mind, different teaching methods must be used to complement the unique learning styles.


This is the underlying reason behind our diagnostics, a carefully crafted worksheet that provide insights and solutions into maximize your child's learning efficiency. These two ingredients allow us to chart out the smoothest and quickest path to academic excellence. It is also the key to consistent results

Mr Naga was spot on in his analysis of "J", when he spoke about his weaknesses."

- Mrs G, Parent

Understanding Your Child Better 

The first and most important step that will shape your child's academic journey

Language Proficiency
Based on the Five Key Components of the English Language:
Academic Personality
Take your child's performance to the next level by boosting his interest and confidence in the English Language. Discover the underlying academic personality and tailor teaching methods that will empower the strengths and cover up the weaknesses.
Focus on building good habits and tackle any challenges from your child's perspective. You will find yourself begin to understand the rationale behind some of the actions and behaviors! 

At the end of the Diagnostics Session, you will receive a Comprehensive Report containing:

A breakdown of your child's proficiency in the five key components outlined above. 
This tells you the specific areas to work on, instead of blindly doing senseless practices that yield little results.
Personalized feedback that describes the unique traits of your child's academic personality.
Based on these, we will offer suggestions and tips to tackle any weaknesses in the shortest period of time. 
An action plan that speaks of the steps your child can take to formulate good habits and build consistency.
During the session, your child will be taught answering techniques to test questions and learn to avoid making common mistakes.

"At first I was skeptical about what how much they can tell me through such a short session, but the analysis was accurate and it was helpful."

- Mr Khoo, Parent

Help Your Child Improve Drastically in the Shortest Time


Understand your child's learning style, strengths & weaknesses and what motivates him/her to study.

Adopt an appropriate teaching method to maximize absorption and revision efforts.


Focus on building fundamentals and techniques, instead of the "marks" for individual segments.

Know the problem areas to tailor the right kind of practices.


Choose from a range of solutions we offer.

From crash courses to tackle specific areas, to regular classes that provides rigorous exam practice, we have the tailored solutions that will tackle common pain points, head-on.

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What Our Parents Say



"What I previously thought were careless mistakes are actually due to his (son) tendency to use "gut feel" in answering questions"

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Mrs Lim

"The Diagnostic Test was good and very accurate! I now understand why he finds it difficult to do comprehensions "

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"I used to think he (the son) was just being very lazy. It was very difficult to get him to do any homework. Now I see a change in his attitude when I stop trying to get him to just practise on past year papers and assessment books.

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