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O Level English
June 2024 Workshop

Pick Up Techniques and Strategies For Comprehension, Composition and Oral, to jumpstart your O level Preparation.

No Time to Attend Weekly Classes?

O level English Headstart Program

Attend our Workshops to Brush Up On Exam Skills for O level Comprehension, Composition and Oral.

We understand that your child might have been caught up with the NSG (National School Games) or have too many commitments to attend weekly classes.

Which is why we have designed our June Workshops to focus on the most essential answering techniques that so you can brush up on critical skills for the O level exams.

You will get exposure to O level questions across various themes, along with condensed notes, targeted practices and model answers. We show you how to tackle questions in a systematic and consistent manner so you meet marking requirements all the time.


Make full use of the June Holidays to start Term 3 on solid footing.

O level English Workshops

Comprehension + Composition  + Oral

Suitable for Sec 3 and Sec 4 Students, including IP Schools

Holiday Headstart Program
Learning with Notes

Workshop #1: Comprehension Mastery

(Specific Techniques For All 6 Question Types + Summary Writing)

What is Covered:

iHow to extract information effectively: Infer and read between the lines to pull out critical information as you read

ii) Question Analysis: Identify keywords and marking requirements by analyzing the question 

iii) Rephrase in your own words: Express answers according to marking requirements, while maintaining the intended meaning

v) Guided examples & Model Answers: We break down Comprehension techniques into a step by step process, with model answers & notes for revision.

Available Dates (Select One):

29 May  |  5 June  |  12 June  |  19 June 
Time: 930am to 2pm


Bukit Timah Branch (Beside 'Beauty World' MRT)

Thomson Branch (Beside ' Upper Thomson' MRT)

Workshop #2: Composition Writing

(Focus on Expository Writing)

What is Covered:

i) A Clear & Logical Structure: How to organize and present your content in a coherent manner.

ii) Content Strategies: How to plan and craft content that demonstrates depth and rigor.

iii) Elevate Your Writing: Elevate your Language marks with Literary Devices and Descriptive Phrases to bring your writing to life.

v) Guided examples & Model Answers: Get case studies and examples across various themes, that you can directly incorporate into your writing.

Available Dates (Select One):

28 May  |  4 June  |  11 June  |  18 June 
Time: 930am to 2pm


Bukit Timah Branch (Beside 'Beauty World' MRT)

Thomson Branch (Beside ' Upper Thomson' MRT)

Workshop #3: O level Oral

(Planned Response & Spoken Interaction)

What is Covered:

i) Content Knowledge: Pointers, examples and personal experiences you can use directly in the exams

ii) Question Exposure: We give you questions from various O level themes, as extracted from the past 10 years

iii) How to deliver and express yourself confidently: From voice projection, to suitable pauses and choice of words, we teach you how to express yourself succinctly and confidently.

Available Dates (Select One):

30 May  |  6 June  |  13 June  |  20 June 
Time: 930am to 2pm


Bukit Timah Branch (Beside 'Beauty World' MRT)

Thomson Branch (Beside ' Upper Thomson' MRT)

Build Accuracy & Consistency With Replicable Techniques

English Website Images (1).png
English Website Images.png

Fall back on sound strategies that make a difference in the O level exams

O level English Composition - Writing Framework
O level English Comprehension - Answering Techniques

Straighten out Conceptual Flaws and Replace Them with Sound Techniques

These Holiday Workshops are all about building sound conceptual techniques that your child can fall back on, for the mid year exams and O levels.

For Comprehension, we introduce replicable 'Answering Techniques' to each question type so your child can pick up the skills and develop them progressively over the course of 2024. This includes question analysis to identify marking requirements and writing concise answers with keywords and phrases.

Similarly, for Composition, we equip your child with a framework on how to craft a coherent composition, with explanations on how to write each section skillfully.

Acquire underlying strategies that will shape a more consistent approach to O level English questions!

Hear It From Parents & Students Who Attended Classes

O level English Testimonial
O level English Testimonial
O level English Testimonial

"Particularly like the tricks she shared for Comprehension"

"Teacher Alison is very clear in her explanations"

"How to write composition with a structure this is easy to follow"

"You guys are so good that I've referred my niece to you too"

"...Really helped my son jump a few grades"

Helmed by Teacher Alison, An Ex-MOE Teacher, who Taught O Level English for 20 Years 

Secondary English Ex MOE Teacher Alison

- Graduated from NTU with PDGE (Sec) in English & Literature

- Taught at 2 MOE Schools, Specializing in Secondary English

- Involved with Crafting Lesson Materials for Secondary English while teaching in MOE School.

Teacher Alison uses her 20 years of teaching experience to craft an O level English Curriculum that simplifies learning for students. Through specially designed lesson materials and annotated notes, she equips students with the skills and techniques to tackle Comprehension and Essay Writing.

Gain exposure to 'Must-Know' O level questions and targeted practice on challenging types to see swift improvements of 2 grades or more within 12 weeks!
Secondary English Books (2).png

Empower Your Child with the Skills and Mindset to Excel in the O levels

As we approach the mid year mark, there is no better time to start revising for the O levels.

If your child is running a tight schedule during the school term, the June holidays is the best time to catch up on school work.

These workshops deliver on structured techniques that will remain relevant up till the O levels.

Set your child on the right path to take on the challenges of the second half!

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