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Experience Customized Classes and Proven Strategies that Target Weaker Areas. Book a Trial Lesson.


Secondary Math Tuition

By Ex-MOE Math Teacher with Proven Track Record


Secondary 1 to Secondary 4, A Math & E Math / IP / IGCSE

Preliminary Round of O level Math Results 2022 Is Out!

O level A Math 2022 Results
O level E Math 2022 Results

Out of the 18 students and 17 students who replied for O level A Math and O level E Math respectively,

77.8% scored A1 / A2 for A Math
82.4% scored A1 / A2 for E Math

2 students jumped 3 grades or more, after joining us for just 2 months!

Some Kind Words From the Graduating Batch

O level Math Tuition Testimonial
O level Math Tuition Testimonial

The students who scored A1..

O level Math Tuition Testimonial
O level Math Tuition Testimonial

The students who scored A2 (but wish they did better)..

O level Math Tuition Testimonial

Student who jumped 3 grades in 2 months..

O level Math 2022 Result Card
O level Math 2022 Result Card

Students who proudly shared their report cards..

Improve by 2 Grades or More In 6 Months

Every Year, we see a 70% Distinction Rate or More at the O levels

Here's What Parents & Students Say

Secondary Math Testimonial
O level Math Tuition Testimonial
Secondary Math Testimonial
Secondary Math Tuition Testimonial_Google
Secondary Math Tuition Testimonial_Google
Secondary Math Testimonial
O level Math Tuition Testimonial

"Patient, Committed and Responsible Tutor who has demonstrated his passion for his students to excel."
"Helped my son understand his secondary school math concepts instead of just working the sums."

"Caring and committed teacher. His approach really helped me work on my foundations."

"Always gives useful tips on how I can improve, not only math but other aspects of studying"

"Takes effort to assess my son's weakness, prescribes what is required to improve them and is committed in following up on the plan!"

"Managed to obtain 5 distinctions.. Grade 1 for E Math n Grade 3 for A Math"

"Improve from D7 to A2 within such a short period of time."

"Patient tutor... detailed in his explanations"

Kenneth Secondary Math MOE Tutor

Cultivating the Winning Mindset with Exam-Centric Skills and Problem Solving Techniques

MOE Trained Teacher

Over a Decade of Tutoring Experience

Customized Notes and Lesson Plans

Proven Strategies that truly work

When You Pay for Tuition, You Should be Getting Tailored Lessons, Customized Resources & Exam-Centric Skills For Swift Improvements.

Lightbulb - Customized Class.png

1. Customized Classes

When you enroll in our Math Program, your child will join a class with students of similar proficiency. The conduct of the class and materials given are customized to tackle weaker areas and strengthen core fundamentals. This arrangement builds an effective learning environment that empowers students to improve in a fastest time possible.
Secondary Math - Integration WS
Secondary Math - Integration WS
Secondary Math - Integration WS

2. Comprehensive Resources

We DO NOT believe in mindless practices.

To help your child improve in the shortest amount of time, we have materials, notes and practice questions that are of progressive difficulty. For each topic, we break down essential math concepts down into bite-sized components and teach your child how to apply them in answering questions.
This bridge between Theory and Application is the most important element that ensures that your child do well in the exams. This strengthens their interest and confidence to do well consistently!
Secondary Math Coordinate Geometry - Circles
Secondary A Math Coordinate Geometry - Circles
Secondary 3 Math Coordinate Geometry - Circles

3. Exam-Centric Skills
(That can be directly applied in the Exams)

In class, students can expect step-by-step solutions that guide them to apply theoretical concepts to answer questions.

Most students find Secondary Math challenging because they are not sure what to do when faced with a math problem. We go beyond teaching concepts, by focusing on exam skills to solve problems in a systematically and consistent manner.
These skills are strengthened and mastered through practices that are carefully crafted to mirror exam standards and cover a wide range of question types.

Receive Summary Sheets that Streamline Your Learning

A Shortcut to the Math Exams
Math Summaries for the Exams

You do not have to flip through your thick school notes any more!

Secondary 4 A level Chapter Summaries

We Have Chapter Summaries That Tell You Everything Important that You Must Know For Each Chapter.

All summaries are created in-house, to help students revise and recap key concepts with ease.

They also include examples that show students how the concepts are applied within questions.

Your child will never have to flip through stacks of notes to refer to formulas or concepts anymore!
Sec 4 A Math Chapter Summaries.png

Download Summary Sheets for the First 3 Chapters of O level, A Math. On Us.

Topics: Quadratic Functions, Equations and Inequalities, Surds

Thank you for your submission. The Math Headstart Info Pack has been sent to your email.

The Ace Academy Advantage

Small Class Size - Sec Math

Small Class Sizes With Greater Attention, while Enabling Peer Learning

Our Secondary Math Classes are capped at maximum of 8 students while JC Math Classes are capped at maximum of 10 students.

This increases attention for every student, better engagement, while still empowering discussions that facilitate learning from one another.

Interactive Learning Approach To Ensure That Students Understand and Know How to Apply the Skills Taught

Our Lessons are NOT one-dimensional lectures where Teacher Kenneth talks throughout.

Students can expect exposure to various question types, guided practices and in-class interactions that provide feedback on whether students have fully absorb what is being taught.
Interactive Math Tuition Classes

Your Child's Performance
is Monitored Continuously

Secondary Math Assessments

Chapter Tests & Mini Assessments

At Ace Clinic Education, we are committed to see constant improvements from our students.

These mini tests serve as "checkpoints" to evaluate your child's proficiency and allow us to tailor lessons and materials that target weaker areas. These assessments also mimic exam conditions and get students comfortable in performing under pressure.

Customized Feedback for Learning

Solution-centric Feedback

No, we do not give feedback for the sake of it.

The feedback you receive are concise manifestations borne of active observations and insights into the performance of your child. You can expect solution-based recommendations to foster positive habits, and build effective learning processes for your child.

Enjoy Homework Help Beyond Classroom Hours

Complimentary Math Consultation with Teacher Kenneth

Book Complimentary 1-1 Consultations or Whatsapp Teacher Kenneth Directly

Unsure about a certain topic? Confused with school work?

Snap photos of your question and Whatsapp Teacher Kenneth or arrange for a complimentary consultation over zoom.

Either way, we make sure that you get your doubts clarified as soon as possible.

When you sign up for math classes at Ace Clinic Education, we ensure that you get an advantage over your peers and you are never alone on this learning journey.

Give your Child the Best Support they Deserve

Our Mathematics Strategy is borne out of Kenneth's illustrious teaching years. As a MOE trained teacher, he gathered experience from countless students to develop a pedagogy that teach concepts in a fun & relatable manner. His personalized summary sheets are openly referred to as "cheat sheets" because they reduce abstract concepts into easily digestible bits of information. Kenneth prides himself on meticulously designed lessons that delight his students. Our program is filled with interactive in-class activities to engage students and test their understanding of key concepts taught.

Our Strategy at a Glance

Building Confidence through Positive Reinforcements

Concise Lesson Materials

Summary Notes for each Chapter, containing all "must-know" concepts

Multi-sensory Learning

Using visual aids and creative diagrams, we enhance the learning experience with improved memory and question applications

Customized Individual Report

Personalized Report Card to highlight problem areas and remind students to work on them

The Winning Mindset

This is the secret behind our pristine track record. 
" Confident Students Produce Consistent and Commendable Results "

Read What Happy Clients Say

"Kenneth has been an amazing tutor for my daughter, who was lagging behind A maths lessons in school. Through his hard work and dedication, my daugther's A Maths results improved. Kenneth has good resources and materials, and comes prepared for every lesson. And Kenneth was also helpful and prompt in answering to her A Maths questions outside tuition lessons."

Mrs Tan (Mother of Cleona Tan) | Tanjong Katong Sec Sch | Grade A2 for A Maths 
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