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Serious Education, 

with a Seriously Entertaining Team

Terence Ang

Head Tutor Economics

1st Class Honors LSE | Ex-RJC/RI | 10 Years Experience

Terence graduated First Class Honors from the London School of Economics and Political Science, one of the top Economics program in the world with an admissions rate of less than 8.5%.


Having tutored for almost 10 years teaching a myriad of subjects and levels, he eventually developed a specialty in Economics. What is more critical is that the years of tutoring and studying in top schools have helped him understand the process needed to produce good grades. It is with this experience and knowledge that led to the formulation of Ace Clinic's educational philosophy and methodology that can consistently produce results for our clients.  

Nicholas Chong

Head Tutor English

NUS Business | Ex-RJC/RI | 10 Years Experience

Nicholas graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS), Asia's No. 1 University in one of the most sought after faculties in the region, the NUS Business School Majoring in Finance. He has the honor of benefiting from the rigorous education in Raffles Institution and Raffles Junior College. His shared educational history with Terence also means a shared educational philosophy that is reflected deep at the heart of Ace Clinic's methods.


Nicholas' 10 years of tutoring has been focused on teaching English in the Primary, Secondary and IGCSE levels. Crafting the English Structured Foundation Program (ESFP),  he has found the best method to achieve the quickest results by tackling fundamental language issues. Nicholas imparts clear, replicable strategies to ensure that students are able to carry their in-class performance straight into the exam-hall to achieve consistent and substantial improvements.

Huang Bairong

Head Tutor Math

University of York | Ex-CJC/SJI | 5 Years Experience

Bairong graduated with an Economics degree from the University of York, which hails as one of the top economics program in the UK. Apart from academics, he was also a former National Fencer. He had a daily training regime and also participated in numerous overseas competition during his school days: SEA games being one. Due to a desperate need to juggle his immensely packed schedule, he developed a highly efficient and structured way of studying that ultimately led him to scoring multiple As during his examination. In addition to his 5 years of teaching experience, he has since matured his studying methodology into a proven and highly effective way to teaching Mathematics.

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