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Pre-JC General Paper

Elevate Your Readiness for General Paper in JC:

Tackling the Application Question (AQ) and Essay Writing at JC Level

JC GP Tuition Headstart
JC GP Tuition Headstart

Smoothen Your Transition into JC with our General Paper (GP) Workshop

JC GP Tuition Headstart

Get Acquainted With The Requirements of GP & Pick Up The Skills To Succeed From Year 1

The complexity of the General Paper (GP) coursework might come as a shock to many JC1 students.

This General Paper tuition workshop will break down the various components of GP to facilitate your child's understanding of the question types and marking requirements.

Through relatable real life case studies, we broaden your child's knowledge base and equip him/her with critical thinking skills to express ideas cogently.

Develop competence in the Application Question (AQ) and sharpen essay writing skills to be adequately prepared for GP and excel from year 1!

Getting Ready For GP:

Introduction to Application Question (AQ) & Essay Writing at JC level

Raising the Bar on Comprehension and Essay Skills to Meet the Challenges of GP

Comprehension AQ Techniques - JC General Paper Tuition

Technqiues & Framework to Tackle AQ

The Application Question (commonly known as AQ) is a 10 mark question in GP paper 2, that most students find 'daunting'


In this workshop, we introduce the AQ and the marking requirements that examiners look out for.

We have prepared questions across common GP themes to demonstrate how the step by step process to approach and answer AQ.

Our notes also include background knowledge on social issues and current affairs that students can incorporate in their AQ answers.

Essay Composition Techniques JC GP.jpg

Strategies & Guidelines For Essay Writing

Marking requirements for Essay writing in JC are more stringent than ever.

Students are not only required to present coherent and cogent arguments, they must be linked back to the question, and written with a logical structure and flow.

Content knowledge is also critical because facts and examples are needed substantial your arguments.

The skills and content knowledge to do so are taught in this workshop. We will also cover hybrid themes commonly tested in General Paper (GP).

Introductory Workshop to

General Paper (GP)

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English Website Images.png

Suitable for Sec 4 IP Students or Students Going onto J1 in 2024

General Paper Headstart Workshop

(Introduction to Application Question & Essay Writing for GP in JC)

What is Covered:

i) Advanced Comprehension Skills & Techniques for GP, including the notorious 'AQ'

ii) Breakdown of Comprehension Questions and step by step process to tackle them

iii) Essay Writing Framework: How to present ideas cogently with a structured and logical flow

v) Understand the Marking Requirements of GP & How to Excel From Year 1

Dates (Attend any ONE):

i) 28 Nov 2023, 3pm to 730pm
ii) 5 Dec 2023, 3pm to 730pm
iii) 12 Dec 2023, 3pm to 730pm

iv) 19 Dec 2023, 3pm to 730pm

Two Locations Available:

(1) 140 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Beauty World Plaza, #02-03, Singapore 588176
(Right Beside 'Beauty World' MRT)

(2) 7A Thomson Ridge, Singapore 574636

(Right Beside 'Upper Thomson' MRT)

Condensed Notes Cheatsheets Essay (2).png

Designed to Be Informative,
But Not Overwhelming

Many students underestimate the complexity of GP because they view it as an extension of the "English Language" learnt in Primary and Secondary level.

That being said, General Paper is a manageable subject, with the right guidance and knowledge of frameworks in place. 

In this headstart program, we break down the various types of GP questions to demonstrate and teach the step by step process to tackle them. Your child will pick up essential skills and techniques that will go a long way to help cope with class tutorials when school starts.

Taught by Teacher Alison, you can expect high value sessions that will equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel from year 1!

Hear It From Parents & Students Who Attended Classes

O level English Testimonial
O level English Testimonial
O level English Testimonial

"Particularly like the tricks she shared for Comprehension"

"Teacher Alison is very clear in her explanations"

"How to write composition with a structure this is easy to follow"

"You guys are so good that I've referred my niece to you too"

Helmed by Teacher Alison, An Ex-MOE Teacher, who Taught English for 20+ Years 

Secondary English Ex MOE Teacher Alison

- Graduated from NTU with PDGE (Sec) in English & Literature

- Involved with Crafting Lesson Materials while teaching in MOE School.

Teacher Alison uses her 20 years of teaching experience to craft a robust English Curriculum that simplifies learning for students. Through specially designed lesson materials and annotated notes, she equips students with the skills and techniques to tackle Comprehension and Essay Writing.

Gain exposure to GP question and build familiarity to start your JC journey on the front foot!
Secondary English Books (2).png

Pick Up The Skills and Mindset to Excel at GP  From Year 1.

From content knowledge, to answering techniques and structured frameworks, we teach you how to approach Comprehension and Essay Writing systematically.

By giving you exposure before starting school, we want to smoothen the transition into JC, by helping bridge the knowledge and skills gap.

Enjoy the progressive learning process where we break down the questions into digestible segments. Understand what is required to do well and received detailed notes that will carry you through your A level GP journey!

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