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9 out of 10 Students score an A/B in the National Exams

Congratulations once again to the graduating batch of 2020. We are pleased with their performance and proud to maintain our stellar track record of at least 90% A/B rate.

Read on to find out how we inculcate interest, build good exam habits and develop confidence in our students. Through Question Exposure, Answering Techniques and Exam Strategies, we aim to give your child an advantage when it comes to tackling the Exams.

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In 2018, 95% of My Students scored As and Bs in their respective level final examinations.


"My Philosophy is Efficient & Smart Studying"

"Why pack your child's schedule with countless hours of mundane tuition when he/she can achieve great results and enjoy learning in a short time?"

My dynamic ESFP Program translates to my students seeing quick results in 1 month.

Our English strategy was borne out of Nicholas' countless years of teaching the subject and the great success he has found doing it. Topping his school in PSLE which earned him entry into Raffles Institution and later into Raffles Junior College, he imparts his best strategies to students through his English Structured Foundation Program (ESFP). 


Nicholas does not believe in having long hours of mundane tuition without seeing results. He keeps his classes dynamic, fun and most importantly, focused on improving all sections of the English Paper.


Our program is built on the major pillars of Grammar, Vocabulary and Written Expression - essential building blocks for success in English at any level. Students are drilled in mastering these fundamentals and then quickly taught to transpose those skills into their writing. Classes are then further tuned to cater to the examination format and requirements at the various levels, creating a very exam-centric approach with carefully selected practices and materials designed to maximise student-improvement in the shortest possible time.


In class, he is able to maximise student absorption rate by injecting various interesting methods of teaching and motivating students through the ACE Incentive System. Thus, countless students have improved to an A in their final examinations under his experienced tutelage. The benefits last beyond the exams and serve as a foundation for mastery in the years to come.

Since 2015, 100% of our students, regardless of academic backgrounds, have achieved at least 2-grade jumps in their final examinations. 

Provide Your Child With A Structured Program That Clearly Charts Out The Path To Success

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Step 1:

Get a FREE diagnostics assessment that not only indicates your child's proficiency, but also his unique academic personality. This academic persona is what differentiates the way your child learns!

Step 2:

Received individualized feedback from our MOE trained teachers, on the learning traits unique to your child, and tips on how to tweak the learning experience to make it more fun and enjoyable.

Step 3:

Discover exam strategies and answering techniques that are used and tested in exam questions.

Working the Five Components to Master th

Competence in These Five Components is The Key to Mastering The English Language.


i) Technique + Concept Application

Strong grasp and application of Techniques are needed to excel in the English Papers

ii) Linguistics Precision

Shows how well a student can identify the most suitable word in a particular context

iii) Language exposure:

The ability to read into sentence nuances and recognize literary devices in passages

iv) Sentence Construction:

Forming grammatically correct sentences is a key foundation of the English Language

v) Questions-Based Answering

Extracting only the relevant answers that directly address tested questions

Understand your child's strengths and weaknesses with a score for each component


Different components are tested in different segments of the English Paper. A clear diagnosis (sample shown on the right) allows us to spend more time tackling problem areas to achieve improvements in the shortest time.

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Is he the fearless warrior that charges head-on through every question? Or the king who might err on self-gratification? 

Your child's academic personality determines how he/she approach any question. Hence, it is essential that you fully understand this personality to help build on strengths and cover up on weaknesses. Discover traits unique to your child to manage them effectively!

At the end of the diagnostics session, you will receive a Comprehensive Report containing:

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>> Full Diagnostics Assessment + Report (Worth $85) <<

Our Classes 

Primary 1/2 | Primary 3/4 | Primary 5\6 | Sec 1\2 | Sec 3\4\5 | IGCSE

Regular Weekly Classes
(Physical / Online Live Classes)

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To prevent disruptions to learning, our weekly English classes are now conducted via "Live Sessions" using the Zoom platform. Students can ask questions or submit answers and homework similar to real life classes. Through annotation tools, virtual whiteboards and diagrams, we deliver fun and interactive lessons that keep our students engaged, to maximize learning.

Experience our English Masterclass, which is a combination of MOE teaching experience and the Rafflesian Pedagogy.

Holiday Intensive Workshops
(Exam Strategies & Answering Techniques)

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Our holiday crashcourses target specific segments of the English Papers, such as Composition and Comprehension. We teach answering techniques that can be directly applied, to help your child pick up precious marks in these 'problem areas'.

Worksheets, notes and practices are specially curated to reinforce learning and aid revision. Give your child targeted practice over the holiday periods, to cure pain points and start the school term with renewed confidence.

Some Positive Reviews From Students On Our
Online Live Classes

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"Online learning is fun! The 2hr lesson really passed super quickly."


"I like that teacher Naga will include quizzes to test me on what he has taught, and I can earn trump cards to win prizes."


"At first, I thought online lessons were very boring, but after a few lessons, I realise it is quite fun and interesting!"


"I like that I can ask questions very easily. The lessons are also very fun because I can interact with friends while learning"

Is Your Child Facing Difficulty in Writing?

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What Our Students Say

Our Dedicated Tutors:

The MOE Experience infused with the Rafflesian Pedagogy 


Nagavelloo is an Ex-MOE teacher who was also the level head for English. Having taught English for more than 10 years, he is a master at teaching answering techniques and exam strategies that delivers improvements in the shortest time. 


Through fun and engaging sessions, you will find everything you need to achieve distinction in the PSLE and O levels. As an affirmation of his capabilities, Nagavello was a Finalist for the President Award for Singapore Teachers in 2016.

Nicholas Chong

Nicholas' 10 years of tutoring has been focused on teaching English in the Primary, Secondary and IGCSE levels. Crafting the English Structured Foundation Program (ESFP),  he has found the best method to achieve the quickest results by tackling fundamental language issues.

Nicholas imparts clear, replicable strategies to ensure that students are able to carry their in-class performance straight into the exam-hall to achieve consistent and substantial improvements.

My ABC Solution to Common Issues

A. Grammar

Grammar is usually the root of the issue. In my years of experience, I have crafted an effective yet efficient method of targeting the key facets of grammar to help student improve in the shortest time possible.


If not addressed, weakness in grammar will inhibit one’s ability to excel in writing and scoring in other components of the paper.

B. Vocabulary & Writing Devices

Like the base of a pyramid, once the student’s grammar foundation has been solidly constructed, Vocabulary and Writing Devices will then come into play.  With stronger vocabulary, comprehension of passages will naturally improve.


I impart these elements through language games in conjunction with the Ace Incentive Reward System. This is a proven dynamic strategy that helps students retain useful words and phrases better.

C. Essay Writing

Writing can be a chore if you have no structure. In my class, students are guided using a structured style of writing. For higher levels,


I acknowledge the fact that students may not have time to read outside of school hours, hence, relevant articles are shared and discussed in class to equip students with concrete examples for their Essay Writing.


Your child will achieve excellence with the correct structure and proper guidance.

If you are wondering whether our classes are suitable for your child, why not give us a call.

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Every Class is Tailored and Designed Specifically for the Particular Level of the Class -

I Do Not Believe in One Size Fit All

Read What Happy Clients Say

"Nicholas not only knows the required content to teach but does it in a manner where his passion exudes and his lessons come to life. He shares with me his experiences and examples on real topics that are relevant in Essay Writing. He makes it easy to remember and apply in my tests. With a nice and conducive environment and other friends to learn with, Nicholas has shown me that learning can be enjoyable!"

Keynesh Dongol | Bukit Batok Secondary | Grade: A1

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