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Congratulations to the Graduating Batch of 2018

95% of our students achieved A/B in their Final Exams





In 2019, 95% of My Students scored As and Bs in their respective level final examinations.


"My Philosophy is Efficient & Smart Studying"

"Why pack your child's schedule with countless hours of mundane tuition when he/she can achieve great results and enjoy learning in a short time?"

My dynamic ESFP Program translates to my students seeing quick results in 1 month.

Our English strategy was borne out of Nicholas' countless years of teaching the subject and the great success he has found doing it. Topping his school in PSLE which earned him entry into Raffles Institution and later into Raffles Junior College, he imparts his best strategies to students through his English Structured Foundation Program (ESFP). 


Nicholas does not believe in having long hours of mundane tuition without seeing results. He keeps his classes dynamic, fun and most importantly, focused on improving all sections of the English Paper.


Our program is built on the major pillars of Grammar, Vocabulary and Written Expression - essential building blocks for success in English at any level. Students are drilled in mastering these fundamentals and then quickly taught to transpose those skills into their writing. Classes are then further tuned to cater to the examination format and requirements at the various levels, creating a very exam-centric approach with carefully selected practices and materials designed to maximise student-improvement in the shortest possible time.


In class, he is able to maximise student absorption rate by injecting various interesting methods of teaching and motivating students through the ACE Incentive System. Thus, countless students have improved to an A in their final examinations under his experienced tutelage. The benefits last beyond the exams and serve as a foundation for mastery in the years to come.

Our Classes 

Primary 1/2 | Primary 3/4 | Primary 5\6 | Sec 1\2 | Sec 3\4\5 | IGCSE


Our mission is to offer "Student-centric" classes.

If you are wondering whether our classes are suitable for your child, why not give us a call.

We would like to understand your concerns better.

What My Students Say

Our Dedicated Tutors

Wai Zi Ying

Zi Ying is from Yale-NUS College. She received the prestigious Santander Scholarship from the National University of Singapoe and graduated with a stellar score of 44/45 for the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme at School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA). 

She is deeply rooted in the Arts Scene in Singapore and is passionate about dance. Her love for English has been evident from a young age and she believes that she can inspire her students to develop mastery and a love for the language.

Nicholas Chong

Nicholas' 10 years of tutoring has been focused on teaching English in the Primary, Secondary and IGCSE levels. Crafting the English Structured Foundation Program (ESFP),  he has found the best method to achieve the quickest results by tackling fundamental language issues.

Nicholas imparts clear, replicable strategies to ensure that students are able to carry their in-class performance straight into the exam-hall to achieve consistent and substantial improvements.

My ABC Solution to Common Issues

A. Grammar

Grammar is usually the root of the issue. In my years of experience, I have crafted an effective yet efficient method of targeting the key facets of grammar to help student improve in the shortest time possible.


If not addressed, weakness in grammar will inhibit one’s ability to excel in writing and scoring in other components of the paper.

B. Vocabulary & Writing Devices

Like the base of a pyramid, once the student’s grammar foundation has been solidly constructed, Vocabulary and Writing Devices will then come into play.  With stronger vocabulary, comprehension of passages will naturally improve.


I impart these elements through language games in conjunction with the Ace Incentive Reward System. This is a proven dynamic strategy that helps students retain useful words and phrases better.

C. Essay Writing

Writing can be a chore if you have no structure. In my class, students are guided using a structured style of writing. For higher levels,


I acknowledge the fact that students may not have time to read outside of school hours, hence, relevant articles are shared and discussed in class to equip students with concrete examples for their Essay Writing.

Is Your Child Facing Difficulty in his Writing?

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Nicholas @ 8201 1987

Every Class is Tailored and Designed Specifically for the Particular Level of the Class -

I Do Not Believe in One Size Fit All

Read What Happy Clients Say

"Nicholas not only knows the required content to teach but does it in a manner where his passion exudes and his lessons come to life. He shares with me his experiences and examples on real topics that are relevant in Essay Writing. He makes it easy to remember and apply in my tests. With a nice and conducive environment and other friends to learn with, Nicholas has shown me that learning can be enjoyable!"

Keynesh Dongol | Bukit Batok Secondary | Grade: A1

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