JC1 Headstart Program

Comprehensive Introduction to Economics for New J1 Students of 2022

O level to A level Bridging Program

Bridge the Knowledge Gap

to the most popular "Contrasting Subject" in JC

J1 Economics Headstart Webinar

Info Session Conducted by Terence, Head Econs Tutor and Founder of Ace Clinic Education

Join us as we take you through the exam requirements as well as the skills and knowledge needed to excel at Economics. This webinar will equip you with fundamental information to make an informed decision when deciding whether to take Economics in JC.

Who should attend: Graduating IP and O level students who are entering JC1 in 2022.

Date & Time: 25 November, Thursday, 8pm (Live on Zoom)

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Conducted Live via Zoom.

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Start Your Economics Journey Right with Our Headstart Program

The Skills and Knowledge You Need, to Ace One of the "Toughest" Subjects in JC.

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J1 Economics Headstart Program

#1: The Grand Tour

What is Covered: Introduction to Economics, with the use of real-life applications to help students relate to the key processes and mechanisms behind Economics. These real-life examples are also essential to writing top quality essays.

3 Available Dates: 
1) 2nd Dec, Thursday, 10am to 1pm
2) 16th Dec, Thursday, 10am to 1pm
3) 17th Jan 2022, Monday, 10am to 1pm

J1 Economics Headstart Program

#2: The Engine Room

What is Covered: Take a deep dive into the key economic theories that are covered in Term 1 and 2 of JC1. We will discuss key examination styles, and the answering techniques to score well in the exams.

3 Available Dates: 
1) 3rd Dec, Friday, 10am to 1pm
2) 17th Dec, Friday, 10am to 1pm
3) 18th Jan 2022, Tuesday, 10am to 1pm

J1 Economics Headstart Pack

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"Because Economics is Unlike Other Humanities Subjects You see in Secondary School"

Many students struggle with Economics because its exam requirements are different from humanities subjects such as Geography or History.

This Headstart Program will give you an overview of the subject, along with the fundamental knowledge and exam techniques that will start you off on the front foot.

You will find school lectures and tutorials a whole lot easier to understand, and do well for Economics from Term 1.

"I topped my class for most of the tests"

"Econs was my favorite subject in JC because I started off on a strong foot"

"I became more confident doing Econs questions and it was a positive snowball effect"

"The fact that I had a lot of additional knowledge, the fact that I could answer questions, really helped"

"I can ask a lot more questions (in Terence's class) and it not only helps in understanding content, but also answer (test) questions"

- Dillen, CJC

Hear From The Arts Valedictorian of CJC:
How Joining Our JC Headstart Program before Year 1 Positively Impacted His Econs Journey up till the A Levels!

The 'ACE Starter Pack' to JC Economics

Comprehensive Notes
Access to Online Learning Platform

Students who attend the Headstart Program will receive:

(1) Key Economics Readings handpicked to beef up your contextual knowledge on the subject

(2) Notes containing real-life examples which you can use to write top quality essays throughout your JC years

(3) Compilation of Essay and Case Study Techniques to produce 'Exam-Grade' Answers

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Terence was really clear in his explanations and I feel that I like Econs more after attending his class!

- J. Yeo, RI

As Featured on The News..

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As Featured on Channel 8
Economics Classes Featured on Channel 8
Economics Classes Featured on Channel 8

Terence, the Founder and Head Econs at Ace Clinic Education, will be conducting all Headstart Classes.

Terence Econs Head Tutor

Terence graduated from the London School of Economics & Political Science with First Class Honors (BSc. Economics)

Having tutored Economics (A'Levels, IB, IGCSE, AP, University) for more than 12 years, Terence extracts the most essential "must-knows" to simplify the learning process. From tips and tricks to master content more quickly and model answers to tackles marking requirements head on, find everything you might need to achieve your distinction in the A levels - over mobile, tablet, PC or live classes.

Hear what the Previous Batch have to say about Classes with Terence.

 "I started to adopt the technique of writing the question first and thinking of possible points before I read the case study" -  Liyana, RI
"You gave me a structure, model answers and concrete exam skills which can be applied""
- Shamel, RI
""The model answers are useful. They tell me how I can structure my answer and how i can answer, especially for the difficult questions."
- Yeling, JPJC

Get your first taste of Economics in a Fun and Relatable manner. 

We are mindful to ensure that students are not overwhelmed right from the get-go. We teach them to see that Economics is very much woven into the fabric of daily life and appears in the news every single day - albeit under different guises.


We set students up for success by giving them the right way to think about the subject, and the tools to score well in the questions that are to come. In 2 concise sessions, we ensure that students are ready to start JC1 on the strongest footing possible. Unsure about whether to take Economics?


Join us today for a taster! 

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Headstart 1: The Grand Tour
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