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A Specialised IP English Program

That Fast Tracks Your Child for General Paper (GP) in JC

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IP English  VS  O level English

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"What is the IP English Syllabus and how is it different from O level English?"


This is the most common question we get from parents and students.


Truth is, there is no fixed syllabus for IP English and the syllabus differs across schools.


It's important to understand that the end goal for IP English is the A levels since IP students do not sit for the O levels.


As such, our curriculum goes beyond language rules and exam drilling, to focus on skills and competencies required to excel at GP (General Paper).

This includes general knowledge in current affairs, analytical skills, the ability to formulate balanced arguments, literature analysis and higher order language skills.


In-class activities are also more robust, from video discussions to mini debates, to train students to think critically and express ideas coherently.

This sets the stage for a smoother transition into JC (Junior College).

Developing Core Competencies IP English

5 Point Learning System to Develop Critical Skills and Competencies

A Dynamic Curriculum that equips your child with the skills and knowledge needed in the upcoming years.

Learn English the Smart Way
Core Competencies of IP English Syllabus

Holistic Development that Promotes

Higher Order Thinking

A main advantage of the IP Program is that students can divert time saved from preparing for exams towards sharpening core skills.

To do well in the IP Program and A levels, just having a strong command of the English Language is not enough.

Extensive Knowledge of current affairs and societal issues is required to deliver compelling arguments that are supported by real life examples.

Your child should possess strong analytical skills to dissect articles and passages and convey central ideas in their own words.

These are skills that can only be acquired over time, through consistent practices.

At Ace Clinic Education, we develop your child holistically in 5 major aspects, so they are able to think critically and handle all types of questions thrown their way.

*For a Limited Time Only*

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Discover the Gaps and Competencies Within Your Child

Claim a Complimentary Session with the following:

1. Personalized Evaluation of your Child's Performance - Understand where the gaps and competencies lie, and why your child is making certain mistakes

2. Real Time Interaction & Feedback via Zoom -
We delve deep to find out the thought process and reasons behind your child's answers, to tackle the problems head-on.

3. Actionable Steps for Improvement - We tell you specific steps to help your child improve in as quickly as 6 weeks.

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Differentiated Learning Approach

Critical Thinking IP English
Creative Learning Methods IP English

That Strengthens the Core Competencies Needed to Excel

General Knowledge and Current Affairs IP English

Building Inquisitiveness Towards Current Affairs and Pertinent Social Issues

Argumentative and Expository Writing is a key feature in IP English and GP.


Many students find this challenging because they lack the general knowledge for compelling arguments and real life examples.

Every week, we conduct video and article discussions on material issues that commonly surface in the exams.

Accompanied with guiding questions, we challenge students to consider these topics from different perspectives.