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"Reinforce JC1 fundamentals to start Year 2 on the right foot"

A range of classes designed to review and plug all content gaps, while teaching key exam skills to tackle questions skillfully. Work on your weaknesses and build a firm foundation to start J2 strong on the get-go.

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Didn't do too well in J1?
It's not entirely your fault.

In J1, schools tend to dedicate more time to cover Econs content. As such, less time is spent on content application and exam skills, which are essential if you want to do well in the exams. You might also find yourself unsure of how to answer certain questions due to the lack of exposure to different question styles


Beyond that, these are other possible reasons why you are not doing as well as you should be.

Applying the wrong concepts

Inadequate Evaluations

Poor Time Management

Insufficient Elaboration / Missing examples and diagrams

These Headstart Classes will Equip You with the Skills and Knowledge to Overcome these Problems before Embarking on J2.

When you join our Headstart Program, we streamline the learning process for you.


We will tell you what content is important, what to study and what to memorize. Through exposure to different question styles, we teach you a step-by-step framework to write coherent answers that hit L3 consistently.


Make full use of the holidays to master key strategies and techniques before taking on new challenges of JC2!

Comprehensive Range of Content / Essay / CSQ Classes

Sorted by topic, for greater flexibility to target the weaker areas.


#1: Content Recap

J2 Economics Content Class

Content Recap: Demand & Supply, Elasticity, Govt Int

Dates: 29 Nov or 13 Dec,

11am to 1pm

J2 Economics Content Class

Content Recap: Market Structure

Dates: 30 Nov or 14 Dec,

11am to 1pm

J2 Economics Market Failure Class

Content Recap: Market Failure

Dates: 1 Dec or 15 Dec,

11am to 1pm

Recap the most Essential Concepts from Each Topic

We extract the important concepts and teach you how to apply them to answer questions. Learn shortcuts and tricks to help you remember the points that you need in the exams.

 Comprehensive Slide Decks, complete with notes and diagrams will be given for revision. 

#2: Essay Deep Dive

J2 Economics Essay Deep Dive

Essay Deep Dive: Demand & Supply, Elasticity, Govt Int

Dates: 6 Dec or 20 Dec,

11am to 1pm

J2 Economics Essay Deep Dive

Essay Deep Dive: Market Structure

Dates: 7 Dec or 21 Dec,

11am to 1pm

J2 Economics Essay Deep Dive

Essay Deep Dive: Market Failure

Dates: 8 Dec or 22 Dec,

11am to 1pm

#3: Essay Speed Runs

J2 Economics Headstart

Dates: 29 Nov or 13 Dec,

2pm to 4pm

J2 Economics Headstart

Dates: 30 Nov or 14 Dec,

2pm to 4pm

J2 Economics Headstart

Dates: 1 Dec or 15 Dec,

2pm to 4pm

#4: Case Study Classes

J2 Economics Headstart

CSQ Speed Run: 
All Microeconomics Topics

Dates: 6 Dec or 20 Dec,

2pm to 4pm

J2 Economics Headstart

CSQ Deep Dive: 
All Microeconomics Topics

Dates: 7 Dec or 21 Dec,

2pm to 4pm

Let's Compare:

Speed Run Vs Deep Dive

J2 Economics Headstart 2022 Program

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I attend both Speed Run and Deep Dive?

Yes, the questions covered in the Speed Run and Deep Dive classes are different. It would be beneficial to attend both if you can make it.

Are there notes provided?

Yes, annotated materials will be sent after each class. You will also receive Model Answers and Model Outlines for revision.

J2 Headstart 2022 Program Pack

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Discover the More Effective Way to Approach Economics Questions

Discover the more effective way to conquer Econs.png

We know that the learning curve for Econs is steep. Also, holiday time is precious and you deserve a break after a hectic year in J1.

Which is why, we have designed the Headstart Program to be exam-centric and straight to the point.

Learn the most essential strategies and answering techniques, that have been tested and proven through countless batches of students since 2010. From dissecting question requirements to writing evaluations, we will teach you the method to deal with all question types that can be thrown your way.

Highly Accessible to All Students

Attend ALL classes ONLINE from the comfort of your home, amidst the Covid Situation.

Online Learning
Study from Home
Access to Class Recordings

All Classes are Conducted Live via Zoom.

You will receive all lesson materials via email so you may refer to them during class. Annotated notes (based on what was taught) will also be sent after each lesson for easy revision.

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We have reduced prices to only..

Just 75 per class Econs.png

To make it even more affordable.

Register your interest using the form below or Whatsapp "J2 Econs Headstart" to 9155 5433.

I found myself able to answer questions much faster and in a concise manner due to his emphasis on economical, succinct answering techniques.

- J. Matthew, ACJC

Hear What Ace Clinic Students Have to Say

JC Economics Testimonial
JC Economics Testimonial
JC Economics Testimonial

"The amount of skills taught in thta 3+hrs far exceeds what I could have learn in school"

"Better than I expected. I am better able to pack and unpack questions!!"

"Thankful for your patience in answering my questions... Jump from 'E' grade to a 'B' overall."

Essay Techniques

The Headstart You Need to Turn Your Grades Around.

Build a Solid Foundation to See Your Grades Soar in Year 2.

Case Study Techniques
Day 1:

Essay Masterclass

Learn key answering techniques

Gain exposure to commonly tested exam questions and styles

Get model essays and detailed question analysis that teaches you how to score As for the most commonly tested questions and content.

Day 2:

CSQ Masterclass

Learn key answering techniques

Gain exposure to commonly tested exam questions and styles

Get model answers and detailed analysis of what each question is asking for, so you can score marks consistently for varying types of questions.

Classroom Teaching
Content Application
Knowing the concepts is good, but what really matters is your ability to apply them in answering questions.
Bridge the knowledge gap to know what's truly important for each topic. Memorize the essentials and learn how to use them in the exams.

Through real life examples and colorful illustrations, you will learn to see Econs concepts with perfect clarity.
Zoom Lesson
Exam Skills & Strategies
There are strategies and techniques involved in answering exam questions.
Through a Step-by-Step approach, we guide you the analysis and thought process to write exam-grade answers.
Learn replicable skills that will help you marking requirements for both Essays and CSQs, no matter what questions are thrown at you.
Condensed Notes
Fast Tracked for the A Levels
These classes are the first step to scoring that distinction in the A levels.

Questions are strategically chosen to give you exposure to different ways you can tested in the exams.
The skills and techniques taught will also be applicable for the A levels, so you get prepared earlier and avoid the stress of the "last minute rush".

Extensive In-House Materials for Reference & Revision Beyond Class

In House Model Essays
In House Model CSQ Answers
Condensed Notes
Model Essays and CSQ Answers tell you what is expected when you are answering Essay and Case study questions. All materials are crafted in-house by Terence, the Head Econs Tutor at Ace Clinic Education.

These model answers and condensed notes will help you recap what was taught in class and are extremely useful when you revise for the A level exams in 2022.
Terence Head Econs Tutor

Terence graduated from the London School of Economics & Political Science with First Class Honors (BSc. Economics)

Having tutored Economics (A'Levels, IB, IGCSE, AP, University) for more than 12 years, Terence extracts the most essential "must-knows" to simplify the learning process. From tips and tricks to master content more quickly and model answers to tackles marking requirements head on, find everything you might need to achieve your distinction in the A levels - over mobile, tablet, PC or live classes.

As Featured on The News..

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As Featured on Channel 8
As Featured on Channel 8
As Featured on Channel 8

Terence, the Founder and Head Econs at Ace Clinic Education, will be conducting all Headstart Classes.

Terence was wonderful and patiently answered all my questions despite my constant confusion!! I gained confidence and grew to like the subject

- C. Tan, ACJC

What You Get From This Program

A success formula proven by countless batches of students just like you

Receive Model Essays & CSQ Answers to an Extensive Range of Exam-Type Questions

Exam Strategies and Techniques to Tackle Essays and Case Studies Systematically

Condensed in-house notes that will help you revise key concepts

Homework Support through Whatsapp Consultations

Receive Personalized Feedback and Improvement Tips Specific to You