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Changes to the PSLE English 2025: What you need to know

PSLE English 2025

The Ministry of Education (MOE) recently introduced several significant changes to the PSLE 2025 English examination.

We summarized these changes in this post to help parents and students better plan and prepare for the PSLE English Examination in 2025 and beyond.

#1 Increased weightage in PSLE Oral

One of the most significant change in PSLE 2025 English exam is the greater emphasis on oral communication skills. From PSLE 2025, the PSLE Oral examination will constitute 40 marks of the overall English score instead of the previous 30 marks. As part of the MOE's commitment to foster verbal communications, students will be evaluated not only onn articulation but also on their ability to discuss real-world scenarios.

Notable changes:

i) Reading aloud: 10 marks -> 15 marks

ii) Stimulus Based Conversation: 20 marks -> 25 marks

Total marks: 30 marks -> 40 marks

#2 Adjustments to Composition Writing

There is a slight change in the marks allocation:

i) Situational writing 15 marks -> 14 marks

ii) Continuous writing: 40 marks -> 36 marks

Total marks: 55 marks -> 50 marks

Biggest change:

Revision of the situational writing format  - students will be tested on a critical thinking/exposure question type.

Students are required to demonstrate versality in thinking and expression.

#3 Revision to PSLE English Paper 2

PSLE English paper 2 refers to the paper with the components on: Grammar, Vocabulary, Visual Text, Comprehension Cloze, Synthesis and Transformation, etc.

The revision occurs in the Visual Text segment:

There will be a new question type in Visual Text - This is a unique question that involves critical thinking

Slight revision in total marks: 95 marks -> 90 marks

#4 Change to Question Types in Listening Comprehension

It is stated that there will be adjustments to the questions that are tested in the PSLE Listening Comprehension examination. This is done to test students on a comprehensive basis - both on their ability to comprehend the English language and critical listening skills


We hope this post gives you a better overview of the key changes that lie ahead in the 2025 PSLE English Examination.

The curriculum, lesson materials and practice questions at The Ace Academy are adapted to not only reflect these changes but help students prepare for the PSLE exam holistically.

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